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Yelp for Android Updated, Make OpenTable Reservations Without Leaving the App

Yelp on Android has an update available that brings it into baller status.  You can now book reservations to all of your favorite high roller restaurants from the Yelp app using OpenTable, only you don’t have to switch out of the app to do so.  It pulls all of the info from your Yelp account and populates it into the reservation screen to make life really simple.  Anyone down for a steak tonight?

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Cheers imran!

  • Stuffy

    I’m not going to upgrade if I can help it. Why does Yelp need access to my contact data?

    • Phil

      I deleted this app because of this.

  • Well I have to say I’m impressed with Open Table lining up partners to book reservations. I work with Reservation Genie and we haven’t been focusing on mobile apps so much as creating ways for our clients to book free reservations and lower their reservation invoices. The thing that amazes me about deals like this with Yelp is that restaurants don’t really want it. Their invoices are going up, but they’re not getting more customers. Open Table has just figured out a way to charge them for traffic from places that used to be free. When I talk to our clients that use Open Table they feel completely trapped. They’re frustrated their invoices are going up, but scared to leave them because they can’t tell what they can reproduce with tools like our free website tracking link that lets them book reservations from any website without generating cover fees. Here’s a link to video about it. http://www.reservationgenie.com/video_demos/website_tracking_link

  • TommyZ

    I live in a big city. I have searched the neighborhood and yet to find a restaurant that is on open table.

  • Sputnick

    I just use Google Maps. I find Yelp to be no better….so why have it on the phone.

  • Sputnick

    I just use Google Maps. I find Yelp to be no better….so why have it on the phone.

  • Jake

    When I tried the standaline Open Table app I found that there were only a couple of restaurants that I actually go to that use Open Table. They weren’t “cheap” restaurants, so I only go to them about once a year. Therefore, it didn’t make sense to leave the app on my phone. Adding OT function to Yelp is smart.

  • steak? sure. only if u buy plane ticket and dinner

  • Anonymous

    hmm… now all i have to do is find a restaurant that requires reservations around here. Or I guess I could just use it to book a spot at the waffle house 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I uninstalled this app a couple of months back after it started asking for permission to my phonebook amongst a few other “questionable” areas for access.

    Not sure if they have fixed permissions recently, but just wanted to warn.

    • Anonymous

      yeah i was hesistant about updating them as well as pandora but decided that it was probably harmless

  • DBK

    Lol Pay for my flight to OR, and I’m in! 😛

    • DBK

      Wow, first. Awesome.