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Facebook Update on Android Adds “Deals”

An update for the Android Facebook app hit late last night and for some reason seems to be confusing everyone.  The update included “Deals” which is really just an addition to the “Places” tab that we were introduced to a couple of months back.  In order to see what deals are near you, you open up the Places tab, tap on “Check In” and start browsing locations in your area.  As you cruise through listings, ifyou notice a little yellow notepad looking icon then that means there is a deal there.

Download it now from the market.

  • It appears that this update is preventing my phone from sleeping, causing significant battery drain.
    Anyone else having this problem?

  • It’s a definite speed improvement for me, especially in notifications

  • iNate71

    They did fix a bug in the Inbox Messages that’s been aggrevating me for sometime now. 😀

  • Chris Nimon

    I need that “make it so” button” so I can put it next to my Staples “Easy” button 😉

  • shush

    way to add nothing to the conversation

  • OptimusC

    I just don’t understand why people post so much information about themselves or want to read so much information about other people.

    I don’t give that much sh!t about other people’s lives that I want to know that much information and if someone wanted to know that much sh!t about my life, I would be concerned.

    • DroidzFX

      Its hard to believe I know but some people have friends and like to see what they are doing. Friend has a baby or gets married and instead of having to email everybody you post it to one spot so everyone can see.
      But that information should not be shared to people you never intend to have it. Does it really matter in the end probably not.

      Unless you have a stalker and he/she wants to kill you.

  • can’t seem to quit FB either. just secure it tightly

  • wheels

    so does this update actually let me turn off notifications?

    • Anonymous

      You can actually “deactivate” the notifications.. If you are at the home page of the app, click menu, settings, the un-check the Notifications. vwala, no more notifications.. Unless you have the notifications sent to your email then thats a whole diff story..

  • DroidzFX

    I want to leave Facebook but just cant. Alot of people on there I would never really talk to without FB. I just dont like how evil they are and how much money they make off of ads I never click on let alone see.

    • Agreed. I held out on FB for a long time… I gave in for the same reason. Now I just check it as an address book. I don’t even like posting photos up much because FB terms of service say that they own anything you post… as a photographer thats a load of crap. FB is the devil! lol

  • Antintyty

    I’ve noticed that the notifications refresh quicker…that’s about all.

  • stupid update… nothing really in the way of an improvement.