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Angry Birds Rio Lands on Android Market

We’re hoping to make this the last Angry Birds post of any kind for a while, although that probably won’t happen because Rovio seems to keep pumping out new titles and variations by the second which many of you still can’t seem to get enough of.  So yeah, Angry Birds Rio (with ads) is available now on the Android Market for FREE, but again, the ad-free version from Amazon is still available without cost.  Choices, choices.

Download Link

Cheers EaglesDudeNFL and Rey!

  • Anonymous

    So far it’s my favorite AB (in no small part because it’s easier). I’m not looking forward to a 2 month wait for each new level though…

  • Anonymous

    This game sucks balls!

  • mysticalmalissa

    Does anyone know why they need a credit card for FREE apps?

  • Anonymous

    Great game, im rooted so no ads. Im just wondering if they will redo the graphics on the other angry birds the the graphics on Rio are very nice

  • Jason

    I can’t even d/l or update ANY Angry Birds. Fail.

  • Bprokosz

    whats with the Angry Birds hate? If you dont like it, dont post on an angry birds thread…..you dont see people going “Ugh another tetris type game enough already!” or “Yet another scrabble…really??” I mean how many variations of chess can we get and still no complaints other then with angry birds…this one is slightly different, has better graphics, and its an enjoyable, free game…whats not to like…idiots.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    srsly why do we need more angry birds stuff…Rovio i love you for this great game, but can you come up with something else? i mean you probably have millions of dollars laying around maybe put that money to some real use and come up with something new?

  • this guy

    amazon app store blows

  • Porschephile2k3

    I would like to see some Angry Turds hitting a fan. ;-)))

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get either version to install… I keep getting -18 error.

    • surf2

      unmount sd card and install, then remount it and move app to sd. i had the same problem it works

  • Tabe

    Does anybody know if I can: Uninstall Amazon version, Install Android Market version, restore game data from Titanium Backup..?

    • Kitasdflkjfd

      And if RIO works the same as the other angry birds…there is a highscores.lua in data/data/com.rovio.(angrybirdsrio???orsomething?)
      You can simply copy that to your sd and push it back in after reinstalling.

    • Jeremy

      you should be able to just download the version from the android market and it will overwrite the amazon version

    • Tabe

      Cool, thanks guys

  • Stephen D

    Finally! I’ll most definitely stick with the Market version. Custom hosts files with ROMs take care of the ads anyways.

    • Nxus1ne

      Developers trying to make a living thank you. THIEF.

      • SteroidalFish2

        It isn’t stealing if it’s already available for free. Trust me, the small minority that use ad-blocker apps aren’t putting a big dent in Rovio’s revenue.

      • Stephen D

        What steroidalfish2 said. I wouldn’t click the ads anyways. Either way, they don’t make money from it. And I bought AB on my iTouch already, but it runs like ass.

  • guest

    getting old…

    • Anonymous

      Angry Nerds…

      • Mike

        More like Bored Nerds. The game was cool for a bit, but the term “played out” comes to mind now.