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Verizon Experiencing 4G/3G Data Issues, Thunderbolt Activations in Limbo?

We’re getting word from a variety of readers and a couple of Verizon stores, suggesting that 3G/4G data could be down in some areas.  We’re also hearing that Thunderbolt activations at stores could be stuck in limbo until the network comes back up.  Hopefully this doesn’t last long, we need screenshots of your home screens!

For now, if you could drop your city in the comments with status on your data, that would be very helpful.

Stay tuned…

  • Kcrugger67

    Bakersfield, CA

  • Kcrugger67

    Bakersfield, CA

  • Alias7416a

    I just got back from a weekend in NYC, and the 4g LTE signal is amazingly better there than here in Boston. I was starting to think there was something wrong with my Thunderbolt how the signal seemed to bounce between 3g and 4g much more frequently than I would’ve thought, but now I know its just a really weak signal here in Boston.

  • Blav989

    I keep getting connection failure on my thunderbolt for the past week. Have to keep turning it on everytime it turns off. McKinney, TX

  • Carol Wegher

    I live in Fenton, MI and am not getting 4G on my Thunderbolt only 3G.

  • Tweedle Dumb

    Thunderbolt only getting 1X in hawaii right now.

  • Droid not picking up 3G. Philadelphia, PA.

  • Rivagejewelry

    I activated my Thunderbolt on Tuesday night and had been trying to port my old number from ATT. Nobody tried to stop me despite the fact the 4G network was down already. I went into a Verizon store to port number because I got 3 different explanations about getting this done. They did it yesterday — again despite the problems with 4G — and guess what, the number ported from ATT right away. And now I have NO phone at sll. Started with 2 phones and was assured the transition would be seamless and now I have nothing. Im in activation limbo with ATT number disconnected and Verizon 4G down. Nobody can tell me when my phone will work. Im beyond frustrated. I had great trepidation about letting go of my ATT phone after 12 years of great service and now I know why. They may not be activating phones now, but for those of us who did just hours before the big 4G breakdown, we are hurting. My cell phone is my only phone, as it is with many people, and I cant email my way through the day. My ATT phone usage was for everything and often had 6000 mins a month. Now Im phoneless. I know that sounds pathetic, but if you use your phone for business, what the hell are you supposed to do without any way for people to communicate with you? Im giving this one more day and then Im done. I will do whatever I have to and get out of this mess.

  • Hyper4mance2k

    Pissed… Why did I leave T-Mobile. It’s down in all of LA county. I traveled over 200 miles today and no 3g or 4g anywhere…

  • Cindy George7781

    No 3G Fairborn, Enon Springfield Ohio! Fix it or discount our package till you get it right!

  • Netofficial

    ThunderBolt 1x in Frankfort, IL.

  • Arkainzeye

    No 3g or LTE in pittsburgh pa

  • NJ


  • Guest

    My phone is 1x in Prattville,AL but my wife’s phone is 3G sitting right next to me.

  • Hotkidkris

    im only getting 4g and 1x in trenton and lawrenceville and everywhere else around there… maybe its just my phone

  • Riseup13

    1x only on the Thunderbolt in Los Angeles. Tech support could not even get the 3G to work after a 35 minute call. Third ticket opened with Verizon on the TB network issues in three weeks…

  • Mullintech

    3G and 4G is not working at all. I am at 1x at the moment. Have connected to my mifi. Am not sure about e Thunderbolt with the 4G. They pushed me to get this phone and now it is slower than before…..
    I am in Chicago suburbs.

  • Doyen

    Atlanta, GA
    New Thunderbolt arrived in mail last night (thank you Amazon) but can’t activate. Verizon store says this phone requires the 3G/4G network for Thunderbolt to activate (I’m wondering if it is possibly a different network than standard 3G because it allows voice/data at same time?). I’ve got wifi though, so I’m having fun loading up all the apps I’ve read about for weeks.

  • dofomac


  • Dreeves22

    Baltimore City

  • MN

    Thunderbolt not picking up 3G or LTE(4G) in Minneapolis, MN

  • the_jazzman17

    Been 1X just outside of Boston since early this morning. Had 4G for about 2min when my plane landed last night, but nothing since.

  • the_jazzman17

    Been 1X just outside of Boston since early this morning. Had 4G for about 2min when my plane landed last night, but nothing since.

  • Cyllib6

    Temont pa having issues also. Stuck on 1x all morning.

  • Cyllib6

    Temont pa having issues also. Stuck on 1x all morning.

  • Shaun Sharpton

    Atlanta Ga, No 3G or 4G on Thunderbolt, Co-workers with OG Droid and Droid Incredible both have full 3G. WTF?

  • Tomjmac11

    Thunderbolt is at 1X right now in Fort Myers, Florida which it was at 3g/4g for the connection

  • Johnson8114

    1G all day in Las Vegas. It definitely sucks when it goes out in the last period of NHL Game 7, Hawks vs. Canucks. LOL.

  • Spicyrain2002

    No data on Tbolt in Watertown/Cambridge MA on either 3G or 4G!

  • Dudedude417

    Tempe, AZ. Not feeling so hot. Have to mainly go WiFi

  • stang george

    Woodstown, nj
    Upper pittsgrove, nj
    Penns grove, nj
    For HTC thunderbolt

  • Rangell

    GPS works but is off location and does not work all the time , my droid never had issues where iam only the thunderbolt but maps and navagation will not work on thunderbolt says GPS searching

  • ff524

    Sorry first time using this & can’t close browser…Any help. Just wasting battery

  • Schantza

    Thunderbolt not picking up 4g anymore in Philadelphia.

  • Jmarco7540

    Wallingford/Hartford, CT – Okay I thought something was up. For the past couple of days I’ve been getting craptacular data reception. Yesterday I could barely connect and now it’s on 1X. I thought something was up with my phone but I guess its just Verizon.

  • Valid Email

    In Fort Worth, TX, my t-bolt 4g speeds are pretty good for the 30-45 seconds of connection time i get. After that, it’s several minutes of no data connection. Switching to CDMA makes no difference at all. Also, this is the 2nd phone and 2nd sim card.

  • percyjackson

    trouble with 3g in Folsom/Sacramento, I had to turn my phone to CDMA only to run data on 1x only or I would have no data

  • Mrward11

    New droid thunderbolt but gps is reading san ramon california and I am in knoxville, tn

  • In Tampa, FL. When Thunderbolt says 4G I get no data whatsoever, when it says 3G the phone works fine. Simply put 4G hasn’t worked for me since the Saturday after it was released.

  • J97k

    Reading PA -last night my thunderbolt literally shut down and rebooted itself. Lost all internet connection. Tried everything from powering off/on, removing batter and sim card, turning on/off airplane mode….was on the phone with Verizon for over 45 minutes and ended up having to do a factory reboot……wasnt fun having to reset all of my stuff again but now I am at least connected and usually have 3G.


    Received thunderbolt 4 g verizo over a week ago. Computer functions are great. Phone sucks !! Constantly garbled, did 2 master reconnects, still garbled, HTC say blame Verizon, Verizon says blame apps…….phone function is very severely garbled (also bought ill fitting extended battery, miserable design to plug in charger to phone) VERIZON THIS PHONE IS CRAPPY ! !

  • mad charlottean

    downtown Charlotte, NC reporting.. 4G down, 3G down, 1x on and off for 2 days now… feel like we’re under attack!… 4G my___u know what

    • mad charlottean

      just called customer service.. helpless, bunch of morons… 1x still ruling my world…. oops, gone now, who needs internet? right verizon?

  • Joeblow

    Houston, TX. Thunderbolt not getting 3g, 4g or 1X.

  • Steven

    Waterloo ny. Thunderbolt not getting 3g or 4g at all.

  • Kati

    Davie, Fl

  • Greater New Orleans area, 4G as I type this. This weekend I saw some flashes of 3G, 1X, and even nothing from time to time.

  • Psychofalcon114

    For those of you just getting the phone and not seeing any 3g our 4g coverage, looks like you have to do a factory reset and completely restore your phone, it’ll pick up signal after that. This whole deal is getting really annoying. There are a ton of bugs. I hope they compensate all us TB users for our troubles… When I get 4g signal, it’s so patchy and glitchy that after it sits and thinks a while, it connects to 3g then computers the request. So far data speeds on 4g have topped out at about 200 kbps for me on a good run……….

  • Nckmirza

    Rockville, MD no 3G/4G for past 8 hours pretty mad!!!

  • cajundood

    Got the Thunderbolt today in Houma, Louisiana. First they told me that it would take 45 minutes for the phone to start picking up 3G/4G so i left and went do some things. Two hours later I go back to the store for still no data coverage with no 3G/4G and they called tech support and they said my account was properly configured. Wait 24 hours and then if not bring it back to the store was my answer. They said they were having network issues, but the display thunderbolt at the store was connected fine with no issuse at all.

  • Soaisdg

    3G out in Syracuse NY for over 30hrs