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Rumor: Honeycomb is Actually Android 2.4? Will be Announced in February?

It makes sense right?  Why would Google jump from version 2.3 all the way up to 3.0?  Were we all thinking “Android 3.0” because it was made specifically for tablets and is expected to have a new UI?  Possibly.  Well, our buddy Taylor from Android and Me, heard from one of his developer pals who has been operating under the impression that 3.0 will NOT be the next version of Android to follow Gingerbread and instead will be 2.4. It’ll still be called Honeycomb, but since it will work on both phones and tablets, there was no need for it to be in its own numbering series.

Maybe 3.0 was an early number thrown out, but once Google figured out that Honeycomb could run on multiple devices they decided to to drop it back down?  Or maybe it was just some random number tossed out by a blog.  Who knows.

The other part of this rumor is the real exciting part though, but one that has me a little concerned.  There is a chance that Eric Schmidt will announce Android 2.4 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February as one of the keynote speakers.  This could be an epic unveiling, but what concerns me, is the fact that Gingerbread won’t even be released for most devices by then, which means we’ll have another version out there to drool/worry about?  Can’t you just see it now?  “OMG! Motorola/HTC/Samsung FAIL!  We don’t even have Gingerbread yet!”  Yikes.

To see Honeycomb in action, check out this video of Andy Rubin with the Droid tablet.

Via:  Android and Me

  • Chriswcorp

    Does anyone know how to root 2.2.1 for the original Droid yet?

  • InvaderDJ

    Version number is really irrelevant especially on Android where a point release can be as big as others' full version releases.

    My main problem with them releasing in early 2011 is that the manufacturers need more time to get up to speed. Froyo had a pretty quick release but even more than six months later not all phones are on it (Samsung I'm looking at you). Bringing out Honeycomb after only three months will ensure that most phones won't even be on 2.2 while 2.4 is out.

  • s2556

    and yet im still waiting on FROYO!FML…any word on the canadian milestone from telus anyone?

  • 90 days? If I don't see a #@!%^ moto tablet in 9 days I'm buying a Galaxy Tab and hoping for a quick upgrade to Honeycomb. I really can't believe that Google is even considering letting this go another 3 months.

  • Honeycomb already? this seems kind of dumb. Gingerbread JUST came out. Why release honeycomb so early?

  • Ryan C

    All i know is i wanna gets me some of this action from the modding community for my droid and in the form of a 10 inch tablet.

  • Jawshua

    Yeah they are jumping ahead too much. But the developers can get excited because they can run whatever new version is out or in beta.

    But I bet I'll wait forever to see Gingerbread on my DROIDX, like I waited forever for Froyo.

  • r0landct

    Sounds like 2.4 will be 2.3 with tablet feature set built in and a couple others. That would also explain Eric's answer in the last interview when he said it would both be geared for tablets and for both devices. Which to me sounds like that UI overhaul and other major changes are not coming until the 3.x release late in 2011. So it sounds like it'll be evolutionary update like 2.3 is to 2.2 which would explain only the decimal jump.

  • The350zWolf

    If people really want to try out the latest and greatest and solve the “android version” conundrum I would recommend getting a Nexus 1, Nexus S (no verizon though),or hold on to/get the OG Droid or Droid Inc.

    • feztheforeigner

      I agree to the nexus series, but the original droid and incredible?! No way in hell

  • ckeegan

    I could care less what version number it is, I just want my 10″ moto tablet within the next 90 days!

  • Nygiants9256

    give me Gingerbread first and THEN talk about Honeycomb!…dont just get our hopes high when we are all still stuck with 2.2.1

    • Guest

      have u tried 2.2.1?
      I am not much into s/w editing, rooting and wat ever its called.
      I just know to use what is given, but not to modify.
      This being the case, would u suggest me to try 2.2.1?

      I ask this because, I understand that this 2.2.1 ver is unofficial.

      • It's so unofficial that is has already been pushed to multiple phones?

        • Guest

          I mean, can I use kies just like I'm using it now for upgrades even after I go for an unofficial firmware?
          And what about the warranty, will I still have it?

          If yes, can you please tell me how to upgrade my phone to 2.2.1?

  • 4th

    Where ya at Penis Boy?

  • 4th

    Hey Mike.. You're Right… you should just lick my left testicle.

  • Both Comments Were Neither Needed Nor Helpful In A Way, Did I Miss Something Is The Week Of The Brain Dead Trolls Going Around Posting Bullshit???

  • RW-1

    If the source code is being pushed to ASOP now, then it matters not when they announce it, the modding community will already have it 🙂

  • Geoff

    Kellex, what happened to the SimplifyMedia music streaming they showed off at the Froyo announcement. Sad to see it apparently is not coming after all.

  • One thing I found interesting is that when Andy Rubin showed the Honeycomb tablet on stage just like a week ago or so, he was reluctant to show too much as he said it was unfinished. I think that more likely it was farther along then he let on, and he simply didn't want to show too much. It was just a teaser.

    So if they really are much further along than they let on, and several manufacturers have stated that they are waiting to release tablets in 2011 when Honeycomb comes out, I tend to believe that Honeycomb will arrive sooner rather than later.

    Everyone complains about fragmentation, but I think it has still served Google well to continue to pump out innovative updates being as they were playing catch up for a while to iOS. They are not far behind when it comes to tablets, but they obviously want to get Honeycomb out quickly.

  • 4th

    Was I talking to you Penis Boy?

  • Timoh

    Honeycomb is old news. I want Ice cream!

    • jeesung

      no, no. holdout for jujube

  • don't be an dick kid

  • uncjigga

    I heard it was 2.5, and Ice Cream was 3.0? Or maybe Honeycomb is 2.4 and Ice Cream is 2.5???

  • I guarantee it was just a number made up. & also cool new favicon for the site.

  • 4th


  • I'm guessing the 3.0 came from that old rumor that said Gingerbread would be 3.0. Then when it wasn't, everyone just assumed Honeycomb would be. Maybe it's not going to be as huge of a leap from 2.3 to 2.4 as we thought, if they are released so close together. Maybe it will simply be some refinements to Gingerbread with a different, tablet-specific UI for those devices.

    You know what? I'm ok with that.

  • Gg101

    Considering they are trying to release tablets in Q1 2011 and honeycomb has tablets in mind, their are gonna be a lot of phones 2 versions behind. It seems as if Google has been working pretty closely with its 3 major hardware partners (HTC, Motorola, Samsung) so maybe they'll get the updates out much faster but who are we kidding. I really wish there was a stock Google phone on VZW (newer than the OG Droid).

  • Mr. Joe

    “It makes sense right? Why would Google jump from version 2.3 all the way up to 3.0?”

    Cause they've done it before. The went from 1.0 – 1.5 – 1.6 – 2.0 – 2.0.1 – 2.1 – 2.2 – 2.2.1 – 2.3

    It depends on what's new that gets the numbers. They jumped all around during the 1.x versions.

    • overtsilence

      my thoughts exactly. not exactly the most thought out comment I suppose

  • 4th


  • Drew_VA

    Surprised about 3.4, but I guess that makes sense.

    Not surprised about Honeycomb being announced in Feb. There are going to be a TON of Android tables announced at CES in early Jan that won't be released until Honeycomb is out, presumably. Also coincides pretty closely with the Moto Superbowl commercial for their tablet.

    • Timoh

      I agree with this. I bet the next release, after honeycomb, wont be until late 2011

  • Amiel

    images.google.com -> search for “Honeycomb”, that's totally where that image came from 😛

  • Towelie420