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Playstation Games Headed to Tegra 2 Devices this Year

The new Tegra Zone app is so awesome that it even breaks news.  Through the news reader section of it, we were introduced to word out of Sony’s camp that PlayStation games are indeed headed to Android devices (both phones and tablets) running  Tegra 2 processors.  The plan is to have the first set of games out some time this year through their PlayStation Suite which would include Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2 and Syphon Filter.  Sony is obviously realizing that mobile gaming is making portable gaming devices a lot less attractive these days and has decided to make their massive library available for the first time.  Licensing to manufacturers has already begun, which means that developers will be cracking away on your favorite games in no time.

Via:  Android and Me

  • LinuxLover

    Now, how about some phones with built-in gyroscopes?

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else hear that? I think Steve just choked on his turtle neck. Yeah it will likely be difficult to play on a touch screen but remember the Bluetooth gamegripper preview?

    PS. I loved syphon filter.

  • WhiteyOfVB

    will this be available for the Xoom?

  • WhiteyOfVB

    will this be available for the Xoom?

  • WhiteyOfVB

    will this be available for the Xoom?

    • Anonymous

      The XOOM is a tegra device, so yes.

  • Chris

    I dont even have a tegra 2 device but I still really like this news. Because the first step is bringing playstation games to android devices. the next step is bring google and android apps to playstation 3.

    • Alvinm 77

      HTC is bringing ps3 and Xbox 360 games to the HTC Flyer with Onlive and Onlive server has graphics looking just like the consoles but this is a good step for Android hardware!

  • Anonymous

    Great news, that will likely fill any gaming gaps still present in the Android market. Though I have to say between the games I have now I have to imagine I’ve have most everything I need until I get a Tegra 2 device.

    Edit: Of course after re-reading I realize it won’t help me until I go Tegra 2 anyway so time to wait for the summer time upgrade.

  • ye this is why we wait for things like the bionic and not the thunderfail

    • #agreed

    • Guest

      Playing a game like Cool Boarders would be a nightmare on an all touch phone.

      This is why they’re releasing the xperia play.