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Motorola CEO: “We will be one of the first to get to gingerbread.”

Just after informing the world that the DROID BIONIC would be receiving the web-top application currently only seen on the Atrix, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha started talking about software upgrades for current devices.  He talked about the learning curve that the industry went through last year, but feels confident in their ability to upgrade devices much more quickly now.  In fact, he pinpointed June 2010 as the time when they really started to get control of the process and feels like they are one of the best at it now.  They were “one of the first to get to Froyo” and “will be one of the first to get to Gingerbread.”

No timeline was given, but we know that Motorola is currently testing Android 2.3 after seeing the leaked pictures of it running on the DROID X a few weeks back.  +1 again for Motorola and their good news today.

  • jacqueline

    moto should stop telling lies. till now most european moto users are still waiting for froyo

    i can’t see “2.3” or “gingerbread” in this table:


  • s2556

    first to get to froyo!?!?!?
    Im still waiting on it for **** sakes.
    damn motorola milestone with telus, this is BS!
    latest email said they got no idea when or if i will be getting it, so now im stuck with random restarts and not being able to move shit to my sd card! F**!

  • Eestubbs104

    Great news about being one of the first to get Gingerbread (on the Droid Bionic cell phone) but when are we going to get the Droid Bionic phone. Being first to have the Gingerbread update means nothing if the phone is not available.

  • nev

    hopefully it will actually run
    instead of laggy ass blur
    good thing there is launchers out there
    LP, ADW, Zeam, GO Launcher, etc. More to come yay

  • RonsterWVU

    This is good news, just concerns me that they give no time frame… Felt like it took Froyo forever…

  • Froyo for milestone or go home

  • A2Aegis

    So… Gingerbread for OG Droid?

  • Anonymous


  • bob

    Motorola updates SUCKS in the entire world, except in the USA.
    Froyo is still not released on the OG Droid aka Milestone

  • Anonymous

    One of the first? Well, if you count #5 as one of the first.

    For any given iteration of Android:
    Nexus phones
    Rooted phones
    Phones that launch with the version
    HTC phones
    Motorola phones

    …still a little slow for me.

  • I hope they name the green in the bar red for the droid x

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding me. learning curve? use stock android and drop that blur crap and you can get an update out in 6 weeks plus carrier lab testing time. what does paky know anyway.

  • JT

    It would have been better if it said “We were the first” rather than “we will be one of the first”


    • digsoreos

      I agree. “One of the first” doesn’t hold much weight and could mean “out of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers, we’ll be the 5th to release Gingerbread.” That’s among the first, just like releasing Froyo for the Droid X on the last day of Summer was releasing it during Summer. 😉

      • Anonymous

        God… I still remember waiting and checking Droid-Life and other blogs everyday until literally the last day of summer. What a nightmare. At least we got it though.
        I hope Gingerbread is not far off…

  • Anonymous

    Already got GB…. so I guess I’m first LOL and moto is 2,149,732nd… or something… haha
    Go OG Droid on GB

  • There’s nothing not to like about today’s announcements.

  • Anonymous

    When you have sense with your hardware and actually support a dev community….ill buy my droid x again right now its going on ebay! hello tbolt…..pls come out wherever you are…

  • Dan

    Unlock my bootloader and I will love you with all my heart Moto

  • Juan_ortega92

    I want the notification bar that the bionic has not this ugly thing, this is unfinished that’s why the nexus s got it so fast

  • JagoX

    +1 for the good news…and -10 points for crippling the longevity of the DX & preventing custom kernels 🙁

  • Destin246

    Does this mean that the droid2 will be getting gingerbread???

  • Destin246

    Does this mean that the droid2 will be getting gingerbread???

  • Gingerbread has been the first update that I don’t really care about either way. Ice Cream (Sandwich) is what I’m looking forward to, but my DX will be long gone at that point.

  • I really like people saying “We are one of the first to …” If you are the first, you are not “ONE OF” anything — you are just “THE FIRST”.

  • dannyjedi

    Wake me up with this actually happens.

  • Anonymous

    HAHA I have had gingerbread running on my D1 for the last month (leaked from the S of course) and its rooted… Unless the officail version comes out with something amazing in it I will continue to support CM, in everything that they do to keep my D1 as up to date as possible… Not to mention that the theme chooser in CM 7 has a Honeybread theme that brings the D1 as close to Honeycomb with out being Honeycomb.

    • Anonymous

      Is CM7 out of RC status? I might give it a go, but I’ll be hard pressed to abandon PE’s GB.

      • Anonymous

        CM7 on the D1 is still in nightlies, but i have not been running into any problems with it at all completely stable and fast even at the stock 800mhz. I tried the new PE but i am just attached to the Honeybread theme for CM7, looks just like Honeycomb minus the lockscreen and of course the tablet.

      • I second to NorCalGuy. I’ve been running CM7 nightlies for more than a month now. IMO, it actually performs better than CM6. The only minor issue is that it would restart itself every once in a while, but it doesn’t do that frequently. I even upgrade my wife’s stock OG Droid to CM7. She’s happy with it. If the wife-meter says it’s good, then it must be good.

  • Oh… Yes, like the Motorla Milestone, which is the same as the Droid one that still runs on Android 2.1 and has a locked bootloader? Yeah, I can see how your priorities have shifted. Not at all.

  • Anonymous

    If I can get some Gingerbread lovin’ on my X, than I’ll be more than happy to keep it for the other year and some months left on my contracts.

    Hands down one of the best phones I’ve ever purchased

    • I agree, love my X! I just hope the Droid Bionic is going to be just as good, if not, I might have to abandon Moto and go with HTC.

    • Jacob

      i would have to agree with you on that

    • Azndan4

      no random reboots?
      my droid 1 _never_ random rebooted. can’t say the same for the droid x

      • Even with ROMS the damn thing reboots. I’m going HTC for sure if their future phones are locked. I’m tired of their crappy software ruining the amazing piece of hardware.

    • Anonymous

      Same here! I love my Droid X!
      I’m now officially waiting for Gingerbread. (Just like I was for Froyo, but hopefully the wait is not that long.)

    • Anonymous

      Same here! I love my Droid X!
      I’m now officially waiting for Gingerbread. (Just like I was for Froyo, but hopefully the wait is not that long.)

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t seen you in Android Forums in a while.

    • Love everything about my Droid X, except motorola’s BSOD prone USB drivers >_<

  • Guest

    Too bad they will still push Blur.

  • “…to get to Gingerbread.” They’ll get to Gingerbread internally but their roll-out is what’s important to consumers. Remember how slow their roll-out schedule was for previous devices? I do, it was very slow.

    I hope they provide beta testing of Gingerbread on other Motorola devices like they did with the few updates for the OG DROID. Looking forward to it.

  • Anon

    Talk is cheap. Let’s see some actual results first. But, then again, “one of the first” is relative. You could be “one of the first” by pushing it out to devices in Sept.

  • Uplink

    I want the UI on the BIONIC in my DROID X

  • So I guess they didn’t see at MWC that basically every HTC phone had Gingerbread already… Then again he did say “one of the first”

    • Larry


      I think he was talking about their devices already in the market for more than a month. I mean, the Droid X, Droid 2, etc. Sure, new devices will likely launch with Gingerbread for most carriers going forward, which is what you point out with HTC. However, even HTC has yet to bring Gingerbread to theor old devices like the Droid Incredible, which along with Motorola’s Droid X, have been around for aabout 6-8 months.

  • ramana

    Will believe it when I see it.

  • DroidzFX

    shiz i got honeycomb on the DX. Not really but its a great theme.

    Kellex bring back the Themed Days!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Very true. My OG Droid is one of the first devices to get Gingerbread.

    • Porschephile2k3

      True, but technically not by Moto. I’m rocking GPA12 now with Pete’s own homebrewn kernel OC’d to1 ghz and am loving it!

    • Project Elite Gingerbread FTW! I do still look me some Bugless Beast though. When Pete Releases a GB BB, I’ll definitely be up for a test drive.

    • Project Elite Gingerbread FTW! I do still look me some Bugless Beast though. When Pete Releases a GB BB, I’ll definitely be up for a test drive.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Motorola,

    I was a hater 6 months ago when you locked your bootloaders, kept installing blur and was generally acting like a DB company.

    Now, we can Bootstrap our devices, install custom ROMs or a home replacement and eliminate Blur alltogether. PLUS, you are selling your tablets (and presumably your future phones) with an unlockable bootloader and promising quick upgrades to new OS versions. Therefore, once again, I declare love for you that I haven’t felt since I sold my OG Droid in May 2010. Thank you for changing my mind.

    Love always (or at least until you disappoint me again),


    • Anonymous

      The Xoom is unlockable because it’s a Google experience/development device. Future Moto phones and tablets that aren’t dev devices (presumably 99.999% of them) will almost certainly not be unlockable.

      • Anonymous


      • I definitely agree. Motorola really pisses me off on this. The early adopters of the OG Droid were people like us. We help them spread the words. But look what they did to us — lock down the Droid 2, the Droid X, etc.

      • Tom

        Motorola has hinted that they are working on a dev phone

    • JagoX

      The real problem however is that unless the modding community figures out something unique, custom ROM development on the Droid X is going to go flat *because* of the locked down bootloader. Not being able to play around with custom ROMs is major pain in the ass b/c who knows what killer things could be done with it.

    • Ha! Moto is like a woman, just constantly pissing us off, but in the end, we look past its defects and realize how much we love it. lol

      • lol! Well played.

      • angermeans

        That depends on the woman. Droid X and 2 had great hardware but the software skin and locked/encripted bootloaders kills those phones. I had both and immediatly went back to the droid incredible. Come on moto please keep the bionic unlocked or unlockable like my beloved Xoom. You won me back (even tho I am sure the only reason the Xoom is unlockable was that it was one of the stipulations google gave you to be the first out the gate with honeycomb) now please don’t make me hate you again.

  • stew