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Motorola XOOM Release Confirmed for February 17? OCNN Says So.

Tampa Bay Buccaneer Gerald McCoy has joined Chad Ochocino and Motorola at this year’s Super Bowl to provide sporadic news from a player’s perspective through the OCNN.  He and Chad have been tweeting over the last couple of hours about the Motorola XOOM, but the latest from McCoy suggests that it will be out in two weeks.  Earlier reports pointed at February 17th and that would put us just over two weeks out and on a Thursday which we know Verizon loves.  This could also mean February 14th, but we’ll just assume it’ll be here some time in that second week of the month.

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How can you not be excited to at least play with this device for a bit?

  • Anonymous

    $800 is a lot for a tablet, I’m sticking with the Galaxy!

  • How can you not be excited to at least play with this device for a bit?

    Major understatement. My excitement level is spectacularly high right now.

    Now only if I have $799 lying around somewhere. Hmm..maybe under a couch. Let me look…

  • luca

    £720?!?! are you kidding me? at this price and being a new product nobody knows how and if it works, I just wait for the new ipad 2 or other androids coming in a few months…

  • Anonymous

    already in line

  • Anonymous

    If I can afford it I will buy it, though I might have to wait till my brithday in April

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t see how McCoy could possibly know the release date is in 2 weeks, when Jha himself just said end of February and possibly pushed back to March.

    Hey, the sooner the better for me though, can’t wait to get it.

  • jimmy

    Hello world

  • spoke with a verizon rep (yeah i know, they aren’t reliable sources) and she mentioned the xoom being released in february. or was it the bionic? either way, im buying something in a few weeks 🙂 save them monies, spend them monies.

    • I wish it was the bionic… definitely the XOOM. bionic is in late Q2

      • the bionic is not late q2 its early q2 like begining of april check it out kid

  • Keithsmnr

    While this thing is cool as heck, I can’t justify the price for a new toy like this. With my job’s dicsount through Dell, I built an AMD Six, yes, six-core 2.7ghz phenom processor, 1g Nvidia graphics, 6gb ram, and a 1tb HDD with 21″ monitor for 800. Now THAT’S a good purchase!

    • LinuxLover

      Not really… It’s still a Dell, which means its middle of the road quality, and customer service is horrendous.

      • Anonymous

        Middle of the road? Isn’t that kinda generous?

  • The tablet looks like a pez in ochocinco’s hand. They should be using the Chinese or USA gymnastics team to promote it. That would really give the 10.1 inch display the size perspective it deserves.

  • Andrew Hewitt

    What’s all this talk about this Ochocinco guy? Isn’t it back to Johnson now?

    • Anonymous

      I had heard that too, but the Johnson News Network just doesn’t have that ring to it. 😛

    • Anonymous

      No, he changed his name this morning… to Chad Xoom.

    • Anonymous

      No, he changed his name this morning… to Chad Xoom.

    • T Batman T

      You are correct Andrew…in his own words…
      “I’ve done all I can with that name”

  • Rlrson_Mn

    Well I have an IPad wifi and would love to get my hands on a Zoom wifi only. There is no way I need any thing above that version since I have a Droid (rooted) phone. As soon as they release a wifi only version I will be getting one. AT&T has reported 400,000 iPads activated on their network but Apple has sold over 4,000,000.

    • EC8CH

      it’s spelled with an “X”

  • Mustardhomie

    this may have already been asked… but does anyone know how long the battery will last for the XOOM?

    • Keithsmnr

      It will last 14 hours, 13 minutes and 56 seconds exactly before it runs out and you’ll need to buy another one.

    • Until Dec 21st, 2012

    • Anonymous

      Motorola said 10 hours of video playback.

  • I’m just waiting for Verizon to lower the price on the Galaxy like T-Mobile and Sprint have done…

  • Robtheicon

    And again, why should I follow them when you are gonna do it for me!

    • Frencha

      You shouldn’t, so stop. I give you permission.

  • Vire

    I actually got a Verizon representative in store to slip February 14th as a release date. He started to backtrack as soon as he said it, as well. Here’s hoping for the 14th.

  • b

    tell Chad we need a system dump

  • Anonymous

    If the Samsung galaxy tab was expensive, there no telling how much this is gonna be. And just because a nfl player endorsed it does not make it great. And that teaser ad isn’t gonna help neither.

    • Wow, bitch bitch bitch. What was the point of that.

      I can’t wait for the Xoom, I just hope it stays around $700 – $800.

      • Anonymous

        Why do u want price that high, I’m pretty sure u want people to buy this right

        • NetworkPIMP

          because that price is on par – actually a bit cheaper – with a similarly equipped iPad (3G/32GB) – except this brings more horsepower to the table at a slightly lower price point.

          Apple proved the price was right – people paid for it, and they sold a ton of `em… why should Moto go to much cheaper out of the gate. Their price will come down when the next iPad comes out, the Xoom will still be better, and Moto will have more money in the bank to innovate…

          I’m down.

          • ArrTooDeeToo

            I’m fine with the price staying where it is for that model. Just release an entry level model, too! That’s one thing that the iPad wins on is price range. If you want the 16GB or WiFi, it’s affordable! If you can afford the beast with 3G and 64GB, then get it. All this talk about choices on the teaser video, and yet there is not a choice where it matters the most.

        • LinuxLover

          Depends on how well it’s made. If Acer or HTC made it, I expect it to be cheaper, but made by Motorola, I expect a higher end product with a corresponding price tag.

    • LinuxLover

      This is a Motorola, which means not only will it use good components and be right there, hardware-wise, with the iPad, but it will probably be priced competitively with the iPad. Why would they do anything else? If they priced it higher than an iPad, no one would buy it. iPad has all the hype. Wi-fi only iPad is $499, $599, $699 for 16, 32, and 64GB repectively. It’s also $629, $729, and $829 for the 3G model, respectively – all on the Apple Store. Expect similar pricing from Motorola.