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Download: Skype with Video on Android

Here you go HTC Thunderbolt owners – Skype with video has arrived for you to install and enjoy.  Get your video chat on, from just about anywhere.  

Download:  com.skypevideo.apk [mirror]  [mirror]

Download:  [zipped version] – Do not try to flash in Clockwork. It’s just a zip file.

Install as you would any other .apk file.

*Note – Would not install on my XOOM or Incredible.  Will only work on Thunderbolt.

Cheers 0mie!

  • David Carano

    Anyone notice the charging light flashes faintly after fully charging, until you sign out of Skype?

  • Nulax302

    when will this be available on the EVO ?

  • double

    Just tried with Incredible S and Desire HD, but no go …

    • T-bolted

      It does say, “Will only work on Thunderbolt.”

    • T-bolted

      It does say, “Will only work on Thunderbolt.”

  • http://www.ititothemes.wordpress.com/ iTito

    Awesome! Skype is not my Video Chat App.

  • http://twitter.com/WWW2000 www 2000

    All Androids phones are battery eaters. I heard Windows phone 7 just announced they will have dual camera front and back with new models coming soon and will have skype app also Yeah…

  • tboltuser

    I tried downlaoding the .apk file but while it was downloading, I could not seem to find it in the market store? i searched Skype and Skype video with no results.

  • http://www.uptomark.com jimmy

    Woww… Its great. Skype is also available for other Android Devices. You may try hope its works for you. To download and read more go to this link http://goo.gl/YdQgE

  • Jeswez

    Will this work on the motorola xoom?????

  • Joshuisgu

    it does not download right it says it does not have a app to open it

  • Jawshua

    How about get this damn virus program off my phone since I have no reason to use it, not having a front camera on my DROIDX!

  • JR

    Mine says “there is a problem parsing the package” any suggestions? Thanks…

    • JR

      sorry bout that should have read farther down….

      • gfunk

        download tAttachApkInstaller, send the Skype video apk to yourself via gmail and then download via phone via email attachment. Mine parsed at first, then I restarted my phone and tried again and it worked.

  • Rideman19

    Am I doing something wrong I keep getting this “parse error” when I try to open the app. Someone please help.

  • Whitlynd11

    I am getting a “parse error” when I try to pull the download up help please

  • drez

    video choppy on dsl connection,but when I use 4g hotspot tether video is great on my phone

  • Greytdog311

    It workds on my TB, but the video is very choppy on 3G connection.

  • dro.b0t

    Only got this to work well mobile to mobile. Just tested a friend on a Pc and had less than desireable results. Couldnt see their video and couldnt hear them very well, and the app went all wonky. Cant wait for the first non-beta release!

  • Anonymous

    Works great except none of my contacts are showing as online, even though I do know they are. It will allow me to video with them (which is awesome).

  • dro.b0t

    Worked like a charm! Just did a chat with another collegue who sent me the APK, video is almost crystal clear on WiFi. Sorta shitty on 3g. No 4g here in Indiana to test it on yet (not near us, anyway). Waiting for someone with a computer to call me and test it out that way. Woo!

    • Nits Patel

      I am not able to download it on the thunderbolt. What I get is a 24 kb file. Could you please tell me from where you downloaded it?

      • dro.b0t

        I got a mediafire link sent to me on my phone, opened it in my browser, and downloaded. then opened the download from the status bar and installed.

        • Nits Patel

          Great… finally got it…. mediafire link worked for me.. thanks !!!

  • Maxdebon

    don’t install on acer liquid 2.3 cyanogeen 7

  • Jamieson

    This didn’t work on my rotary phone. aw, man…

  • Greg

    Just tried it it works perfect great only in landscape though

  • Dshudson

    any hot woman in here want to skype with me? 😉

  • Dshudson

    i want to enjoy my skype but everybody i know has shitty phones.. wtf

  • drez

    oh man , just installed for my thunderbolt and the video quality is unmatched , sorry tango skype wins hands down…

  • drez

    oh man , just installed for my thunderbolt and the video quality is unmatched , sorry tango skype wins hands down…

  • Anonymous

    While it has been done on fring/tango/whatever, Skype still remains the standard for video chat for the layman. Most people I know that are out of the loop call any video chatting “Skyping”. It’s like vaseline or q-tip and having the brand and user base behind the program can make a difference in the popularity of the Thunderbolt.

    I’m still peeved about all of Verizon’s recent policy changes though. :-p

  • Luis

    I scanned the QR code via QR Droid and it took me to Megauploads, I was able to download it and it installed alright… but it just won’t sign in! I tried signing in using my PC to see if it is just specific to my account and there weren’t any issues with my pc… anyone having the same problem? Am I doing sth wrong?? I can’t wait to have that video calling feature~!

  • bpw

    It rocks!

  • Mgangale62

    everything installed great,,tyvm droidlife 😉 i was windering if someone cud help me,,,my end of the video im coming out very dark and apperantly it is hard for the other person to make me out,,,how wud i brightin my end up?????i went in to FF cam settings and i got it so im super bright,,but no change in skype,,i stood under a bright lite and it had very little effect however it did have sum…funny thing is when i first get vid on skype it is bright fir a brief second then darkens,,is there any settings within the sjype program,,,i did not see any..pleasw help lol…tuvm

  • http://www.youtube.com/lanech Lane Chaplin

    Here is another mirror. http://www.gwalia.org.au/mirror.jpg

    • Whipstckagostop

      Sir you are EPIC

  • AdamB

    Would not work on my motorola charm…


  • Yevgeniy_2003

    work on my..just try now….Thanks guys>>>>

  • Yevgeniy_2003

    work on my..just try now….Thanks guys>>>>

  • Futbolrules09

    i’m new to smartphones here so can someone explain to me what the box in the middle right below how to download it does.

    • 787


  • Anonymous

    Its good and i just used it. Its fine, a little buggy….but the real thing will obviously be on may 15th or june when gingerbread comes as it should have the incorporated skype into your “people”/ contacts app…

  • awkward

    Video doesn’t work on my TB, trying to Skype a mac on wifi. Not sure what the deal is.

    • JimmyG

      Mine either!!

    • JimmyG

      Mine either!!

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      Same problem… when I try to start video off the phone, it starts, then stops almost immediately. And the Video option on the Mac is shaded out and not selectable…

      I also have a windows computer, but it’s linked to my skype account… I’ll have to make my wife log in from there later to try it out.

      • awkward

        Got it to work with a win7 pc (wifi), tested out 3g its pretty laggy but doable.

  • tomNasty

    Mines is good

  • Intergirtherubiguity

    Works perfect so far. Yea TBolt.

    • Intergirtherubiguity

      *rooted TBolt.

      If you have problems with it, make sure the other user has the latest version of Skype.

  • Wendy Single

    Parse error?

    • tomNasty

      use the mirror link instead

      • Wendy

        Thank you … it worked!

  • DavidG

    crap no luck on my eris…

    • http://twitter.com/lilpute Stearic

      Why would you expect this to work on your eris? Especially with it not having a front facing camera?

    • Flyguyry1


  • http://twitter.com/dfitz52 Dan Fitzgerald

    I just got my thunderbolt today…installed this fine, then I rooted the phone and when I tried to reinstall, it wouldn’t install…

  • http://www.facebook.com/micvachon Mic Vachon

    Can’t video on my Thunderbolt :( Keeps turning off video and keeping audio only :(

    • Anonymous

      Same here. It seems like it’s eating every last bit of RAM. I can’t multitask at all when I’m on a call.

    • Asmcnick

      Hey same here, anyone got a fix for this? I tried in WiFi and in 3G and I figured it should have worked in WiFi mode at the very least. Entire reason I got this phone was to skype with my wife in Afghanistan wherever I am. I hope I can figure out what is wrong. I figure there must be a setting on my phone that is wrong.

  • Airboy

    So I installed it then uninstalled it cause I wanted to uninstall the market version first but now when I try to instal the skype with video from here, it gives me a out of space message when I have 1.9G of space? What is going on, any help please.

  • http://twitter.com/0mie 0mie

    If you guys want to toss some pennies or a thank you http://bit.ly/Thanks0 😉 over 13k downloads from my mirrors alone

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Quinn/1124794168 William Quinn

    hmmm… I have put this one my phone and it works fine, updated my skype on my computer and tried a test call and it keeps closing out the call. Anyone have a clue as to what I might be doing wrong here, or what is going on with this.

    • Anonymous

      i think its only mobile to mobile……..

      • Intergirtherubiguity

        No, I’ve Skyped with friends on pc, macbook, and iphone so far.

        • Anonymous

          People with iPhones don’t have any friends, silly!

  • Tom

    Verizon sent me an offer for the Thunderbolt at $149. I’m not sure I want to pull the trigger yet. This does add a tick in the plus column.

    My biggest worry about the T.Bolt is the often discussed battery issue.

    Downloaded to my Downloads directory on the computer for possible future use.

  • Tom

    Verizon sent me an offer for the Thunderbolt at $149. I’m not sure I want to pull the trigger yet. This does add a tick in the plus column.

    My biggest worry about the T.Bolt is the often discussed battery issue.

    Downloaded to my Downloads directory on the computer for possible future use.

  • Dave4100

    Works like a champ. Just talked to my daughter using the bolt and she was using a MAC laptop. No problems and the video was very good. So was the audio. Very nice indeed!

  • Anonymous

    This works great on my Thunderbolt. Tried it with the home PC with the wife logged in. 3g is slow and buggy. WIFI worked like a champ. I will be using this in my deployed location over wifi to IM back and forth with her and the kids. Thank you skype, now i don’t need to lug my laptop to the wifi area just to chat or skype…

  • http://twitter.com/rdizzle707 Randy de Vera

    Skype works on my thunderbolt. Skype works way better than Tango and Fring.