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Yahoo IM App Updated to Include Free Voice Calls

The Yahoo Messenger continues to see some nice improvements with each update and this latest one brings free voice calls and landscape video.  That’s awesome and all right?  Well, at this time, the app only has support for the myTouch 4G and the EVO, which is pretty surprising, especially with so many front-facing camera devices in the wild these days.  Hello Galaxy Tab?  Hello Nexus S?

Updates available in the market for those that can actually use them.

  • David

    I think that Yahoo app for the droid will work in Europe in WiFI mode, but Cell Phone Google voice won’t work in WIFI mode correct?

  • David

    I have an original droid nut I have the 2.21 Android version. i have Yahoo messenger installed and I also installed thw voice app, but it is not working. Will it not work on my droid?

  • The350zWolf

    Hey for what is worth, I got video chat with both my OG Droid and my Droid2 over yahoo with a friend that has an Evo. I also video chatted with another friend at a PC. So the video plugin supports phones with back cameras, well at least the OG Droid and Droid2 for sure,

    • Jager07

      So they can see you, but you can't see them? Meh.

      • Timoh

        Yeah, no kidding… Now when you pull your pants down, nobody will see.

        • The350zWolf


      • mirror??? lol

  • No one will download this……
    Not joking either…

    Do people really use Yahoo stuff?!? :-/

    • The350zWolf

      You are right Tim. I used to be a yahoo until google stole my heart…

    • Philasmelphia

      I did a while back but uninstalled it really quick.. Whatsapp is where it's at! Yahoo is meh.

    • nope. not I.
      (but i'll confess, i still have a hotmail.) 😛

    • NadTwist

      My mom is the ONLY person I know that still uses Yahoo… it's so 90's. :p