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Comparison Chart: Motorola XOOM vs. iPad (Updated)

Update:  To those of you heading here looking for iPad 2 comparison, check out our new chart!

The price of the Motorola XOOM has been quite the topic of discussion over the last couple of days so we thought we’d drop some additional information into the conversation.  Here is a comparison chart of the XOOM ($699) to the 32GB 3G iPad ($729).  Yes, we actually compared it to the version of the iPad that matches up closest rather than to the $499 Wi-Fi-only model that so many keep referring to.  This battle isn’t even close.  Chart after the break.     

Looks like a steal to me.  And yes, consumers do care about tech specs.

Update:  Why would we not compare this to the iPad?  It’s the leading tablet on the market.  Normally when you do comparisons, you find the top product on the market and see how yours stacks up.  Some of you people are silly.  When the iPad2 comes out, we’ll make another chart.  We’ll also do charts for the G-Slate, the Toshiba Tab and the Galaxy Tab 2.  Chill.

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  • Cfagan98

    is the xoom better then the ipad???

  • There’s a lot more that goes into a tablet than simple hardware specs, but for all you hardcore spec nerds out there, Engadget compiled
    a trusty comparison chart that should satiate your appetite for obscure
    specs. One metric not listed, however, and of no less importance, is
    price. As Jobs explained during yesterday’s presentation, competitors
    just can’t compete with Apple on price.


  • Very nice chart! I personally like the Android platform. Have a Droid phone and love it!

  • Sjones

    Is no one noticing that the SD card slot is non operational and the supposed FLASH support is also non operational? And what about HTML5?

  • fevanson

    Geez 1gb ram in a tablet already. That’s twice as much as my old win xp.

  • ……

    it would make you look much more intelligent if you compared to motorola xoom to the ipad 2 being as that would be an accurate comparisons with technilogical advances since the original ipad came out,,,

    but yea the xoom rules

  • Anonymous

    I think once the wifi only model of the Xoom is released you will really start seeing the sales. I know I am not going to buy one now when I have no intention of signing a contract with verizon. http://www.xoomtabletcover.com

  • guest

    could be updated again with the release of iPad 2 on March 11

  • this needs updated. A) Your pricing model for the xoom is with a carrier contract.. it actually costs more if you buy it outright (like the price model you chose for the Ipad).

    Also.. the IPad 2 is its competition.. not the Ipad 1.

    Sort out your facts before spewing them on the internet.

  • Anonymous

    OK, iPad 1 not even close, now iPad 2…

  • Twilkinson

    I was on this page from my Android phone the other day and I booked marked it. I recalled a few documents, which I believe were PDFs, that had come comparisons of varying devices and carriers for the devices. I came back to the page on my device and computer and did not see these links. Does anyone recall what I am referring to and perhaps can share the link to these?

  • Nkeaton

    In all honesty I like the ipad, i have a few friends who have one themselves and they like it. BUT…they have no clue about technical specs and such, I know plenty about the specifics. Apple is and always has been way overpriced, yes they build decent computers and ipods and the like but for the price/performance not even close to what you can buy that’s usually better from someone another manufacturer. I have always liked motorola products the phones I had from them held up well and I never had problems. And lets face it android os is clearly superior over apple’s mobile platform ask anyone who has owned a droid and an iphone. Im amazed so many people are on the apple bandwagon but its a trend…lol

  • Chris

    This is by far the fairest comparison of the two pads. I’ve read reviews after reviews where it was obviously biased toward the iPad. Trying to find the worst of the Xoom just to to save face of the iPad. And you are right on the money with the models of the iPad they compare too. It’s always the lower end models of the iPad they use for examples when they beat on the Xoom for its price. For what the Xoom offers, i think it is reasonably priced and you can’t really argue against. I am an iPad owner and without doubt I think it is a great device for what it’s intended for. But the fact it is locked down and lacks flash support does hurt it and annoys me at times. It is “JailBroken” and does allow for a bit more freedom, but without having to buy and modify more accessories to get features offered by other tablets doesn’t help it any in which those hacks don’t always work great for the iPad. From my own opinion, until the Xoom came out, there really was no other Tablet that could compare. I’m just glad that someone(Motorolla) actually took the time to build a good quality tablet instead of rushing like so many before them(Samsung) to compete with the iPad. iPad is nice and even if iPad two is a killer it’s biggest issue is its creator and the limitations it places on its devices. I will most likely be getting the Xoom to replace my iPad. No point in waiting for more “powerful” devices because lets face it, how many apps have you seen that need much power to run in the first place? The Xoom offers a great tech package that should no doubt last for years to come and still be a device to be compared to when clone wars continue.

  • Dosman!

    Doesn’t run on 4G networks. Quit lying.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the weight and battery life?

  • Nevermind

    i actually love that the Xoom looks like 2 times bigger than the ipad. it just shows who is the big guy. utterly fanatic ipad fans, sit!

  • Raddudetommy

    Good article, now please redo with the newly figured $1200 price tag.

    Such a shame, I was totally going to get one before today.

  • Zonedj

    One of the major questions to ask is, all tech specs aside, will Motorola be able to get the app support and software developers behind it in order to truly make it competitive. That is where the true issue lies.

  • Zonedj

    One of the major questions to ask is, all tech specs aside, will Motorola be able to get the app support and software developers behind it in order to truly make it competitive. That is where the true issue lies.

  • Zonedj

    One of the major questions to ask is, all tech specs aside, will Motorola be able to get the app support and software developers behind it in order to truly make it competitive. That is where the true issue lies.

  • you forgot some lines:
    Sold units: 0 15,000,000
    Customer service and support: none best in class (any class)
    Weight: XOOM is heavier
    Battery life:
    Ecosystem: questionable quality android market iTunes App Store

    One more thing… you cannot compare processor and RAM between two different OS. Android needs more muscle compared to iOS. You cannot run Android on the iPad spec, but as you can see iOS does it just fine…

  • dan

    I would never get an ipad. i’m actually considering the xoom as it blows the ipad out of the water.

  • Anonymous

    I think that the XOOM is going to be the tablet that is going to crush the iPad. I have almost bought an iPad twice but I personal like the Android OS better than the iOS. Another plus to the XOOM is the 1080p playback. I am mainly looking for a tablet to use for the DISH Network DISH Remote Access app (DRA). With the DRA app and my Vip722k with my Sling Adapter, I can stream live content to my phone or tablet via 3g or wifi connection. Now that I know the XOOM is in 1080p I am glad I waited to get the best picture possible. As a DISH employee I can tell you that the DRA app is free. Check out DISH.com and search TV Everywhere.

  • Fwjackson

    does Xoom have a phone?

  • bagel252

    umm, $800 there buddy… plus one month 3g sub to “unlock” wifi. jog on

  • bagel252

    umm, $800 there buddy… plus one month 3g sub to “unlock” wifi. jog on

  • Gamlekungen

    Good stuff. What about the size and weight. It also matters

  • Dario428

    Now please update for the new price of $799

  • What is the battery life of both of them?

  • I think you also dont realize its priced at 800, not 699. This is such a biased comparison. And you are comparing a tablet thats been in a market for a year, to one thats coming out in days.

    Not only that, but they (unless this is edited) is going to be requiring you to have atleast a 1 month data plan with Verizon to be able to have wifi activated.

    Source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/02/06/verizon-locking-wifi-on-motorola-xoom-until-you-buy-one-month-of/

  • Jayson

    Android haters cant get enough of the Communist APPLE company telling them how to run there life why buy if you got to jail break what a bunch of dumm ASS people Steve jobs shits out an inch you would eat a foot….

  • Gtrtchr120

    There are going to be some really disappointed Xoom fanboys when iPad2 comes out.

    • Jack

      theres gonna be some really dissapointed iPad2 fanboys when the xoom 2 comes out.

  • Insipidatheist

    Something I’d like to say is this: if the iPad’s specs were announced for a new Android tablet, all of you Apple fans would call it low-end and worthless. Same applies for vice-versa. Let’s be honest, the only reason any of us have a side is because of the OS. Without it, there would most likely be a definitive winner in the tablet world. Which one? We’ll see by the end of Q2, I suppose.

  • Jwalk

    Moto. Please confirm the launch date, price & when wifi only will be available. The LG Optimus is starting to look pretty good.