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Best Buy Facebook Says February 24th for Motorola XOOM, HTC Thunderbolt on the 14th

Did the Grand Rapids Best Buy Facebook page just out the Motorola XOOM and HTC Thunderbolt release dates?  Maybe.  According to a post that just went live on their page, the XOOM will be available on February 24th and the Thunderbolt on the 14th.  If these dates stand, we couldn’t be happier because now we can stop wasting our time with ridiculously long timelines like this one.

How long before that post is removed?  And does this mean we’ll get announcements from Verizon tomorrow?  Please.

Cheers Mr Snrub!

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  • Jstadler

    Here is the real truth about the differences between Xoom and Apple iPad


  • Sehar Electro

    The HTC Thunderbolt and the Motorola XOOM are two of the latest mobile devices which are set to launch anytime soon. As we all know, HTC and Motorola are two of the most popular Android producers and after checking out the features on these phones, I can surely say that they will be one of the biggest sellers of 2011. These are the two most anticipated Android devices at the moment and with good reason too.

  • Anonymous

    i still don’t see it on facebook….im under their page?

  • new_to_boston

    Dumb question as I believe this has been covered already multiple times, but could someone remind me what the expectations are about the wireless network the initial batch of Xooms will be on/capable of? I know it’ll be 3G (and WiFi) to begin with, but are the first units expected to be upgradeable to 4G down the road? I think I recall that they were, although doing so would require sending the device in for servicing. I could live with that; what I couldn’t live with would be a device that could never be upgraded. Thank you in advance.

  • Nativi

    i was just on verizon FB page and saw some people already got the iphone deliver to their homes. If the Thunderbolt get a pre-order date will we get it earlyer then the release date???

  • Anonymous

    Just got off the phone with a Best Buy mobile rep and she said the 14th is the date for the Thunderbolt but for some reason told me to call her back to confirm the Xoom. A little strange on that part. Will follow up later today.Best Buy in San Carlos, CA

  • Patrick

    on an unrelated note, I’m leaving for ATT and purchasing the Atrix $500 bundle as soon as its available of course. Maybe I wouldn’t have if my Incredible’s speaker hadn’t fizzled.
    So is this a good idea? Or should I just save for the Motorola XOOM?

    • That laptop dock is too expensive dont you think… just saying.

    • Jem Harris

      The Atrix does look sweet, but you could just be a little patient and I’m sure a very similar/better phone will come to Verizon and then you could keep the better coverage and unlimited data. Just sayin…

    • Anonymous

      your wacko……first of all if you want crappier coverage and no real 4g….then sure go to att….but if u want for the time being, you could just take of the end and then use the bionic on the laptop dock after xda ports the app. Maybe it will come with docks but remember its also the first…..not the last soo…..anyways yah..im getting the thunderbolt cause blur and moto are crappy. i have learned.

  • Dellbx

    Please remind me again why it is so important to have the exact day, minute and second these or any other devices get released? They will be on the market for a good six months or so. If we want them we will get our chance to purchase them…Why do I have to be there on opening day?

    • Anonymous

      because some of us are big dorks and can’t wait another day to get this device…. I for one feel an empty void without this device. You may thnk im pathetic, but these little thngs make me really happy. Don’t judge me delbx

  • Mr_Snrub

    And the BB post it gone…

  • Jeff

    If they don’t offer this on contract or if you want to buy it w/o this is going to be easy $700
    I mean the Droid X alone is $500-600

  • Anonymous

    I’m not believing any release date for the Xoom until I see a screenshot from Verizon’s Infocenter. WAY too many reports from Verizon reps about the Xoom launching 2/17. Then again, I guess I could see Verizon selling the Xoom a week before Best Buy. Maybe the Motorola Super Bowl commercial will say “preorder tomorrow” (2/7), and the device will launch 10 days later which is the pretty typical preorder timeframe anyway.

  • Anonymous

    That actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.


  • Ables

    My Best Buy made Droid-Life!!

  • Anonymous

    The Xoom is not likely to even be offered with a contract, considering Verizon markets their tablet data plans as “no obligation, month-to-month data plans, starting at $20 for 1GB.”

    • Anonymous

      I love when Disqus posts a reply as a new comment, even though when I’m typing, it says “replying to…”

  • Is it important to pre-order on the first day of pre-ordering? I’m going to be out of town until Wednesday, so the earliest I can pre-order won’t be until I come back. Please Please Please don’t sell out on the pre-orders Best Buy!

    • Goody

       I like to visit best buy…not to buy, but just to check out all the cool gadgets.  I wonder if they have the breville 800jexl best price.

  • Jeff

    My questions are:
    How much is the XOOM going to cost w/contract from Verizon?
    Tegra 3 out by Fall/Winter?
    Why buy a tablet when in 7-8 months when it will be out-dated. That is with any technology though.
    I guess if you don’t already own a tablet.
    I bought an iPad several months ago. Does what I need it to do. I don’t see me buying the 1st Gen XOOM.

    • Anonymous

      The Xoom is not likely to even be offered with a contract, considering Verizon markets their tablet data plans as “no obligation, month-to-month data plans, starting at $20 for 1GB.”

  • I’m waiting for Bionic Droid or another Terga 2 Android phone with 4.3 inch screen.

  • Sick of my Storm

    Pleez be the 14th…my Storm’s screen looks like MC Escher dropped a sheet of pharm grade acid & then had a bad trip…

  • Anonymous

    Is it certain that the thunderbolt will have an unlocked bootloader?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it is 100% certain, but HTC has never locked their bootloaders in the past.

    • Anonymous


  • Bryson

    how did you find this? i went through like 3 pages and didn’t see it

  • Catacomb_bat

    Hey Kellex, thought you should know that the DROID Incredible came out on this week’s episode of the Office.

  • JM

    Need 1 year contract…

  • Drudometkin

    Thunderbolt will be like the incredible last year. Quickly outdated, but still good.

  • I dont really think that they are going to release these products on the mentioned dates……….they r announcing these dates just for pre-orders …..but then too lets see

    • Anonymous

      So, the iPhone 4 on 2/10 in the same image is a pre-order date, when Best Buy already confirmed that they would have the iPhone 4 for Verizon on launch day? Sure, that makes sense.

  • Kierra

    Nice, this cheers me up a little after a sad laker loss 🙁

    • did you see that ridiculous tip in!!! Oh my god, unbelievable!!!

  • How much would it be at BB with the 2 year agreement?

    • Anonymous

      Probably the 249-250 price that’s floating around in articles

  • Ccpardue

    Do you think “release date” actually means release or pre-order?

    • Sparking22

      I think its the release date as the Viphone is released on the 10th.

      • Ccpardue

        Good point! I’m not thinking straight…. its late!

  • Sparking22

    Why wont they just let us pre-order the Xoom already!! lol

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, with all the reports from Verizon reps saying the Xoom will launch on 2/17, I could actually see the Xoom Super Bowl ad saying “preorder tomorrow” (2/7). 10 days is a pretty typical preorder timeframe anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I wish BB allowed 1 yr contracts, sigh

    • Anonymous

      They don’t!! Man there goes that idea.

      • Tim242

        They have the buyback program that is better than a one year contract.

        • Anonymous

          Oh ya. Thats right. Maybe I’ll do that.

    • Tim242

      They have the buyback program that is better than a one year contract.

  • Anonymous

    This completely contradicts the last post…

    • Anonymous

      Which I clearly pointed out…

  • Jerflash63

    i am also getting rid of my og droid for this…glad i did a warranty return on my og droid recently because i will now have my droid as a fun device to try things on and thunderbolt to go crazy with!!!

  • -M-

    Yes! ThunderBolt Coming Out oN mY Birthday. Goodbye oG Droid.

  • even better! also want to get a 1 year contract on the thunderbolt. also no one care is your first….honestly…

    • Anonymous

      it’s customary

    • scribbles

      Wow your gay

      • Tim242

        Me? : )

    • Caleb785

      1 year contracts r the way to go

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting this on a one year contract, also first

    • Anonymous

      You’re referring to the Thunderbolt, right? Since Verizon doesn’t offer 1 or 2 year contracts with their tablet plans, they’re all month-to-month.

    • Anonymous

      me too i am off my contract at the beginning of March so thunderbolt wait for me 🙂

      1 year