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DROID X ROM: Liberty by Kejar and JRummy

Two beasts in the DROID ROM community partnered up to release something new that I’ll be recommending for all Droid X and Droid 2 owners.  The ROM is called Liberty and it comes from Kejar31 and one of our all time favs, JRummy16.  The base for this beauty is Kejar’s GummyJar ROM and then has Rummy’s toolbox and tweaks written all over it.  You’ll find goodies like the old school rotary lockscreen, Gingerbread themed Swype, custom wallpapers, and seriously, so much more.  For fans of yellow, this is also a nice replacement for the Gingerbread green we’ve seen everywhere.  

Download for DX:  LibertyX-1.0.zip

Download for D2:  Liberty2-1.0.zip



*Your DX needs to be running .320 or .340.

1.  You obviously have to be rooted.  (Instructions)
2.  You need to have Koush’s Bootstrap Recovery.
3.  Open the DX Bootstrap and “boostrap” the recovery.
4.  When that finishes, “reboot recovery.”
5.  Once your phone boots to Clockwork Recovery, scroll down to “backup and restore.”
6.  Choose “backup” to make a clean backup of your phone.
7.  After that choose “wipe data/factory reset” to wipe your phone.
8.  When that finishes choose “install zip from SD card.”
9.  Then “choose zip from SD card” and find the Liberty1.0.zip, select it and hit “yes.”
10.  Your phone will apply the ROM. When it finishes, reboot and enjoy!

Full support thread can be found here. Donate!

  • Anonymous

    i have a droid x gingerbread .605 i was running liberty v3 but i switched to liquid rom which im having issues with what is the correct way to go back to liberty v3 did a back up thru clockwork also still have zip on sd just want to do it so i have no problems

  • Brian

    I got Liberty 0.8 installed but I can’t update my andtroid market app. I’m stuck with the old version… Any ideas?

  • Pjschu322

    I installed Liberty and all I get on reboot is an animated “Liberty” logo. How do I get into the phone?

  • Sgyman1

    Once I make a clean backup, and then wipe data/factory reset, will reloading that clean backup restore my phone to pre-wipe state, including all apps, data and configurations on both the phone and sd card?

    • Amcmearty

      it will return your phone to the state it was before running liberty. usually that stuff will load after signing into google but it you want everything back try this (not 100% sure this will work) after flashing the rom go to backup/restore>advanced>restore data>yes.

  • jg

    can this be install on the original droid??

  • I got a Droid X with Kernel version baseband version BP_c_02.02.00P. Will the Liberty rom work for me? Thanks!

  • Sibbles7

    I’m brand new to installing custom ROMs and I think I made a big mistake. I installed Apex just fine and then I thought I would try to install Liberty. I went through the process but after it rebooted it is just staying on the Liberty logo and not doing anything else. I figured it might take a few minutes but it’s been over 30mins!

    Thinking back to when I installed the ROM, I might have forgot to wipe the old ROM.

    I need help. Is there anything I can do or is my phone now bricked??

  • Droid

    You would have to find the android 2.2 Rom and use bootstrap and boot that instead of Liberty But i think you will love it

  • Anonymous

    Can you add another app on the spot between the unlock button and the silent button. I’ve been wanting to fill it in..

  • omgitzabearomg

    works great but heads up for a new user who uses a mac you have to download the file and then open the folder and then select compress to make it a zip file

  • Md28

    first time rooter … installed Liberty ROM … but wanted to go back to stock so restored my backup using boostrap recovery … but when my phone powers up, it says LIBERTY before going into the normal stock boot up … any help fixing this?

  • Pelon1023

    Really want to try this Rom out but can’t seem to find a download link that works

  • viewthis66

    just loaded this ROM… and i LOVE IIIIIIIIIIIT! nice job. Best. Rom. Period.

  • Droidchevere

    I love this rom. I had the stock rom and it kept rebooting the motoblur ui. The phone wouldnt fully reboot it was just the motoblur that would reboot randomly. I tried tranquility and it was unstable on my phone. So far I havent found this rom to have any real issues on my phone. Kejar and Jrummy rock for this genius !!!

  • Finally got Liberty!! If i would change the theme in the tool box, if i dont like it, how do i change it back?

  • Joovy98

    Luv this rom but I lose almost all of my contacts and apps..im a newb..prob a simple fix but I cant find the solution.

  • Anonymous

    When it installs, is it going to give me a choice of themes, I really like the Watermarked Theme.

  • Anonymous

    When it installs, is it going to give me a choice of themes, I really like the Watermarked Theme.

  • Tarsis Brito

    i cant install roms it says intallation aborted can anyone help me?

  • TheEcho

    How has the site held up everyone? I am the owner of droid2files.com and want to make sure no one has issues.

  • Michael Vandeven

    this ROM made my Droid x everything I wanted it to be from the beginning. thank u very much, devs. how do I donate to the people responsible for this?

  • Jaden

    How come I cant edit my Facebook contacts?

  • Alvargasjr

    well i instaled and it has been stuck on the Liberty boot

    • Striker 503

      did you wipe data?

  • Anonymous


    -Patrick Henry