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Google Introduces Androidify, “Make Android Your Own” by Turning it into You

One of the most entertaining Android apps that I can recall in a long time is now available to everyone on the market, and it’s called Androidify.  Ever wanted to know what you would look like as Andy the Android?  That’s exactly what you get to find out with Androidify.  You can turn yourself or your entire contact list into our favorite robot and share those creations with the world.

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Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Chris Nimon
  • Djyosnow

    Love it since I just joined a derby team: yfrog.com/h2u3lp

  • Oobloodydoayoo

    Hipsters, hipsters EVERYWHERE.
    But really, it looks cool. Im gonna check it out.

  • Mr. Joe

    I think Andy is the cutest mascot ever, but seriously this is REALLY UGLY.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t blame Andy; it’s just you as an Andy-like android. Blame you.

  • JP

    This is a cool little app! Check out my new avatar. Thanks Google!

  • I love these things! But after like 5 people, it feels like I’m using the same designs… I need friends with more stereotypical features.

  • Anonymous

    haha my new wallpaper

  • Anonymous

    haha my new wallpaper

  • Anonymous

    haha my new wallpaper

  • Ozyman666

    Mine is now my boot logo. woot.