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Breaking: Verizon to Launch Both DROID BIONIC and iPhone 5 on June 9

Things are about to get even testier when it comes to the battle between good and evil.  Our friends at Verizon just shot over this document which appears to detail a dual-mega-launch of epic proportions.  How does a June 9th launch of both the DROID BIONIC and iPhone 5 sound?  As many of you know, June 9th falls on a Thursday, but not just any Thursday.  It’s the Thursday during the week of Apple’s WWDC conference which up until now, had been rumored to not include the launch of a new iPhone.  Well, that may no longer be the case.

You guys ready to see who will officially come out on top of this long heated rivalry?

Update: To those of you coming on to this post late, understand that it was an April Fools’ prank. Stop acting like children in the comments.

Cheers VZW tipster!

  • Whenever the release date is, it will be interesting to see who wins this one between these 2 phones. Does anyone now what’s supposed to be new with the iPhone 5 com pared to the iPhone 4?

  • Thetechmessenger

    Lol Just came in here and saw this and I almost lost it. Good joke Kellex

  • None

    lol @ telling your visitors aka the source of your income for this pathetic excuse of a blog to quit acting “childish.”

    there’s a difference between outright lying and playing a prank, dumb fucks

  • Anonymous

    ok seeing how it is no longer April Fools day this is kind of clogging up your home screen. I think it’s safe to take it down.

  • Lucky04

    LOL this was funny

  • John

    i hate you.

  • Big Red

    Awesome april fools day prank! Just sad now because I want the bionic now lol….

  • Anonymous

    Read the starred note at the end???

  • Guest

    The IPHONE5 will be android base 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Locked bootloader = Not a chance in hell will you ever see a cent, motorola.

  • dongleberry

    haha but thunderbolt had 3 april fools jokes before it was even april 1

  • Anyone else realize that the android crushes the **hone in all of the statistics shown?

  • Mehoff88

    Pretty gay considering the fact that Verizon said the Bionic would be here by the end of April and the fact that this an Android site not a gayphone site.

  • Mcchristolear

    wow…this is soooo fake!

  • Dankitydankdanks

    this is fake? bullshit! i was all hyped

  • Didn’t Steve Jobs say nobody would buy a phone with a screen size bigger than the iphone? Yet, the Droid X took in record sales…

    I thought the Droid Bionic had 16GB of onboard storage?

  • Coriolis

    Totally fake lol. However, I did enjoy it.

  • MattFallsHard

    DId anyone notice how it said stuff about learning how to stereotype to qucikly sell them?

  • Anonymous

    Oh look, another Apple/iPhone reference. That never gets old.