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XOOM Accessory Review: Standard Charging Dock

Finally, the last of the XOOM accessory reviews so that we can  get onto the actual device.  We’ve already covered the Bluetooth keyboard and Portfolio/Gel cases, which all received good marks aside from their steep price tags.  The last one we’ll do is for the standard charging dock, an item that we’re having a hard time really getting into.  

So this standard dock comes in at $49.99 which at first doesn’t seem too expensive, but then it shows up and you start wondering exactly what you just paid for.  On the back, you get a charging port and an AUX output so that you can hook your XOOM up to your stereo/set of speakers.  No HDMI-out with this little guy though.  You also can’t get to the HDMI port on your device because it’s covered up while docked.

Basically, you get a dock that charges your XOOM while also allowing it to stand up at a decent angle for viewing and will set you back $50.  The AUX output seems like a waste, since the device supports DLNA, although it could come in handy…somewhere…I just don’t know where.  I like having it as an option to charge my XOOM when it’s sitting on my desk, but the viewing angle is a little too steep.  Fortunately I have the Bluetooth keyboard or this thing would be really, not-so-awesome.

So if you want HDMI-out, then you’ll have to step up to the $129 speaker dock, which most of us would struggle to justify as a purchase to anyone.  You don’t need a dock to hook your XOOM up via HDMI to a TV and you sure don’t need a dock with questionable speakers when you can DLNA all of your media right through your home stereo system.

This is one of those accessories that I’d probably tell you to pass on, unless of course you have an unlimited supply of cash and just like owning it all.

  • So this will charge with a case on??

  • I have the Motorola Atrix 4G and I would love to have the lapdock because I already do half my college assignments on the go on my phone.

  • Mike

    I After reading what I could find on docking stations I bought the Kidigi from a seller on Ebay. It comes with a USB cord, (not very long) that can be used to sync and/or charge from your computer. It also comes with a USB to 110 volt plug if you want to charge that way. This unit sits at a angle for easy viewing and has a spare battery slot behind. Blue power light on front as well as a battery charging indicator, red/blue. Check it out here- http://stores.ebay.com/NOVAPCS  About $ 23.99 with free shipping.   

  • MK17

    So does the audio get pushed out of the usb jack as opposed to the headphone jack? if so, I wonder if there sound quality is better. If so, I may consider getting this to dock in my vehicle. I could use it for everything I want to use my phone for but with a sweet 10.1″ screen

  • Im going to the mall right now should I buy or not buy or buy something else? 🙂

  • Illagod1

    The charger stand sucks to me because that’s its only function is to charge the device. I thought that with the USB part that it would allow you to connect to the computer and charge the Xoom as well. Once they make a stand to do both then I will get one.

  • Anonymous

    The stand works great as a music center. Plug your stereo in to the back and use the Xoom like a music player! You can see whats going on from across the room.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    just wait for the $20 version on eBay from China that does the same thing

  • The Vee Zee Dub guy

    Heres the thing. The dock comes with a second wall charger that you can use with the dock or directly in the xoom. Chargers generally run $30, so if you were going to pick up a second charger, might as well get a dock for $20 more that can pass speakers and hold the device. While it is really steep for viewing angle, it does work great for using the device as an alarm clock / media center when doing dlna for music.If you weren’t going to pick up a second charger you can probably pass, but i like having the charger / dock at home and the charger at work so…

  • rich_r

    I’m not in love with the standard dock and it is a bit pricey. But it’s main selling point to me was the fact that I don’t need to use that flimsy pin on the standard charger. Since the charger stays hooked up to the dock (and the dock uses those two little contacts to charge) I don’t need to worry about inserting and removing the standard charger.

  • RaptorOO7

    I am looking at the XOOM but so far, no flash (coming soon) no micro SDHC card support (coming soon) and now you need to buy a desktop charging stand. Moto and Verizon certainly get “coming soon” all to well.

    When is it going to support the first two features.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t have to buy this!

      • Anonymous

        Hush now, you’re just spreading propaganda.
        So, I got this too, and I agree with the post. What’s the point again?

    • Sparking22

      I have full flash on my xoom 🙂

  • Kellex –

    How you getting DLNA to work? Natively? Can’t seem to find it.


    • Je49424

      Yea I haven’t seen native Dlna support. I downloaded the skifta dlna app.

    • Download iMediaShare. It is free. In addition to your phone stored multimedia it also shares and streams online video content from various sources.

  • Xoomer

    I have the standard dock. I was surprised to find that even though there is a micro USB connection on the dock, there is no USB out. In addition, I contacted Mot Support to find out where these features are that are advertised on the Motorola Xoom Experience website:

    – “Standard Dock remembers your settings – every time you plug in”
    – “Set the default view to clock mode or your personal photo gallery”

    They have updated my support to Tier 2 and they still can’t answer. I suspect that the feature was to be part of a native app or setting that wasn’t implemented at rollout.

  • Je49424

    Verizonwireless.com has a really good accessory bundle package for the Xoom. Screen protector, this standard dock and the portfolio case for $79.99. I have this dock for my bedside stand so when I wake up in the morning my Pulse news reader give me my morning android news all while having my Xoom propped up nicely. The portfolio case is OK as it is a good case and the style is nice but has put a few lil scratches on my Xoom unfortunately. Next purchase…Blackberry Playbook!!!

  • Anonymous

    With 25% off it would be a good price. /s
    I would actually want one and leave in on the table next to my couch to let it charge and DNLA to my my TV as I hate fiddling with plugs. But then again I’m one of those guys (without an unlimited supply of cash unfortunately) who bought the multimedia, HDMI cable and car dock for my DX. So I am probably a sucker anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Another option is the Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand: $13.06 from Amazon.

    $49.99 is a bit steep. I paid $34.99 an my local VZW store. It never hurts to ask for a lower price. I also got the keyboard for 49.99 and Gel Case for 12.49. My approach was very simple, I just asked, “What’s the best deal you can give me on these?”

  • Larry

    I got this figuring hey.. the charger itself is 30.. this is 50. Maybe i’ll use it someday but atleast i know i’ll use the charger now.

  • Mrpicolas

    The only thing I could see making this worth it is the very tiny charging port which IMO will see its fair share of broken chargers

  • As disappointing as the dock is I have the say the review aligns with all of my feelings exactly. For something that could potentially be used to set up a micro work center there are zero options that actually would allow you to do so.

    Moto- Want me to buy a dock? Include HDMI out for a monitor and a USB or two for peripherals and I’m all in.

  • As disappointing as the dock is I have the say the review aligns with all of my feelings exactly. For something that could potentially be used to set up a micro work center there are zero options that actually would allow you to do so.

    Moto- Want me to buy a dock? Include HDMI out for a monitor and a USB or two for peripherals and I’m all in.

  • Eric

    When will we se the review for the product itself? Hopefully tomorrow? (A good way to end the week at least I think)

    • Anonymous

      Really!! I don’t care about cheaply made expensive accessories…. I wanna know if the device is even worth paying for.

      • Eric

        I agree brother.

      • Eric

        I agree brother.