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DROID X2 Pictures and Specs Surface: Dual-core Processor, 1GB RAM, and qHD Screen Included

We first reported that the 2011 DROID line-up would include a freshly upgraded DROID X2 powered by a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, but now we have a set of pictures and additional specs to confirm all of that.  Site The Mobi Zone snagged an entire gallery of shots of the upcoming DX2 and you’ll notice right away that it looks no different than the original.  In fact, the only difference we’re seeing is the removal of a dedicated camera button.

The phone won’t have a front facing camera, but will have that dual-core power, 1GB RAM, qHD screen and the new Blur that we’ve seen on the BIONIC.  It looks like a beast, but the lack of a front camera is a little frustrating.  I guess Verizon won’t be including them in any of their non-4G phones?  And how could this phone have more RAM than the BIONIC?

Other specs:

  • NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core 1GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • QHD LCD Display – 540 x 960 Resolution (Same as Motorola Bionic)
  • 3G Only – No LTE/4G
  • 8MP Rear Facing Camera (No Front Cam)
  • Froyo (Android 2.2) – Could get Gingerbread (Adnroid 2.3) before launch
  • New Moto Blur (Same as Droid Bionic)
  • FM Radio
  • Locked/Encrypted BootLoader
  • Launch in Q2 of 2011
  • No Hardware Camera button

Full gallery after the break.  

Update:  We were asked by the source to remove the pics.  Sorry folks!

Via: The Mobi Zone

  • Rlarson_mn

    The RAM you reported is wrong. The Droid X2 has 512mdb of RAM.

  • Windhoarse00

    Its like they had a meeting and ask the question “what’s the dumbest thing we can do?” The answer “oh I know, let’s put only 512mb in the Droid Bionic our newest flagship phone so that the Atrix and even non 4g. Phones will out shine our new ro-beast!”. While your at it why don’t you start putting lawnmoer engines in the biggest most power hungry cars! Yeah that’s the ticket. Stupid Stupid Stupid!!! Did I forget to mention how STUPID this is? The end waiting? How about the end of stupid!

  • Thermionics

    Perfect for me, especially with the possibility of a premium rate for 4G data plans. Data speed is just not a big issue for me. The only real issue I have with my DX is the low res. screen, which looks like it will be resolved (from the specs listed here). Dual core, more memory and anything else are just bonuses with the DX 2.

  • Djspikezz

    Any idea why moto is locking the bootloaders on the phones but NOT the tablets? Any insights to this?

  • Samsk8erpimp182

    I just finished a claim with Asurion because my Droid x wasn’t working n they told me they didn’t have in stock so the lady offered me the Droid X2global n I’m receiving it on Tuesday!!! Weird but cool!!!!

  • dr. bob

    um this is just a droid x with camera blurred out…you can see the shadow of the camera button on it

  • Anonymous

    When logged into My Verizon Account, it now refers to Droid X as “Motorola
    DROID X Old Version”. Why this change unless the launch of the DX 2 is coming very soon.