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Google Releases App Inventor For All…

…to instantly forget about, again. Google is just handing out the love this holiday season! Gingerbread, Google App Inventor, now Google Maps 5. Tis the season to be fanboi indeed. Months ago Google allowed people to sign up to be part of the Google Apps project which is basically a program that helps you build applications for the Android platform. Sounds fun right?

So now, no more wait list! You can jump right into the fun now and start building your very own “Kitteh App”.
Google obviously has a lot of confidence in users these days. Just look at this inspirational quote,

“We are so impressed with the great things people have done with App Inventor, we want to allow more people the opportunity to do great things. So we’re excited to announce that App Inventor (beta) is now available in Labs to anyone with a Google account.”

So go off and create breathtaking apps you guys and girls! Someone finally make me I Am T-Pain for Android, please?! Skip to 0:11 to see Kitteh App be built right before your eyes!


Source:  Google Blog

  • Jsprakeg

    Magnify = to look at small things through the camera.
    Voice lock= locks device with a command from owners voice only

  • Jsprakeg

    Magnify = to look at small things through the camera.
    Voice lock= locks device with a command from owners voice only

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  • I've been using AppInventor for nearly a month now and have made a pretty cool app that serves absolutely no purpose for anyone except me. I host a music trivia game and this app lets me input all the teams and keep score. It lets me shuffle the team order after each round and even rank the teams based on their score.

    I've gotten to the point, however, where the Java window is SOOOO slow because I have so much code on it. The other problem I've run into is the window height is only so much and isn't nearly enough.

    Otherwise, it's a great tool!

  • applesr4eating

    I keep telling myself it's only Beta, it only Beta…

    It doesn't support mulitple screens and you can't export Java Source Code.

    I was hoping to use App Inventor as a crutch to teach myself to utilize the camera and GPS in my apps.

    I like to think I have been sucessful teaching myself Visual Basic and Java programming but using GPS and cameras in my apps is just a little more than I can tackle on my on. BTW the last computer programming class I took was COBOL on a TI Mainframe in 1983.

  • Ryan C

    Don't get me wrong, i love to use App Inventor and I've been using this via invitation for awhile now. Its pretty cool and I've made some neat apps. But one thing i don't like is it creates very large .apk files and the minimum, which i tested with a blank app i made with app inventor, is about 3MB in size once installed, so from there on up thats how big they are. Its very time consuming and sometimes difficult to get the apps to function just how you'd like them to (especially because they haven't added possibility for multiple screens) . Currently changing the app icon isn't possible (or so the tell you) but i have done it and i did it to this app ill post here. If anyone wants instructions on how to change the icon, let me know. The app is very simple and it calculates your grades average for school and tells you if you've made the honor roll. Download it Here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A
    or Here: http://bit.ly/hCa6lf

    • Hey Ryan, IDK if it's with the most recent update or not, but changing the icon is now super-easy. On the main screen, there's a field for Icon Image. Just browse and upload the icon. I didn't know if that would do that or not, but it did.

      • Ryan C

        Yeah this is something new. I got the invite back when they first went out and as of then it was one of the most requested features and it was NOT possible without hacking and modding later, which is what i did.

  • tjhrulz

    I want to download that app nao

  • Br_d

    Tim, have you seen MicDroid?

  • I'd recommend using EyeMags.com to create apps for any phone including Android. You create it once and the apps work on all phones not just Android. What's more the Android app can be uploaded to Android Market. So this is a better than App Inventor. The apps are more like just content though, eyemags does not yet have access to the shake api or location, so in that sense app inventor does a little more. It can play a sound if you upgrade to the pro version though.


  • argenys

    Finally something for the common folk. But still doesn't compare to what Microsoft has done with the WP7 development tools.

  • I enjoy how it meowed. I was expecting a purrr.

  • The350zWolf

    Hah, I had app invertor for about two months now. Did the Cat App, and then pretty much got busy with other stuff, so appinverntor got mothballed for me. Right now I'm trying to get into Android SDK. Incidentally, for those people interested in tweaking and not afraid of messing up your phone, there is an awesome program to manage your phone through a PC. The program is called QtADB. Do a google search and chekc it out!

  • Muddy B00ts

    I started using this yesterday and I gotta say, it's pretty awesome. I'm making an app for my mom with videos of me getting her tv to the right input and whatnot. She calls at least once a week with problems. lol

  • You Have Some High Expectations Tim… 😛

  • Hadlicksr


    • Hadlicksr

      See how dumb that sounds?

      • Only when you make yourself look like a jack monkey…..

      • Milkdud7000

        I agree…2nd sounds dumb….unlike FIRST =P