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HTC Thunderbolt Can Handle Data and Voice Over 3G, Why Not Announce it?

When we broke the news that Thunderbolt training had started today, we were also tipped to the possibility that the phone could handle voice and data while on 3G.  As you all know, Verizon CDMA network was incapable of producing this in the past, but apparently they figured out a way with this new 4G device.  Our buddies over at Phandroid received additional confirmation that this is indeed the case.  If you can’t see past their watermark, the statement is below:

There is functionality in the Thunderbolt that allows simultaneous voice and data while on the VZW 3G network, however, we cannot promise the experience will be one that is consistent with our brand.  As a result, do not reference this functionality as a benefit during your conversations with customers.

Apparently HTC has found the breakthrough of the last 5 years for Verizon and yet they want everyone to remain silent on the matter.

But why keep it a secret?

We can’t help but toss this out there…can anyone think of one major reason as to why Verizon wouldn’t want their sales staff out on the floor announcing that the Thunderbolt can do voice and data at the same time?  This is HUGE news if you think about it.  AT&T constructed an entire ad campaign about their network’s voice/data capabilities in comparison to Verizon’s.  And now they’ve figured it out, but want to keep it a secret?   I wonder if it has anything to do with that other phone that comes out on February 10th and the fact that it is unable to perform such a task.  Can you imagine all the i*hone users returning to VZW stores asking why that “DROID” phone can do something theirs can’t?  Epic.

So…who’s changed their mind and now wants a Thunderbolt?

Source:  Phandroid

  • Lars

    It’s just two evdo chips squeezed on one wafer. The second is used if you drop out of 4g and one evdo is in use.

  • felix

    I have a thunderbolt and it is capable of voice and data at the same time on 3g

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1050896773 Brian Odom

    It has nothing to do with the iPhone. If iPhone users were to return their phones, that’s more money for Verizon. The very fact that NO currently available Verizon phone has been able to do this, yet Verizon is STILL the industry leader in the US tells you that simultaneous voice and data is simply not an important issue.

    They want to keep it a secret because of $$$. They WANT to gouge you by forcing you into a higher data plan. And they don’t want it to be known that it can be done with 3G only. They want to upsell 4G LTE and mention this as one of its benefits.

  • Zeranafska

    The reason to keep it a secret is so that, if a consumer is told about it, they might expect it to work flawlessly, and then complain when it doesn’t. Verizon’s CDMA technology isn’t built to handle simultaneous connections, so, in doing so, Verizon’s claim to fame is its quality, and it will do nothing to distinguish quality as its brand.

  • guest

    so will the 4g LTE phones be able to use the 3g network? will you be able to get either data plan (3g or 4g) for them?

  • guest

    so will the 4g LTE phones be able to use the 3g network? will you be able to get either data plan (3g or 4g) for them?

    • Anonymous

      By all accounts, the 4G data plan is also $29.99/month, so it’ll be one data plan with your phone using the best available network, whether that’s 1XRTT, Ev-Do, or LTE. The LTE phones do have a CDMA antenna, so they’l get 3G, which will be important in non-LTE areas.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t think of a time I’ve ever needed this feature…but I suppose it would be nice to have. I’m guessing its a mixture of it NOT being completely reliable AND being a marketing tool against the i*hone…wonder what the financial incentive is for Verizon sales staff to sell the fruity device…

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I doubt it’s great–the iPhone costs $700+, while the LTE lineup is in the $500-$600 range unsubsidized, meaning that the iPhone will either be $350+ on contract or will need a bigger subsidy, losing Verizon money compared to selling the Thunderbolt, BIONIC, SCH-i520, or Revolution. I suspec that salespeople are going to try harder to sell a 4.3″ phone with a kickstand, LTE, and stuff like Google Voice than the iPhone, simply because it’ll be easier–the iPhone will sell itself to some people, but to the rest, it really isn’t that appealing.

      • http://perpetualn00b.tumblr.com quiklives

        In general, the i*hone doesn’t make anyone any money except Apple itself. That was certainly the case with AT&T, and I can’t imagine that Verizon got a deal much more lucrative than that. So verizon is going to make their money solely on the contract, and therefore I can’t imagine that they care about selling more i*hones. The very fact that they have it at all will pull in the people who want it.

  • UnixPimp

    It is the chipset in the handset hardware. The CDMA protocol does not prevent the simultaneous use of voice and data. This has been known for a long time, but AT&T and (formerly) Apple have pounded into peoples’ head that CDMA could not handle simultaneous voice and data.
    Blame Qualcomm for their substandard chipsets if you need a boogeyman, but do not blame the CDMA protocol.
    The obvious reason that no one produced a chipset for CDMA that could handle simultaneous voice and data was that smartphones were not as popular until the past 2 years.

    • BDizzel1982

      It also requires the carrier to add additional hardware on top of there existing towers which at this point would be silly since LTE supports this feature by default

  • Anonymous

    If you read the section in that picture it says that using both at the same time may result in crappy service which isnt comparable to what they usually offer.

  • Nativi

    ok what about the whole thing on not supporting mobile hotspot at launch

    • Anonymous

      unrEVOked + AOSP ROM = screw Verizon, you have a 21Mbps hotspot.

  • Howardeee

    Presumably the reason they won’t advertise the feature is that it’s not consistent/reliable.

  • Anonymous

    Actually it was wiered, when i did have my palm pre plus….i did try it once….i wasn’t on wifi and the 3g worked during my call….though of course you can expect that didn’t last long at all….maybe there using that technology or something…or like in my other comment….right below…

  • Anonymous

    Since the Thunderbolt is not a Droid, I’m wondering if this is being downplayed so that Motorola isn’t scooped to Voice and Data at once. Would suck if you bought a droid and then found out the non-droid Android phone by HTC does something your super duper dual core monster phone can’t.

    • Anonymous

      Actually this might be a dev only….but the software doesn’t do anything so actually all of verizon’s 4g enabled phones now might do voice and data at once because maybe the lte card also does the 3g therefore freeing the calling device on the motherboard to work simultaneously.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a smart play on their part. Since the performance is not going to be up to par, they are not leaving it to chance that AT&T will utilize this against them. “We never said it was a feature” makes it a huge bonus, but if they tout it as a feature then all the other carriers will harp on how slow their data during voice is… That’s just a smart move and I’m all for it.

  • http://www.agrstech.com Zephaniah

    I’ve wanted one since the first rumors came out.

  • http://herohtar.myopenid.com/ Herohtar

    They clearly state right there why they’re not advertising it — “we cannot promise the experience will be one that is consistent with our brand”, in other words, “this feature may not work so great, or the quality may be bad”.

    • wofie

      You mean the iphone?

  • Alan

    In one of the press talks or articles about the iPhone one of the VZW execs said they were working on a solution, so iPhone may get the ability too. Good idea to try it with Droid users first since we tend to be more tech savvy and possibly more forgiving of issues than your average iPhone owner.

    • Anonymous

      You mean unlike the iphone users who continua lly drop calls on att

      • Anonymous

        He means new problems. iPhone users are fine with the same old nuisances, but DROID users tend to deal better with the “oh crap, what is my phone doing” moments.

    • Anonymous

      You mean unlike the iphone users who continua lly drop calls on att

    • Anonymous

      You mean unlike the iphone users who continua lly drop calls on att