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Verizon’s Return Policy Changing to 14 Days

By now you’ve all heard that Verizon is changing their device upgrade policy, but this week we also received a tip that the return policy will see some tweaking as well.  You will now get 14 days from the time you purchase a phone, meaning it’s more important than ever to choose the right device the first time.

From Verizon…

Starting January 16, we will introduce a 14-day return policy on new devices, similar to practices of other major retailers of consumer electronic products.  We believe a 14-day return policy will let us provide a great customer experience given our success with reducing and managing device returns through our customer-focused retail location and online processes and our best-in-class device portfolio.  We believe the change is consistent with the growing importance of choosing the right data plan, features and device the first time.

So there you have it, more 30 day business to test a device.  Feel free to drop those opinions we love so much in the comments.  Anyone worried about a shortened return policy?

  • Rschuerman

    Buyer beware!!   Two weeks ago Verizon associates made promises to retain me as a customer, but when the time came to honor what was promised, a different Verizon associate told me there is no record of such an agreement and insinuated that I was lying.  Well here’s a promise that will be honored, when this contract ends, so does my relationship with Verizon.  The next cell phone company I use (probably AT&T) will have to give me everything in writing prior to my signing.  In addition, I will go out of my way to tell everyone I make contact with how Verizon used such unethical tactics just to make a few bucks.

  • Dissatisfied

    the new lg phones suck! They’re like slippery eels and the pad keys are so small a person makes many mistakes while texting. Comeo Verizon….you can do better than this phone.

  • Jim P.

    WARNING !!! Be very careful when purchasing a smart phone from VERIZON,( especially a DROID )
    VERIZON has changed their return policy from FOUR to Two weeks, reason being by the time you download your Apps, learn how to use it and find out that the BATTERY ONLY LASTS 6 HOURS !!!!

  • Jbtexas

    why does Verizon charge 25% restocking fees when returning accessories you didn’t need after all that are UNOPENED and UNUSED — all within 3 days of purchase?  The receipt says “MAY” charge a fee… not “WILL” charge a fee.   Stores and District Manager say it’s non-negotiable.  My 2yr plan expires next month… should I stay with VZ? hmmmm

  • Scrogfill69

    i just went through hell getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab , worst pc of crap ever, 7 days and they would do nothing finally i threatened to call the cops thats when they gave me a new one without opening the box so i am so apple bound its not funny screw androids and all the gang bangers who love that bs

    • Scrogfill69

      they were only worried about their 70 dollar restock fee

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  • Lmasteur

    would you get all your money, if return the motorola Xoom?

  • Anonymous

    What about the Xoom? Or other tablets? Is it just for phones?

  • kenziebenzie07

    I sold my prepaid straight talk phone that i paid 45 dollars a month for unlimited eveything to get a contract with at&t so i could get a cute android phone. my first bill was supposed to be about 150 but got iton the web today and its 220!!!!!!! so at&t can burn in hell for all i care because when i call them tomorrow and cuss them out if they dont fix it i guess they wont be getting paid. so i would suggest to everyone tat imsure verizon or any other company is 10 times better then at&tthey are nothing but liars and if they screw with me before they cut my phone off ill be sure 2 rack up the bill with plenty of expensive apps

  • Anonymous

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  • Ken

    lol, called them again today..they acknowleged policy changes coming up..but wouldn’t speculate on what they were. would not confirm or deny anything. lol

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  • Halfheartedproductions

    Not really sure what everyone is bitching about .. you can say you are switching carriers but for what? Every other carrier has the same policies. Soo your gonna switch out of spite? Nice one. Tell me how it works out for you.

    • DBK

      Seriously. On top of that, they are willing to sacrifice quality service BIG TIME just because they can't abuse their system anymore. Good riddance, I say.

    • MrDoon

      AT&T is still 30 days for phones