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Confirmed: HTC Thunderbolt is $249 on 2-year Contract, $749 Full Retail at Best Buy

Well check “pricing” off the list of things we wanted confirmed for the HTC Thunderbolt.  Best Buy plans on selling the device for $249 on new 2-year contract, a price we had heard before, but are seeing officially for the first time in next Sunday’s ad (Feb. 20th).  Oh, and a full price of $749 is also confirmed.  Yikes.

We have a Motorola XOOM pricing confirmation as well.

Note:  So that everyone is clear, this is the ad that comes out on the 20th.  You won’t see it in tomorrow’s newspaper.

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  • Liglesias2

    Here we go its always some thing. What is the real price, I see two 299 and 249 Take your pick???

  • how the hell did you get a newspaper 2 weeks in advance?

  • I was trying to wait and see if Im gonna stick it out with Verizon or switch to sprint and get the EVO…If they’re(VZW or BESTBUY) seriously plan on sellin TB for over $700 sprint it is for me. Yes I have a contract with VZW and yes I will have to pay a termination fee but VZW cant keep my business unless they go down on plan pricing. Not whining but after a year of being with them I feel like they should really come down and get close to competitor pricing. Everything I have with VZW is on the Sprint Network NOW for $69.99 plus taxes and fees…C’mon really—I like VZW and I’d like to have the Thunderbolt but considering my bill is so high Im not shoving out $800 ( $749 rounded w/taxes) and still have a $120 something dollar bill. No way! In short—lower price of the phone and plan pricing and Im game for a TB…

  • Anonymous

    So this phone (sinlge cpu) costs $250 more than the Atrix (dual cpu)….or is this just one of those crazy little price inflation things from Best Buy?

  • I really am looking forward to this phone, only real concern is battery life.

  • Mike_NY513

    So Just to satisfy my own insanity, i decided to take a troll down to my local BB and near buy Verizon store and play the “dumb customer” and then counter the info they provide with my own. I did manage to confirm things i have learned from here with them for the most part:
    – the reps were hesitant to say 200-250 for upgrade, although agree on the 750 price tag
    – the reps had been hearing the 17th as well as the 24th for a release, as soon as its out i can get it
    – the rep thought around 3-350 with a 650 price tag outright
    – the rep had “no idea” about the date but claimed “we have received training and are ready if they released it tomorrow, but i would say in the next two months”
    *finally got confirmation from their lips for my own satisfaction that it will do both data and voice at once (although i already knew that)

  • Jory121

    I wonder how many tbolts Verizon attires will have on opening day?

  • Jory121

    I wonder how many tbolts Verizon attires will have on opening day?

  • Jory121

    I wonder how many tbolts Verizon attires will have on opening day?

  • Jory121

    I wonder how many tbolts Verizon attires will have on opening day?

    • Jory121


  • Fredy

    This phone is still $50 cheaper the the 32gb iphone which is $799

  • Sjf707

    Wirefly’s website has the thunderbolt listed as coming soon with special pricing.

    • Anonymous

      How long after the launch will wirefly carry it, was gona go with BB. I’m not so sure now

  • Kaylinjohnsonr

    Best Buy is selling it on monday and it will be 250, but thats going to be the dummy verzon…

  • scadole

    If this ad comes out on the 20th, does that mean that this bad boy will be available?

  • Anonymous

    At least the higher retail value means more money from the buy back program.

  • Bighead3215

    You kids are crazy.

    1. Contracts blow we know this, but everyone is doing them.
    2. 750 is a retail price set by Verizon. Not best buy. RETAIL PRICE. It will be the same at a verizon store
    3. It clearly states the programs conditions. The phone should be in working order with no scratches on the screen.
    4.Your lame. Find an ad leak from another company and it will be the same price, get a job and quit bitching about something you cant afford in the first place
    5.Read the above comment
    6. Your an idiot. Go shop at walmart.

    • Jawshua

      Wow you’re comment was really helpful and not negative or antagonistic in the slightest. Good job 🙂

  • Breadmastre

    How does this confirm the 24th date??? There is no mention of it. As of tonight the best buy mobile rep for verion told me MONDAY!!!!

  • DJyoSNOW

    I have no problems jumping a board a new phone!!!!! Even at a $250 except for this one (bolt). My impressions are rumored to be the processor is what most of use should have. 1GHz SO FKNG what I own a Incredible! A front facing camera for video chat. Um none of my friends and or people I know would use the camera phone aspect with me, nor would I really want to. My Incredible does 8mp & HD video I hardly use. MY 3G works just fine and my house has WIFI…though maybe I could get grandfather in for the $29.99 unlimited 4G. Since it took my area GREEN BAY right next to the NFL Packer Stadium!!!! 5 good years to get 3g so now WTF for 4G near a reputable place with good people…Since my local VZW store did not need a security gard for the Ihone release date. The guard barely had any idea why there would be a rush and what it was for, at my local VZW store. VZW is so full of them selves and leave there customers often bewildered like me who won’t be guying a new 4g phone right away for the lack there of multiple things. Processor and 4G service, things that should stand out but won’t in a good couple of years, I’ll give it. We all know as consumers when most products hit the shelf there already out dated. (Thunder Bolt)

    • Anonymous

      What an incomprehensible comment.

    • scadole

      Wow dude, don’t shoot up a school please. 2nd gen snapdragon (Incredible has the first version) with adreno 205 graphics processor. 40 gigs out of the effin box. Even the camera has been changed and is better than the evo or incredible. I know, I know, you live in podunk USA and don’t need fancy video chatting on your phone since you spend most of your time on your home wifi network but dude relax. No one is infringing on your rights and no one is forcing you to buy a TBOLT. Shit, no one is forcing you to buy anything… merely suggesting some xanax and a therapist.

      • Anonymous


  • The blob

    Anyone else notice that the Moto Xoom ad says “available in stores Thursday February 24th” where as on the Thunderbolt ad it just says “new”? Ya think maybe this means the phone is coming out before the 20th and thats why it says new rather than a release date?

  • Anonymous

    whats the price for a 1 year contract

  • marty

    At best buy now they have the phone in the back room now it will be on sale February 21

    • Anonymous

      Why would they hold onto the phone? They’ve always started selling them as they came in on all other pre-order launches.

  • Anonymous

    No way, i can’t see bestbuy listing that phone at 750, i see 600-650? not 750 otherwise ill go the ebay way.

    • Fredy

      they have the iphone 32gb for 799

  • This article is bull**** the SKU is wrong and doesn’t match Best Buy’s own ad. They would not have two SKU’s so this $749.00 price is WRONG. And this “scoop” is crap.

  • This article is bull**** the SKU is wrong and doesn’t match Best Buy’s own ad. They would not have two SKU’s so this $749.00 price is WRONG. And this “scoop” is crap.

    • Viper76269

      i’m not saying you’re wrong, but whats the SKU, and how do you know the SKU?

    • Viper76269

      ok, you are wrong. i just called best buy themself, and they confirmed that price, and told me they’re still scheduled for a valentine’s day release.

  • Jerflash63

    idk why people have such a big problem with best buy…the phone is going to be the same price from verizon. 250 on contract and 750 off contract. the best buy buy back program is awesome if you actually know how it works. the retail price of the phone is 750 and if you bring it back to them anywhere between 6-12 months after you buy it you get 40% of the RETAIL price back. so you get 300 bucks to put to a new phone so you dont have to resign your contract and can lock in the 30 buck 4g plan for life. thats a better deal then verizon ever gave and until the end of this month any phone you get from bestbuy has the buyback plan for FREE…do some research guys

    • Ok say you buy the phone $750 from BBY no 2 yr contract. 6 months later something else drops you want it and it’s cost is $750. Ok so you turn in your TBolt and get $375 on a gift card (because it’s up to 50% back). You still lost $375 on the BuyBack Program even if you now do have enough money to buy the new phone on a new 2 yr contract with alittle leftover you lost $375.

      Reverse scenario you buy the TBolt for $250 now in 6 months get the $375 on a gift card but now you have to purchase that phone at the full $750 because you’ve already taken advantage of your upgrade meaning you’ve gotta scoop up another $375 from somewhere.

      Either way there’s no win with this whole thing. You’d do better posting em on eBay and getting more than 50% for the phone

  • Mr.Joe

    32GB sd card is the reason this is so high.

  • KD

    lucky me I get this phone on an upgrade / the 249.99 price (Which i think is $50 dollars too much although I’m not broke) I’m just curious as to who the F**K would but this phone for 749.99, are they nuts?? what’s so special about this phone as to where the full retail isn’t 599.99 like other phones??

    • amanda

      The 32gb iphone is $749.99 with no contract… & I personally know a lot of people who went out and bought it yesterday. I can’t upgrade but I am going to pay the 749.99 for the thunderbolt. I believe it’ll be worth it. I have the droid X and i’ve had 12 replacement phones since july!! I hate it I loved my incredible when I had it and i’ve always been a HTC fan. Oh & if people who buy the TB at full price are nuts? Then wouldn’t ppl who bought the iphone full price nuts also?

      • Anonymous

        Lol, I noticed how many woman seem to be waiting for this phone. Nice to see some diversity

  • Alvinm 77

    Im buying mines full retail. Sold my Droid X + accessories for $400. My dad is upgrading to the Thunderbolt to so I ask can I have his Droid X and he said yeah!! Sold for $325. So I’ll walk out with a Thunderbolt for $25 + tax. Just my luck….. FOR THE MOTHER F’N WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Where did you sell yours, I need to dump mine + my original Moto Droid

      • Alvinm 77

        Ebay. My accessories is what sold the first pretty well. I had an pre-installed invisSHIELD, 4 cases, dockstation, 16gb sdcard, car dock, charger/usb, extra ubs, regular screen protectors, and my DX is flawless. No scratches, dings, nicks, it looks brand new.

    • Hoot352

      Did your dad know his phone was worth $325? Shoulda given your dad a cut to go towards his TB 🙂

    • Jawshua

      Wow I would sell my DROIDX for that price, where did you sell it, Ebay?

  • Billy

    Isn’t it only $375 to buy-out your contract? So, why not just get the phone at $250 and then buy out the two year contract when a better phone comes out. In the end it would be cheaper.

    • UGA414


      • Viper1549

        do you really think verizon is that dumb.. dont you remember them changing that right after the OG Droid came out.. you dont think that will be a change in the works for the flagship 4G… you do have a very good point, im just saying they aint dumb.. people get paid big money to think of that shit first..

    • Dennisa31

      ETF Starts at 350 and goes down 10$ every month into your contract

    • Jerald Danganan

      they will chage you full retail if you cancel right away. thrust me i’ve thought of it.

  • Kdegener

    My friend here in NJ, pre-ordered his Thunderbolt, and said with a new upgrade (or two year contract) that Verizon told him the price would be $150. I don’t know if it’s only BB thats charging $250, but Im really hoping it IS $150 @ Verizon stores like my friend said.

    • Anonymous

      The last 2 droid phones I’ve purchased at BB were the same price as Vz. Why, are ppl making it seem like BB is more at a launch

  • GC

    I think I may try the Thunderbolt (with 2yr contract) and compare it and its 4g speeds to the 3g speeds of my wifes new iPhone 4, at various locations including my local verizon store where they say they are definetly getting 4g service, as well as its other functionality. I figure i’ll have 13 days to run it thru its paces. If it fails i’ll just trade it in for an iPhone 4 and wait a yr for dust to settle.

    In this case I like the high BBY price, if i like the phone, it could make the buy back program work for me if i decide to trade it in on something else within a year.

    Couple interesting comparisons of Thunderbolt to Bionic:

    • Anonymous

      this is one of the options I’ve been exploring.

  • NCX

    Ad is not final, here’s the final ad and the ThunderBolt and XOOM are both absent from it.

    • Viper76269

      i think that ad is from the week before that one that the Xoom and TBolt are in.

    • Mike

      The ad that DL is writing about is for the week of the 20th while your link is for the week of the 13th. That’s why there is no TB or XOOM in it.

  • Jawshua

    This is exciting news…

    Hello old Droid- Life, I miss you dearly. I remember you when you weren’t just paid advertisements every other post if almost every one. Please come back?

  • jbn

    I get a kick out of you cry babies, you cry about wanting a super phone an when it comes out you still cry so here is an easy salution. DONT BUY IT

  • WCM3

    I was all about the Thunderbolt until I saw the $749 price tag off-contract. I looked at the iPhone 4 yesterday and Best Buy’s retail for it was $749 as well. WTF is up with these people.

    I’ll just pick up a used Incredible for $200, root, and overclock it. There..almost as good as the Thunderbolt for $549 less..

  • Snowbdr89

    I have no problem with the price, root it an use it for a bit if I don’t like it ill sale it an pay the difference on another phone so you cry babies can take your ass to att cuz im sure you will find something over there to cry about aswell!!! Just sayin. : )