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DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro Get Axed at Best Buy

We got word yesterday from a reader that Best Buy was no longer selling the Droid Pro (our review) and Droid 2 Global and thought, “Wow, that’s odd…what’s the story BB?”  Well according to reports this morning, they may have been “recalled” by Verizon and not because of some defect.  No, we’re hearing that Verizon was upset at the ridiculously low pricing that BB was offering both devices at which may have broken some sort of contract between the two.  Sounds like no one was buying phones from Big Red and they pulled inventory from BB.  Drama.

Via:  Engadget, BGR

  • Kashifv

    I got the Droid Pro at Best Buy for 50 dollars with contract. At Verizon Wireless it was 280 dollars with a 100 dollar mail-in rebate

  • Buzz

    For what its worth I work at a Best Buy Mobile and even for us the details are slim. And Inventory has not yet been sent back, but it has been “quarantined”

  • hickerbocker

    ehh… i was there yesterday, they had them both. bought a fascinate for $49, no rebate. SWEEEET

  • There is no recall. It's nothing on Verizon or Motorola's end. You figure out the rest from there.

  • Allprois1

    I was waiting for a customer rep to get everything started for me to get the Droid 2 Global, and thats when they got the phone call to pull everything. WTF! I was waiting for almost an hour cause they were busy.

  • Christineegarcia7

    I purchased one Droid Pro @ Best Buy for $99, then 1 week later got 2 more for free @ Wirefly. I don't think it was the low price that made Verizon pull the phones. Although, Verizon is outrageously priced on their Android phones. You can get them from any number of places for a lot less. I have had a couple of problems with the Droid Pro and when i went back in to Best Buy to ask them about it they did not want to help me. Soooo, maybe something else is going on?????

  • Cgmartin33

    This kind of crap has baffled me for a while. One of my closest friends was a Manager for VZW (and the reason I always had the newest devices). It is unbelievable how under trained their reps are. I would get calls almost daily asking how to do basic things that no one in the store had a clue about. One time I was in the store and a teenager with an original LG Envy had an error message popping up when opening the browser… they passed the phone around the store scratching their heads and gave up. They almost exchanged it under warranty before the customer handed it to me and I showed him how to clear the cache and everything went back to normal. None of this is really their fault though since VZW does not allow associates to aquire the newest model phones as their demo phone until months later. Why not let them play with it daily and learn from it? When Android OS was released you probably remember the guys in the black Android shirts that were product knowledge specialists. That was the first attempt at getting someone in a store that wasn't self taught. It was a great idea until these guys left a week later without passing on very much knowledge because of the high volume of customers who were purchasing the Droid at release. And to top it off, walking into a vzw store is currently the most expensive way to buy a phone. It is cheaper through vzw online and I get that… but why BB, Costco, etc.?

  • doleboy

    Droid Pro is free and Droid 2 is $39.99 on Amazon. I've always found the best prices there if you're eligible for an upgrade or need new service from Verizon.

  • X10

    I got my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a at Best Buy for $49.00 last week or so. Now it is $339.00? We (the American Consumer) are totally getting ripped every time we sign-up for a 2 year contract!

  • JubbaTheHutt

    This is pretty ridiculous, especially considering the sheer number of Android devices being activated daily. Besides, it's not like carriers really make anything off of phone sales…it's all about the plans, added features, and overcharges.

    It's instances like these (rare under most circumstances) that makes me loathe Verizon.

  • Joykelle

    I can't believe this. Went to BB this morning to get D2G for sons birthday. BB seemed somewhat clueless, stating it's a glitch in their system connections with Verizon. I called Verizon customer service directly, they just wanted to argue with me that there is no way BB has that phone for $99, but I could purchase from Verizon direct for $199. I went back to BB to purchase the phone, figured I'd get it activated after the drama stopped, wouldn't let me do that either – took the stickers off display models as I was standing there.

  • Bhain3s


  • CCreecher

    Purchased a new line (Droid Pro) for my daughter-in-law…..$19.99 from HH Gregg/Wirefly.

    Why would I go thru Big Red again!??!

  • The350zWolf

    No worries thanks to my OG droid and my Droid 2 I'm covered. I'll wait until the prices drop and pick up the d2g for my upgrade.

    I just had a random thought. Can you imagine what Neo, aka Mr.Anderson, from the matrix could have done if he had a droid? He could have hacked the matrix on the go!

    • Youaintneverhadmycornbread

      99.99 at costco this week. I bought mine yesterday

  • Timlikesboys

    I bet the vzw iphone will never be on a buy one get one like the droids…lol it'll sell itself…u never c apples products on some lame offer the brand and quality sells it self never onsale or a payless buy one get one…and keep using launcher pro droid fanboys ur choppy phones will never b as smooth as an iphone…

    • The350zWolf

      Ok troll, move along…

    • Wow, you seam highly uneducated. Apple doesn't do BOGO sales due to their corporate tyranny/strangle hold.

    • zizzybaloobah

      yes, because smooth scrolling is such an integral part of being productive. More so than true multitasking and installing non-market apps.

    • You're the best, bro!

    • Dredamanfoo2

      All we can do is laugh at your ignorance… Did Steve send you here to post this garbage?

    • Mac

      What is that, a text message? You're just feeding into the stereotype buddy. Damn, I wish I had the last 30 seconds of my life back.

    • Youaintneverhadmycornbread

      that's a lame argument…you don't see that sale at at&t because Apple simply won't allow it…if at&t tried a sales gimmick like that Apple would drop at&t so fast….I know more people with droids then iphones and iphones have been out “4 generations” now….droids are selling just fine sale or no sale

    • Smrzzy

      It's too bad apples can't be on a reliable network to be used properly and maybe once they switch over to a better network then we shall see…. It's too bad apples not intelligent enough to use a better call carrier!

  • Vire

    you can purchase your cellphone plan from Wirefly.com

  • The350zWolf

    hah Best Buy joins the Rebel Alliance. Best buy, may the force be with you!

  • Djyosnow

    Such awsome economical times we live in. like how santa was working on the street the other day. WTF even sabres needs to work for money.

  • M S Johnson

    Shame on you and your avarice Big Red. Now hurry up and push Froyo to the Fascinate and try not to take 6-12 months to release Gingerbread!

    • Jake

      Thats what you get for buying the Fascinate. I've seen nothing but problems with Samsung smartphones and would never buy one myself.

      • Vire

        I have to second this. My coworker bought a Samsung Epic 4G and its notifications seemingly malfunction and will not vibrate (we'll just ignore that its LED notification is worthless if plugged in), even after all of the vibration notifications are enabled, disabled, aaaand reenabled.

        It's been too long for her to return it, so now I'm urging her to root and flash to stock Android.

  • KleenDroid

    I purchased my Droid X recently at Costco for $149 which also included the car charger, case, headphones…

    Sadly Verizon is not the best place to be buying phones. I only wish I could purchase my plan elsewhere also.

    • Jake

      Yeah but if you buy your phone at some of those places and then go to a Verizon store for help, sometimes the people wont help you because you didnt purchase it directly from Verizon.

      • Cabarete007

        I know I don’t, if you didn’t think of me and my family I gotta feed and the roof over my head, why should I care that costco didn’t transfer your precious pictures or your 200 contacts or your awesome txt msg from your girlfriend, good luck with that.

        • Yeah because I’m thinking of you and your family when I buy a phone. When you buy a piece of electronics to you go to the most expensive place because of the poor sales guy? If you do you are even dumber than your comment. Have fun being bitter while trying to schlep cellphones! 😉

          • Anonymous

            I don’t go to the most expensive place, but I’m not arrogant enough to then go to that expensive place and demand they help me even though I didn’t get the equipment there.

            If you go to best buy or costco, then go there, but know that your service comes from there too. Wherever you work, how would you like being forced to do all the “work” of your job, and then have someone else get paid for it?

          • They get an hourly wage, not just commission. They are getting paid to help VERIZON customers because they work at VERIZON. The fact that they didn’t buy their phone there means nothing and if someone ever refused me service because they are bitter that I didn’t buy my handset from them I would call the corporate help number while I was in the store and see what they have to say about it.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe a corporate store is paid to service Verizon customers.
            Furthermore, no retailers are. In fact several offer no hourly wage.
            You don’t buy a car on ebay and then demand free service at the local
            dealer do you? And on top of that, if you think that the hourly wage
            is high enough to attract and retain the type of people who you can
            get useful knowledge from, think again. Verizon customer service (the
            people.paid an hourly wage to help Verizon customers) OS online or on
            the phone, stores are for sales or technicalsupport if they have

          • Jman

            If best buy or costco is so great then why would anyone not go back there for help? Yes Verizon will help you if you buy a phone else where but there will be a charge to troubleshoot or other services. You are buying the phone from bestbuy, (verizon does not make the phones, samsung, lg, blackberry motorola and so on do) Verizon will help with coverage issues and other things like that but they dont have to help with phone problems. If you buy a Sony t.v from sears do you think that H.H Greg will help fix it?

      • KleenDroid

        lol, it's a Verizon phone on their service, they have to help you.

        Another benefit from purchasing from Costco for instance is that I can return the phone anytime within 90 days compared to Verizons 30.

        • Youaintneverhadmycornbread

          I work for costco and am a verizon subscriber….if verizon won’t help you (and they will) then go back to costco and they will help you

        • Anonymous

          Maybe if you go to a corp store. but a lot of customers go to another retailer and demand service. But no matter what, for the first 30 days you HAVE to go back to the store you got the phone from. If any other store makes changes to your account before that window is over it borks the commissions.

          And on top of that it is a verizon phone, and it is a verizon service, but that doesn’t mean you can go to another sales rep at a different company (corporate or not) and demand service from them. It’s their job to sell you a device and assist with customers who make purchases through them. Asking them to do more is like your boss making you do all the work but then giving your paycheck to his cousin because his cousin charges less per hour.

  • Well It Shows They Stuck To Their Name With Best Buy, You Get The Best Buy.

  • r0landct

    Have to imagine BB sells the phone at “cost” and just makes money on the contract spiff where Verizon tries to sell it at full list minus the subsidy.

    • MennoMobile

      At cost is 500. They make up money by selling everything else.

      • r0landct

        I'm just guessing that since Verizon lists the Droid 2G as $560 on their

        website that is full MSRP, you couldn't pay more unless you really tried, so

        there is definitely some room for profit in there. So when they sell it for

        $200 on 2-year that means they're essentially assigning a $360 value to the

        contract. Assuming that contract value holds true with Best Buy sales

        (dont' see why it wouldn't be any different) and they well it for $100 on

        2-year then they are selling it really for $460. Is there a $100 profit in

        those phones? I don't know but I think it sounds reasonable that there may

        or close to it.

  • Bigrob06

    Man, Droid 2 was my fall back in case all the Tegra 2 phones were on LTE and the prices for that were out the window. What to do now?

  • Screw you Big Red. Maybe you should learn from BB. I got ripped off on my Droid INC from Verizon. Should have waited and bought it for free from Best Buy.

    • two_cents

      I only paid 100 for my incredible on launch day from big red… I think they screwed up somehow but not my problem… verizon makes their money off the contracts not the hardware so I dont see what the big deal is… the person that should be mad should be motorola…

      • Nah, Moto get their cut, lol. They have their profit margins set, sell it for a set price, and then throw a MSRV on it and the price hikes begin… :-/

    • Youaintneverhadmycornbread

      why would you buy the (not so) incredible? You ripped yourself off by buying a inferior phone….next time do your homework

  • Timoh

    That doesn't seem like a smart strategy. They make money on the sale to BB, then money on the contract. I thought they lost money on phones in contract sales anyway.

    • KleenDroid

      “lost money” I bet they would love for you to think that. The fact is we are getting raked over the coals buying all these phones.

      Verizon is like big oil…. LOTSA PROFIT!

      • b

        all you have to do is look at verizons balance sheet to see they are not raking in the money

      • Timoh

        At $200 they certainly are losing money. It costs more than that to build the device. Even more when they reduce the price to $150-$100-$50-Free. The money made is in the contract. That's why out of contract you pay Close to $600

        • I know that Best Buy doesn't make much, if anything at all, on phones. The contract gives them a bit of income through their agreements with VZW, but the way they pay their employees is through accessories, Black Tie protection, add on features, and so forth. WIthout those sales, BBY Mobile will crash and burn.

          • Crookedmarc

            Not true they make money hand over fist on contacts. That's why they offer the phones for next to nothing and don't bother with rebates. I work in best buy mobile. The margin on accessories is high but you have to sale a lot of them for it to make a difference….

          • Contacts or contracts? Because as much as I might enjoy using the Genie to transfer someone's contacts, I feel fairly certain it doesn't make the store any money, except in the most indirect sense of customer satisfaction & repeat business. 🙂

            I was partially thinking of i*hones, which they really make nothing on, contract or no contract, but you're right, anything else does offer some profit through the contracts. My point, not as well stated as it could have been, was that without all the add ons, BBY Mobile wouldn't make enough money to keep doing what they do.

          • Crookedmarc

            Ha ha you got me….blame it on swype! From my understanding based on conversations I've had with my AT&T rep they apparently get kick backs on the idonts too. I think they are incentive based though. I don't know how true that is as you and I both know, reps do lie lol. And this particular rep was a serious crapple fan…

  • Mobrienjr

    wow…I didnt think that it was a big difference…I thought BB bought them at a certain price and then sold them. BB is known for underpricing certain items because they make a bigger profit on the accessories.

    • Anonymous

      all phones sold on contracts are sold underpriced. Best buy can afford slimmer margins because of economies of scale and because they have other things to sell (stoves, tvs, geek squad)

  • Why?

    Droid is sad.. 🙁