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Beautiful Widgets Tablet Beta Expires, Here is a New One

If your Beautiful Widgets tablet beta expired today leaving your clock looking like the one above, don’t worry because there is a new 5-day active version already available.  Grab it below, install it, and enjoy.

Download:  bwbeta.apk

Via:  Twitter

Cheers Tato and everyone else!

  • Joebenton19

    Go to download there is nothing there

  • Anonymous

    I have the original beta for the tablet, but the other day I accidentally updated the bw phone version on my xoom but then I went back and reinstalled the tablet beta and is have not had any notification/ stop working of the tablet super clock(4×3). But if also downloaded the new beta incase something does happen. Thank you DL

  • Anonymous

    Looks great on the Xoom, very clean, great animation

  • Anonymous

    I bought beautiful widgets a long time ago, but is there going to be a tablet only version coming? I’ve been using the one found here http://www.droid-life.com/2011/04/01/beautiful-widgets-beta-3-5-with-tablet-support-available/ but I am not impressed with the resolution of the clock numbers. Looks grainy. In fact, it is the same on a phone but its just not as noticeable being so small. Is it just me?

  • Anonymous

    I use the Beautiful Widgets Super Clock on my Nook. I tried the new beta and didn’t find any interesting improvements. I don’t want a giant clock that prevents me from using a large portion of screen space for other things.

  • ss

    Love BW on my Droid, just not sure I need it on my Xoom

  • FortitudineVincimus

    88:88 am

    where you at in Portland? some 5th dimension?

  • Coal

    The old beta i got last week popped up saying it expired today but everything still seems to works. Good for now – DInc

  • tbaybe

    Why only good for 5 days?

  • Dan Mazz

    Sweet, thank you. WIll download now.