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Carrier Billing Comes to the Android Market, Only AT&T for Now

A new payment option which allows AT&T users to bill app purchases to their monthly statements has been rolling out over the last few days and has now been made official by the Android Developers Team.  I know that the majority of you are Verizon folks, but this is still a step in a great direction…

Today, I am pleased to announce the availability of AT&T Direct Carrier Billing for Android users on the AT&T network. AT&T Android users can now easily charge their Android Market purchases to their monthly accounts with only a few clicks. With the combination of Android Market’s new app discovery features and a carrier-backed frictionless payment method, users will find it significantly easier to discover and purchase applications of their choice.

We strongly believe carrier billing is a great way to make it easy for users to purchase and pay for applications. In addition to the availability of AT&T and T-Mobile US carrier billing, we’ll continue to to partner with more carriers to offer carrier billing options for their subscribers.

But wait, will Verizon users ever see this option?  Verizon already has its own app store with statement billing which would make a partnership with the Android Market seem contradictory.  And my excitement is gone again.

Via:  Android Developers Blog

  • Rtgytegdrgfvfr
  • Jason

    Does this mean Verizon will remove their Verizon Apps app from my DInc?!?! I certainly hope so…

  • Jawshua

    Billing to your carrier is a horrible idea! I hope the main Google Market never decides to do this. If they do I would definitely think twice about purchasing apps. I think the volume of purchases would go down quite a lot for a majority of people. It's one thing when you know you have the money in your account at the time of the purchase, but to have a whole bunch of stuff show up at the end of the month just wouldn't be good in my opinion.

    If they do it, I'm sure they will see less apps being bought. It would also affect people who's parents pay the bill, with all those showing up later. Just a stupid idea!

  • poeddroiduser

    I am a Verizon subscriber but can I bill ATT on principal for screwing me in the past?

  • g2 running sense

    huh you guys are gotta be kidding me right…only at&t!!…tmobile been having this option for a while now..cmon now…i bought the g2 the second day it came out and it always gives me this option to bill my tomobile account..ONLY AT&T…funny

    • Keithswisher25

      Read it all before u go on soundin like a a*s it said tmobile d*ck

      • overtsilence

        Actually he's right…yes the article later mentions at&t and t-mobile but the title of the article says otherwise. reading the article or not the title is wrong

    • Petet

      What a douche

  • If this is an 'option', meaning you can still use the regular 'Google Checkout' option, then fine, I'm all for it, but if this is the only option, then I do not like this at all. I'd rather use Google Checkout knowing that my money leaves my bank account on the day I purchase 'Great Monkey Battles' rather than at the end of the month, see it on Dec. 5 then completely forget that I paid for said game.

    Very confusing and Google Checkout is the best option in my opinion.

  • BobbyPhoenix

    Hm. I got a T-Mobile Optimus T the day before Thanksgiving, and after going to the Market trying to buy an app I got the that screen. It asked if I wanted to use Google checkout, or bill my T-Mobile bill.

    • g2 running sense

      ya but people dont make there homework really well…tmobile been doing this already

  • Yungnell8908

    it's there for t-mobile too ppl

  • hmmm… Of course, if you use your carrier to buy apps, you'll have to pay your state's sales tax. In my case up here in Northern California, that's over 8%. I'd rather just go ahead and use the old faithful Google Checkout.

  • Mr. Steve

    Another update happened to the market on my Droid 2. The version went from 2.2.6 to 2.2.7. I noticed that they added the live wallpaper and widgets section to the categories page and added some other categories as well. If you read the latest developer blog post it says that they sent out a general update over the last couple of days that added some features that were absent in the last update.

  • JT

    I give VZW 3-6 months before they jump on board. I thought their “Vcast” Android market was more of a probe to see if Vcast could survive in an android world as well as a temporary fix until Google got their act together with a carrier billing option. We will see.

  • I don't guess it matters to me one way or another. I am still waiting for the new market. Maybe it will be on the next MIUI.

  • Davidukfl

    guarantee this will create a big increase in downloads from the market. It's almost TOO easy to buy apps now

  • ah…one way to pay is enough for me!

  • JT


    • mathees


    • JT

      **and 1st**

      • DBK

        Congratulations! You just won a lifetime contract with AT&T! Enjoy!

        • JT

          Ha! What's 2nd place get? A kick to the groin?

          • DBK

            That would probably be a blessing compared to the first place prize. 😛