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Firefox 4 on Android Is Officially Official, Still Doesn’t Support Flash

Mozilla just popped out an announcement for Firefox on Android, making the current version in the market the official version and that’s really all that has changed since the release candidate that dropped last week.  In fact, it’s changed so little, that my market hasn’t even asked me to update the version from last week to make it really official.  Weird, I know.

So yeah…ummm, this is official Firefox.  Anyone using it?  I was most definitely high on the browser last week when it came out, but after spending an entire week and weekend with it, I’m not longer using it.  It’s just not ready to compete with the Dolphins of the world yet, although it could be at some point down the road.  It has some really great features built into it with a superb UI and PC browser syncing (wait people use Firefox on PCs?), but the lack of Flash support plus some other little annoyances (like awful zoom rendering) have me back to a much lighter browser.  I promise to be back for version 4.1 though.

Intro video after the break.   Download Link.  


Via:  Mozilla Blog

  • Shanklin07

    Yea I have been using this here and their since fennec alpha was the name. It has for sure gotten a lot better but with the lack of flash, this browser just can’t stand alone on my phone. I like firefox but Google just has them beat on Android, and the PC…

  • No flash = No care

  • Anonymous

    Was always a stock browser kinda guy….fast/smoother than any alt browser i tried…….then i tried MIREN, needless 2 say, i havent touched stock in months……def would recommend it if u havent tried it yet

  • Datbizzybone

    Is flash really necessary? Flash is more of an annoyance on PC and on a phone it would just be a battery hog.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t really care about the lack of flash but it just feels big and slow. No reason to stop using the stock browser on my DX.

  • Alan

    I am using it on my Xoom because it is the only browser I have found that works with office.live.com. Normally I wouldn’t care, but I have become addicted to Microsoft oneNote. Evernote is the next best thing but doesn’t hold a candle to oneNote.

  • Dan

    I agree. With no Flash support I stopped using it on my Droid X and Xoom.

  • Bunie

    @Princesation: I think you can go to ABOUT:CONFIG or ABOUT:ABOUT and change it to desktop mode, not sure.

  • Unexpected62

    I like Firefox 4 sync… thats so cool. View open tabs on desktop… tight!

  • Anonymous

    Sucks. Just like the commercial. Developers need to start figuring out there’s people out there who actually use devices for business and not just for stupid [email protected] like facebook, taking pictures, holding hands singing kumba yay and other tree-hugging activities. Make shit that works for the rest of us.

  • Anonymous

    What browser would people be using on a PC if not Firefox?

    • Anonymous


      • Guroot

        fools all of them

  • Larry

    1) Lacks Flash Support
    2) Crashes ADW Launcher and Go Launcher when I use it (all other browsers run without any trouble)
    3) Runs a background process at startup and stays there unless you turn it off manually
    4) Laggy as hell
    5) Rendering is a mess

    No thanks. Mozilla makes a great desktop browser, but their mobile implementation sucks more than MG Siegler lapping it up on Steve Jobs.

  • Princesation

    Is there a way to get the stock browser on the zoom to only view the full site and not the mobile versions? Or which browser do you guys recommend for the xoom?

    Also I think we should get an article showing the recommended apps and Widgets for the xoom

  • Chris Nimon

    I use Firefox, its the only non IE browser my school supports 🙁 As far as my phone goes, no flash = no use to me. Why would we use this? One of the main reasons I choose Android is Flash support.

  • Igor

    No Flash? Is this Mr. Jobs at work???? I thought he was on a sick leave.

  • my question is why dont we have chrome yet? i love that shit

    • Igor

      I guess they are busy with Chrome OS these days.

    • Mr. Joshua

      “Browser” = Chrome

  • It’s actually not bad. Scores 245 on html5test.com for me which is awesome for a mobile browser. Not sure if it will be my daily driver though. (DroidX)

  • No flash? No thanks. I have always used Xscope, Dolphin, and the stock browser, but I am LOVING Opera Mobile on my tablet.

    • Mike

      Opera on my DX is my new favorite thanks to flash and better tabs than the stock browser.

  • jB

    It says that my device isn’t supported. uninstalled. OG DROID

    • Anonymous

      did it not install / run? i don’t browse too much so have been using the Stock Browser recently.

  • Anonymous

    Skyfire is working well it even renders well on the xoom. Firefox was laggy on the droid x any way.

  • Anonymous

    Firefox is so 2009. Maybe Netscape can join the party too. 😛

    Flashless browsers should remain where they belong… on iPhon’ts.

  • Wow. Come on Mozilla. Still no Flash support and still slow enough that it froze my phone, had to restart.

  • d-roids

    i love how after the thunderbolt, no news on any of the other phones are coming up

  • At this rate, Firefox 4 will never support Flash. They may as well call it Firefox 4 by Apple, not Mozilla.

    I mean, come on!

  • I tried the new Firefox over a period of about 3 days. It felt slow, like I was going to break it. It also locked up a couple of times while I was trying to sync it with my desktop Firefox (which is its best feature IMO). While I would LOVE this feature, the browser just doesn’t feel like its ready for prime time yet. It gets better with each release, but its still not there. Too slow, too buggy.

  • Sandyman

    Doesn’t work well on original droid and during install it states that it may not. I am using Project Elite 5.2 ROM that is based on Gingerbread. Firefox kept freezing my device and I had to remove the battery to cold reboot. Uninstalled

  • Zach

    Does it still checkerboard when scrolling?

  • Mr. Joshua

    Is the full Dolphin or the lite version better? What do you guys think?

  • Tom

    Kellex did you see that root went live for GB on DX/D2?

    • Do you have a link or source? I am not seeing that information anywhere (but not looking that hard while at work). Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    No Flash, No Use.

  • Even though all the betas and the RC were unbelievably disappointing for me, I’m going to give this one last try. Hope Mozilla managed to get the memory use under control…my Droid X does not like battery pulls 😐

    • So far it’s much improved coming from the RC. Startup and page load times are tons better…I like it better than Xscope but it’s a close race between this and Dolphin HD. Firefox’s interface seems smoother and I like the sync.

  • No flash? I’ll pass. >_>