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Samsung Gem Showing Up at Verizon Stores

Hey look!  It’s a cute little Samsung Gem and it just showed up in a Verizon store.  This device made its first appearance long ago (like September) and many just assumed that it had been completely cancelled by now.  Well, I guess it’s back and ready for launch.  And that’s all we’re going to say about a device that misses the minimum spec list on just about anything important in the land of Android.

Cheers ____!

  • google

    this gem phone is a little weird lookin but i can handle it

  • Disappointeddroiduser

    This truly is an awful phone, and coming from the very first droid, the one with the rolling ball on the bottom, i dont remember which one, it makes me think droids suck. Can someone show me an affordable not POS droid?

    • Disappointeddroiduser

      It was the droid Eris that I had. And by the way where is the flippin sim card????

  • Jtrosin

    You know guys, Before judging this phone because of it’s appearance, you should check it out first. It’s a great phone. I own one and i absolutely love it. It’s a great phone.

  • Dawn

    cant be that bad

  • Cableme3

    have it this phone sucks

  • Alvinm 77

    This phone is simply ugly…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of a transformer

  • This is like the butterface of phones.

    • Anonymous

      Noo…butterface implies other redeeming characteristics…..this phone is simply ass…or if you want a cliche “a face only a mother could love”

  • Anonymous

    Tacky….. oh so tacky.

  • Anonymous

    Is that a line of text right below the notification bar? Heck, is this even a real phone? Screen kinda looks like a dummy display phone…

    • vzwagent

      it just a dummy phone. samsung sent them out to all indirect stores. i got mine about a week ago. we actually have the real phones but were selling them for free on contract. dont feel right about charging more than that. this phone might never make it to verizon corp. locations or online…

  • wow that is an ugly phone. Why does Samsung feel the need to copy apple with the big button at the bottom.

  • diva05

    Ugly! Ewwww

  • Fynereddiva05


  • Joe12304

    No horrendous Bing? NICE!

    • Mr. Joe

      Might be worth it!

  • Anonymous

    so is android life long and gone or is droid life for every verizon android phone?

    • Mr. Joe


    • Mr. Joe


    • Muddy B00ts

      Yup, Not a whole lot going on in the official “droid” arena. This site covers all Verizon android phones and I gotta say, I’m for it.

  • Mr.Joe

    1GHz Hummingbird
    2.1 upgradeable to Android 2.2 in your dreams.

    • Guest

      It’s just a 800MHz processor, but yeah 2.1

  • This would make a great tracfone

  • Brendan

    ugliest phone eveer!

  • the owner in the picture is this: http://bit.ly/diJODF

  • Anonymous

    My p-p-p-plastic face, p-p-plastic face

    • DBK

      Lol I see what you did there 😛

    • This phone is so ugly. I’d rather id by covered by a paper bag than that plastic case

    • This phone is so ugly. I’d rather id by covered by a paper bag than that plastic case