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Verizon Launches Mega-Sale, $100 OFF of Any DROID (Updated)

If the HTC Thunderbolt or DROID BIONIC aren’t in your future-phone-buying plans, then now would be your best chance to get into one of the current DROID-branded phones from Verizon.  Some time over the last couple of days, they launched a mega-sale which lets customers take $100 off of any DROID phone including the DROID X ($49), Incredible (FREE) and DROID 2 Global ($99).  You’ll have to sign up for a new 2-year contract to get this killer deal and can only buy from their online store, but the free overnight shipping should help ease your mind.

Update:  As a few people have pointed out, this deal requires an unlimited talk and text plan making it not quite as appealing as originally thought. 


Cheers Kris!

  • i love “Best Price” 

  • Great deal! I know they are offering a buy one get one free deal now as well.

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  • That VEE ZEE guy

    I work for big red and I can’t find anything about this sale internally or externally, so, yknow, caveat emptor

  • The purpose of this is to show that Verizon is cleaning its shelves for more toys! Also, if you have to get the unlimited data and text package, just cancel it after a month. If someone was on the fence about getting a good Droid phone for cheap, this is the deal you’ve possibly been waiting for.

  • Markmata22

    Need some Android community help. Seems my OG Droid screen went black. I have no insurance and Verizon is letting me get an early upgrade. Should I get a droid X, fix my phone or early upgrade? I dont think ill have $300+ to spend on a thunderbolt.

  • You can get all those phones for $0.01 on Amazon with a new 2 year contract.

  • You can get all those phones for $0.01 on Amazon with a new 2 year contract.

    • Anonymous

      only if youre at your new every two. I have an upgrade available according to verizon, 5 months early, but amazon wont let me do shit. says to come back in august.

  • DMal9782

    Kellex, I suggest pulling this, I just spoke to Verizon and they have no idea what this is and no intentions of honoring it, I just spent 30 mins on the phone with them trying to figure out if this deal even existed and they essentially told me no

  • realityTV

    Why should Verizon be any different than other retailers? When new product is coming in old product goes “on-sale”

  • Anonymous

    Well we all know Verizon is a WHORE when it comes to a surprise catch and bring in revenue. If Verizon says FREE you know it’s NOT free!!! Don’t drink the KOOL AID LMAO!!!

    I can’t believe the Droid 2 Star Wars edition is being given away, “Oh R2, what are we going to do I hope Master Luke knows about this” 😛

  • Sean27030

    Could you not just get the phone keep the plan for a month and then change to a regular plan… Verizon will USUALLY let you change plans on the fly without penelty or contract rearangment …

    • Anonymous

      That would be nice, but no. Typically it’s 2 months, plus in this case you have to be a new verizon customer, which results in a price that’s potentially higher than the phone.

  • Anonymous

    …or just go to Costco and get all these phones cheaper

  • The350zWolf

    They (VZW) just want to clear their inventory before they release the batch of new phones. Milking it to the limit!

  • lye

    New inventory!!! Please incredible 2.

  • lye

    New inventory!!! Please incredible 2.

  • RaptorOO7

    Clearly they are looking to move inventory out, especially with newer phones arriving like the THUDERBOLT.

  • RaptorOO7

    Clearly they are looking to move inventory out, especially with newer phones arriving like the THUDERBOLT.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    $35 activation fee!!

    and as reported.. you MUST get their $90 Unlimited Talk (and of course the $30 Unlimited data)

    not such a great deal

  • Anonymous

    This is interesting because last night in the vz store when I was getting my xoom the rep was saying that even though they won’t be having ne2 they will be doing promos like this through out the year on different types of phones. Right now it would make sense for them to try and clear out the old stock before the 4g lte phones hit the shelves, and I bet once the 4g phones are out for a couple months they will do a little promo and drop the prices.

  • Hoot352

    Lets see, get $100 off of an outdated phone on an expensive 2yr contract……or get the newest phone on the network and get over $400 of retail price on a plan of my choosing…….hmmm….hard decision……not

  • Vire

    But you need a new 2-year contract to get that pricing, otherwise it’s going to be 100 off of 500 and up… That makes Swappa a much better deal.

  • Greg

    Great… Just make me feel like my phone is obsolete, without giving me quality options for an upgrade. Thunderbolt? Guess I’ll have to suffer for a minute..

  • Bill

    EVERY site reporting this keeps leaving off one important fact: To get this you have to have an Unlimited talk and Unlimited data plan!

    • So in other words, Verizon will give you a free or heavily discounted phone if you agree to spend $120+ a month on service charges.

      No thanks. I would rather go to a pre-paid provider that has a flat fee ala Virgin Mobile, Boost, MetroPCS. Those providers may not have the sexiest Android phones right now, but their selections are getting better.
      BTW, MetroPCS is the first cell provider with an Android LTE 4G phone on the market. What the heck is taking Verizon so long?

  • Anonymous

    I follow the link posted, got there fine, but can’t access the cart or continue with the purchase. Couldn’t find it on the rest of the site either. Thanks for the headsup, I was just about to call them.

  • Anonymous

    wow i should have waited this long to get my droid x 🙁

  • Chris Nimon

    I could’ve used that 1 MONTH AGO!

  • The Incredible is free… but only used devices?

    • Anonymous

      It’s because they aren’t making new incredibles anymore. My screen on my OG died this weekend, the insurance is giving me a “new”, i.e. cert. preowened, replacement. Same reason. There just aren’t any new ones they have to give.

    • Beachbum4ever

      I just called VZW and they said they have no info on this sale. I just ordered my son an R2D2 and was gonna get the credit for it because I paid $99. The person on the phone said he looked internally and still saw nothing about this. Can’t find it on the vzw site either.

    • Beefprawn

      I thought the same thing, but there are 2 pages of phones (if you’re looking on the default 9 per page). 2nd page has Droid Incredible that isn’t marked as pre-owned for free

  • Todd

    Glad I just got my new Droid X from Amazon for $19.99

  • This seems like a good deal, is it not? I am rocking my OG Droid and love it but an X could be nice.I won’t have the money for a bionic or thunderbolt right away but I could swing this….

    • Seems as though it requires a ninety dollar monthly plan which is about thirty more than I pay a month. No go!

  • Anonymous

    Haha my friend isn’t gonna like this news. I just talked him into a 70 dollar Incredible 3 weeks ago on Amazon.

    I know this is off topic but on the blog b4 this about the X tethering to the Xoom I asked n didn’t get an answer, but has anyone been able to tether to the Xoom from the OG? I tried in VZW on launch day but I couldn’t get the Xoom to find my Droid. I’m running a CM7 nightly so maybe that’s why. I would really be more willing to buy if I could tether to it.

  • Anonymous

    And all you need is a 2-year contract on their absolutely MOST EXPENSIVE PLAN!!! You can’t afford NOT to buy it!

  • Jalenmike

    It reeks of Desperation

    • kaos

      agreed. i was going to say the same

  • Jalenmike

    Put the New products out already…Enough

  • Anonymous

    Edit: Stupid internet explorer

    • Anonymous

      Haha why are you still on that browser? The only thing worse than it IMO is Safari lol. Check out google chrome(current fav) or firefox.

      • Anonymous

        The stupid, ignorant and incompetent IT “Pros” (that come and ask me questions on how to fix stuff) at our shop decided Internet Explorer was the way to go and blocked usage of both Chrome and Firefox. All hail INCOMPETENCE!

        • How about you get back to work and stop screwing around.


        • Anonymous

          Ahh I should have figured it wasn’t a personal choice.

  • Bucho2k

    Looks like Verizon has some over stock to get rid of.

  • Anonymous

    It does say “up to”….