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Download: New Camera, Gallery, Desk Clock and Cube Wallpaper Android Apps (Updated)

Here are a few additional downloads that originated from Tech From 10’s test Android Market.  The new camera, gallery and desk clock apps are below for you to download, but for whatever reason, they may not work on most or any phones.  In fact, the only app that would not force close for me, was some sort of test cube wallpaper that is also available below.  Feel free to install them all though and report back if you have any success on any of your devices.  The new music player which definitely works, is back at this post.

*Note – Again, these may not work at all.  But if they do, please let us know what phone you are using.

Download:  Camera | Gallery | Desk Clock | Cube Wallpaper

Install just as you would any other .apk file.  Let us know if any of them work for you!

Update:  Camera app works on DROIDX Gingerbread.  Nothing all that new.

Cheers postal32!

  • Kamiboy1

    Worked for me 🙂

  • Camera works on my nexus S, but video mode FC everytime.

    Gallery 3D install, but FC when I try to open.

    Deskclock does not install

    Music player works great!!

  • Jalle91

    Wallpaper and clock widget works on Android 2.2 Desire (Rooted)

  • Jalle91

    Wallpaper and clock widget works on Android 2.2 Desire (Rooted)

  • Camera and Gallery doesn’t work on HTC Incredible S

  • John

    Any find a good camera app like Vignette to work on DX GB 2.3.3?

  • Austin

    the music one worked on the captivate

  • Tjd319

    All installed flawlessly on Samsung Vibrant running 2.2.1

  • Alisneaky

    HTC Desire Running Froyo (rooted via Visionary)

    Gallary doesnt work.
    Music Works
    Cube live, works with no settings. (boringggg)
    Camera didnt work
    Desk Clock didnt work

    FC on all

  • Anonymous

    camera, live wallpaper and the music app works on my desire with oxygen 2.3.3. The gallery and the clock dosen’t work, but when i extracted the clock and looked through the files I saw that it is the same clock as in honeycomb… I can upload the files if someone wish!

  • Nabilalk

    Camera and Music work on MotoDroid1. Deskclock won’t install. Gallery force quits

  • Droid X, Pre-rooted GB 2.3.3
    Camera – works, but force closes when you switch to camcorder.
    Music – works, but force closes when you try to set it as the default app for an action. (i’ve had success freezing the default music app)
    Deskclock and Gallery – no dice. won’t even start.

    Anyone find a version of Gallery 3D that’s working on Droid X GB 2.3.3 ?

  • Mike

    The gallery doesn’t work keeps foreclosing..but the music is working great on
    mytouch 4g

  • William

    The gallery app did not work for me, im on Nexus s, music player worked just fine

  • Gaspar

    Nexus S here, all apps run ok, but camera doesn´t have any button (maybe it´s because I´m using cyanogen mod)

    • Gaspar

      Sorry, forgot to try the camera app – got a FC.

  • Jsheehan79

    Im running cm7 rc4 on a Ding and the camera works. Did notice that Max resolution on only goes up to 3mp so its probably a tablet specific camera app.

  • Anonymous

    Hd2 2.3.3 the camera and music app works

  • TheWierd

    Any input with Nexus One phones??
    Kinda deciding if I should try or wait 😀