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Over 200,000 Apps in the Android Market

Almost 2 months ago to the day, the Android team announced that the market had officially hit 100,000 apps and according to AndroLib, we have now doubled that.  Obviously these numbers are unofficial and likely a little bloated, but you have to like the sounds of it.  Anything to give the platform some good press right?

They’ve also released a report for new applications submissions that shows a continued increase month-over-month.  While we saw a little drop off for new apps in the summer months, we’re back to record numbers during the winter.  Over 25,000 new fart apps were released last month alone…we’re kidding of course, but how many of those 25,000 do any of us know or care about?  We’ve had a ton of incredible games come out, but what the heck are the rest of them?  

In the last month, how many quality apps have you downloaded that you can no longer live without?  I’ll do my best to list the ones I’m in love with at the moment:

1.  Angry Birds Seasons was fun, but is now done for.
2.  BattMonX is great for Droid X users.
3.  Dolphin Mini is a nice and light browser alternative.
4.  Google TV Remote is fantastic for battling your significant other.
5.  Jet Car Stunts has stolen many hours from my life.
6.  Light Grid live wallpaper has changed the game.
7.  Google Reader finally landed.

And there you have it.  What apps are you guys crushing on?

Source:  AndroidLib
Via:  BGR

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  • Anonymous

    … so no Angry Birds Arbor day, Ground Hog Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, or President’s Day?

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  • That's alot of apps but how many of them are actually any good?

  • swapngreen

    Well I heard that the HTC market has double to 200k but oh well, I just sold my phone to http://www.swapngreen.com and just made the extra cash might as well have right.

  • tggt32
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  • digsoreos

    What the Android Market needs is a way to sort apps by factors like most downloads, newest, most to least expensive, highest rating, most ratings, etc. I mean, Google is the king of search, right? So why haven't they built in a better way to filter and sort search results in the market? This alone would be a differentiator from the i*hone's app store.

    • digsoreos

      Oh, and adding better features to filter and sort search results would probably benefit app developers, too.

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  • rgrh88
  • Chris

    What's that sound? you hear it? It's the sound of everyone from Apple crying after they realized Apple sucks compared to android.

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  • Jawshua

    Some of my favorites that I use daily are

    – Media Tracker
    For my enormous growing dvd and blu-ray connection, getting close to 700. It's easy to use with lots of options and it has the absolute best search for input of movies, I'm serious no other catalogue program can match finding your movies. It finds stuff that I have that is rare as heck.

    – Sketchbook Mobile
    The absolute best drawing program on Android, I feel in love with it on my iPod, and did so again when it finally showed up on the Market

    – One Punch Notes/ and Status Notes
    These two programs help keep my sporadic mind in check, especially Status Notes because it sits up in my status bar and I can quickly jot down thoughts and stuff I want to remember very quickly.

    – Password Safe/ and App Protector Pro
    Password Safe keeps my millions of different logins and passwords well encrypted from prying eyes and in case I lose my phone and App Protector Pro is the best app protector I've cone across, I've tried them all. My DROIDX is like Fort Knox now.

    – Google Translate
    It's such am amazing tool to help you learn new languages or just translate on the go. The spoken translation is spot on, my Italian gets better each day.

    – Liedenity
    Because it's so much fun to send people emails and you can make them appear to come from anyone! They can't trace it whatsoever! I mean I could put [email protected] and it shows up as legit in the persons email. I've messed with so many people using this app. Just be careful what you do though because impersonating government officials and law enforcement is a felony, so be forewarned.

    I have literally 200 more that I use but doubt wanna write a novel here.

  • Reytruty
  • EGX

    And 199,000 of them suck

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Over 200,000 Apps In The Android Market”

    here let me fix that title for you

    “Over 200,000 Apps In The Android Market, and half are crap”

    When Apple and Google start spouting off about the # of apps they have, I loose interest. Who cares. I do not need that many and many are straight junk.

    • You are right. The qty of apps is far less significant compared to the number of useable apps. BUT, one thing we do get on Android App Store is choice like apps if you are rooted, or custom themes two nice things Apple will NEVER allow.

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      I guess, the idea that should be tossed around isn't how much crap is out there… it's the likelihood that within the total number there's a greater variety of quality apps.

    • Bensnake82

      1/3 or awsome
      1/3 are great apps ,but peoeple just dont read before they use (or new to smart phone overall)
      1/3 are just bad apps or have not been updated by there dev in months

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  • The reason the number skyrocketed is because of the crapware. Get rid of the 'sexy girl' wallpaper apps (with broken English descriptions) and the number drops in half.

    • Jawshua

      This is very true. I've also noticed a huge number of Korean apps, anyone else notice this huge influx?

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  • Reddsrd
  • NorCalGuy

    The couple of times that I have checked out the new releases in the app market they usually seem to be in some asian landuage about some train schedule or the newest sexy asian babes wallpaper app. This could also be because I am running a custom rom so I pull apps from other countries.

  • what happened between july and september? am i missing something, how did we lose over 1,000 apps?

  • has anyone else tried the Doom live wallpaper? i couldnt imagine using any other wallpaper after using it

  • Ryan C

    While i agree with everyone on the “Quality over Quantity” argument, the main thing i have noticed (just getting an i*od touch for christmas) is with the apple app store, when i try to find an app, there are so many that its overwhelming to have to try to sort through the apps with the all-but the same names, then add on the prices of some of them and finding the free ones. Its just like i cant find what im looking for. But with android, i search for a specific app and almost every time there are not a million apps to look through but a few in which case are exactly what i needed and have a free version or are entirely free altogether! Its definitely better to have less apps that do what you want than to have thousands that all do almost the same thing. Android apps FTW!

    • thatswhat_shesaid

      im sorry but that made no sense. every week they got there top app, game of the week, top 25 paid and free. they advertise there apps so much better to find. u right there are alot of apps in ios. but they are alot easier to find. so what happens when android gets to 300,000 are they gonna be easier to find then

      • Ryan C

        what im saying is there are a lot more apps to look through to find what you want with ios

  • thatswhat_shesaid

    Is this quantity over quality. They were just at 100k last month. I was playing w/ my friend droid x on Christmas & o found a few good ones but most were wallpaper apps & soundboards. I read that u can't download anything past 20-30mb. So what are these apps & why don't they advertise these 3rd party apps on tv

  • Andrew Hewitt

    The droid-life app.

    Just kidding, but brownie points for effort?

  • I've been on a bit of an app downloading spree recently.

    NFS: Shift
    Fifa 10
    Jet Car Stunts
    Dungeon Defenders
    Mega Jump
    Rocket Bunnies
    Google Reader
    Pulse Reader &
    doubleTwist Airsync are a few ive grabbed recently.

    I'm finding myself more pleased with Android Market each month. It's doing well! 😀

    • Drew_VA

      I'll second Pulse Reader…haven't tried out Google Reader yet, but loving Pulse's graphical touch interface at the moment.

      For those with older phones that don't do well with high-graphics games, Alchemy is a fun game.

    • Dptku

      You actually got fifa to work? What's the trick?

  • EC8CH

    Google Maps…

    Last update was epic

    it's still android's killer app

    • EC8CH

      side note to this, anybody notice the multitouch in maps has been drastically improved (multitouch zooming and panning at the same time, multitouch rotating, etc). Don't know if this was in the latest update or some time prior.