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Leaked Netflix App on Android Now Works

A Netflix application was pulled from the LG Revolution last week, but failed to work (not surprising).  Guess what, though?  A new one has popped up and it is definitely working on select devices.  Grab it below before it’s gone!  We have a running list of devices that it is currently working on, but feel free to leave your results in the comments.

Download:  com.netflix.mediaclient-2.apk [mirror]

Install just as you would any other .apk file.

Confirmed devices:

  • DROID Incredible
  • Nexus S
  • Nexus One
  • HTC EVO 4G

Via:  XDA

Cheers Tato!

  • mikelawry

    Its crazy my sony ps vita (300$) but my droid 4 a bad azz phone wont play netflix, my i phone 3 plays net flix VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED

  • Augie

    Hey everyone netflix is working on froyo 2.2 and is being dished out in the market I tried it it works

  • Trust0620

    No luck on my HTC inspire 4g 🙁 let me look through the Que but when I tried to stream it gave error of this application is unsupported anymore download 120008. Then when I pressed ok it kicked me out of the app completely. That sucks.

  • Herculestrockefeller

    It was working on my LG Vortex, but I couldn’t update the app, and today it’s not working. It just keeps trying and failing to load title details.

  • Hyper-sloth

    Worked for me on my HTC but after this week’s update ist doesn’t work…wtf?

  • Snafu_65775

    workes on LG Optimus V running Gingerbread

  • Chris Carpenter

    Installed on Droid X.  Received error on login and then it logged in fine.  Can add to Instant Queue. Don’t seem to be able to remove from Instant Queue. Receive same error on trying to play instant movie.  Happy to see some progress and hopefully we aren’t to far away.

  • Livelyjish

    With new app from Gizmodo posting Netflix now works on my Droid1 – did not need the -2 version of the app – the first one works perfectly.

  • Guest

     Works! With version check bypass version installed on 2.2 Droid X

  • Guest

     Works! With version check bypass version installed on 2.2 Droid X

  • Pairo331

    Found one that works on my droid. Idk how to place it here.

  • It works on my HTC Incredible…it may work on the recently announced HTC Incredible 2.  I am so psyched.

  • Fuhrer

    Droid X — opens to login screen, after inputting my email and password it closes :o(

  • jeff

    doesnt work on the epic 4g =[

  • Ramonjorge11

    It’s not working on my DROID Incredible 2

  • Install, input login, crashes on Droid X

  • Devilsephiroth9000

    Rooted Gingerbread DROID X, app works but no stream of course. Its nice to have the app. Im sure it will eventually stream.

  • Mac111176

    Not working on Samsung Fascinate (Verizon)

  • Slykly1

    Will install on my Droid X but when trying to stream it states that Netlix Streaming is not available on my device and to go to netflix.com for compatible devices.

  • Gene

    Not streaming on EVO 4G and Xoom… I think they may have switched the server streaming off until release date.

  • Nuwuforever

    Have the new T-mobile GT2x. Couldn’t download Netflix app directly via the provided link. It kept giving me the “content not supported” error. Downloaded via my lapotp, then transfered to phone and used a file explorer app to find it and install it. Opens up fine, but after typing my Netflix Login info and clicking “Sign In” it thinks for a few seconds, then suddenly closes the Netflix app entirely. Darn.

  • EdM

    On my HTC Evo the app loads, I can see the movies in my queue, but get the same message as Michael when I try to play a movie. Tried on 4G, 3G and WiFi with same error.

  • Mpire

    I was so exited!!!!!!!!!!! But no luck

  • Chesko12

    Same on mytouch 4g

  • Not working!!!!

    My HTC EVO says that this isnt working… douche drizzles

  • Negative on working. Droid X on Vzw. Exits immediately after login.

  • Nkel0

    Netfilx can suck my balls

  • Chrisdata

    Nope Not on the Droid 1, I get the same error I got with the first leak no server

  • Gorski978

    I do appreciate the effort from everyone involved in getting us this app. But why announce so joyfully that it now works and obviously it’s not even close. Same crap error, could not reach the netflix service. Evo 4g 2.2