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Verizon Experiencing 4G/3G Data Issues, Thunderbolt Activations in Limbo?

We’re getting word from a variety of readers and a couple of Verizon stores, suggesting that 3G/4G data could be down in some areas.  We’re also hearing that Thunderbolt activations at stores could be stuck in limbo until the network comes back up.  Hopefully this doesn’t last long, we need screenshots of your home screens!

For now, if you could drop your city in the comments with status on your data, that would be very helpful.

Stay tuned…

  • Allan

    Lakelannd/Tampa Fl area, 3G and 4G not working on Bionc

  • bobbysgirl

    Algoma, wi – trying to activate motorola droid razor for the past 3 hours!!

  • HTC thunderbolt not getting 4g anywhere, but closest city is ithaca, ny

  • Drirules

    Been on 3G for the past 3 day in the Los Angeles area

  • Wanting 3/4G again SOON!

    Hickory~Newton NC; have had little or no 3G coverage now for several months…getting very old!!

  • Williamhparker85

    San Jose and Oakland CA

  • Ryan Schrader

    Im in Indianapolis IN and I am using a LG Rovolution,  I have no data at all 4G and 3G are not working

  • ThunderboltUser

    Denver, CO – HTC Thunderbolt won’t pick up 4G network – stays stuck in 3G

  • Titusjoy68

    phone not my issue mine is the 4g lte for laptop. Has not worked properly since we switched from the 3g . Now in Frederick MD and can barely access internet or else will diconnect

  • ness

    signal comes and goes. when signal is not there its gone for hours. Antioch,CA

  • Johnyjudkiewicz

    Android thunderbolt isn’t receiving any 3G nor 4G LTE connection here at Endwell NY

  • Ghostbreath

    98125, without 3 or 4G for at least three days.  Called Verizon. Said, and did, reboot phone.  No help.

  • Sauced07

    Spartanburg sc. Droid2 global keeps dropping to 1 g, having trouble sending texts

  • Skoerpio2469

    I live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and my Thunderbolt keeps going to Washington….which I believe is on the other side of the country. GPS is activated…soooooo

  • Skorpio2469

    live on cape cod…..phone keeps reseting to Washington

  • Bboydrawde

    Stockton Ca. data stopped working around 8pm as of july 12th 2011 last night still not working right now….

  • Spassmeister

    So, I have a 4G MiFi I took delivery of about a month ago here in San Diego in the shadow of QUALCOMM.  Worked LIKE A CHAMP (8 Mbps+) for about a week…that was in early May (May 3rd – 10th).  Then, the troubles started.  Suddenly all I got was the 3G Purple light on the modem, not the 4G Green light.  From 8 Mbps to 800 Kbps.  Sent verizon a message that “4g not working in San Diego” whereupon they called me and told me “yes it is”. Why do they do that??  I read then that there was an IMS issue that had been fouling up LTE across the country. I went to San Jose on a one day trip -Green Light! – but got back to San Diego where “it works” and…purple light.  Been that way ever since.  Purple today.  

  • guesty

    1x only in Boston, MA!

  • Bill

    3g not working in Medford, Oregon

  • Mmilano

    My thunderbolt is stuck.  It’s at a screen that lists features such as reboot; power up; power down; volume up;  I can’t get rid of the screen and it won’t turn on or off.  Help!

  • Guest

    thunderbolt 4g in intermittent in Las Vegas

  • blaaablaaablaaa

    i have the thunderbolt and i have had some issues with it… when it is working its the best phone ever but 35% of the time when it isn’t working i wanna throw it out the car.. i found out that it mostly messes up when ur driving from town to town.. would i get the phone? i would wait til they figure this all out cuz its a bummer when u really need ur phone then it wont work

  • Kcrugger67

    Bakersfield, CA