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How to: Root the DROID X or DROID 2 Using z4root 1.3.0

If you have installed the 2.3.340 system update for the Droid X or 2.3.320 for the Droid 2 and are hating life without root access, don’t worry!  Z4root still works!  It has been pulled from the market again, but all is well as we have version 1.3.0 for you to download below.

Download:  z4root1.3.0.apk

To root, simply download the apk from above.  When it finishes, tap “Install” to install it.  Open it and click “Permanent Root” to root your phone.  Enjoy!

  • RandomGuy

    Megaupload is gone, remove that link . . .

  • DM

    Doesn’t work on 2.3.5 Froyo on Samsung Fascinate

  • sdfas

    yeah this thing sucks and will not work on Droid 2 Global, runs the software it doesnt reboot or anything, doesn’t install complete waste

  • Josephstefano

    I have a brand new X2, it is showing a system version of 1.3.380 and an android Ver 2.3.4. I downloaded the above and installed it, hit Permenant Root and it seemed to install but didn’t. Any ideas?

  • CLewis

    Will it root the original Droid?

  • This has been running for about 30 minutes on my phone, and the phone is now just locked up.  The spinning icon has stopped spinning. The clock stopped about 5 minutes ago.  No physical buttons have any effect.
    I’m considering yanking the battery.

  • Tward14

    2.3.4 is not rootable have tried everything here and elsewhere and it still fails to root my phone, they all just hang at running root scripts type of message

  • Ronisadewa

    I’m using ZTE v852 aka Dreamer.. when trying to rooted my phone, it’s rebbot.. but the phone still remain unroot?? I also have tried using universal androot but still cannot root my android?? any sugestion please??

  • Hotwheelsman

    It keeps foreclosing on me wont work.

  • C Biggins91

    you are gay an so are your programs im tired of the shit nothing will root my droid x2

  • Katiektkt

    This didn’t work. “Parse error- There is a problem parsing the package”

  • Taylor4338
  • Kuhlguy6

    is there any major problems when rooting rooting a droid x  and is this really going to make my phone better

  • Kuhlguy6

    will rooting my x cause me any major problems

  • Soraah

    It doesn’t work with Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830; Why?

  • Strohr3

    please can someone answer and even if you can email me at [email protected] ok i had rooted my phone before and i accidentaly did the android 2.3.3 update for the droid 2 and when i went to do some stuff my root went away and when i tried to re root my phone it wouldnt work and i got the new z4root and everytime i click permant root it will go to aquiting root sub shell then glank out and go to my application page anyone help?

  • Btwatty

    Funny my avast says that the apk is a trojan horse.

  • Pjordan29

    For those of you on a stock Droid X running 2.3.3 4.5.602 use this: 
    h * * p://rootzwiki.com/showthread.php?3759-CONFIRMED-ROOT-in-one-click-on-(official)-fully-stock-.602-with-13p

  • Kimberly

    my phone tells me when i try to load the z4root on my android that “my device seems to use an unsupported cpu? ” then it just closes out…how do i fix that?

  • Wheel0513

    Cant get it to work on my droid x. The app just shuts down during “acquiring shell”

    • Dosesof5150

      Are you running Froyo or GB?

  • Tigger21

    When I click on “Root Me” it says Root failed because couldn’t find device.  Everything is connected & I have installed the drivers.

  • Danny

    Does this not work for gingerbread (seriously)

  • Riko

    Do anyone know how to install z4root to a dell streak. Any help will be great. Thank you.

  • Juanitasthoughts

    HELP!!!!!I have tried everything I’m almost to the point of throwing my phone I’m
    running 2.3.3 and every time i try to run z4 it shows it working and
    once it gets to the acquiring the root shell it force closes
    and freezes my phone if anybody can tell me how to fix this problem id
    really appreciate it.  Thanks in Advance!!

  • Benvanoy

    Application runs, then goes back to the home screen. Unable to run the application again with rebooting

    • Benvanoy

      without rebooting

    • igolf

      same problem did you ever get resolved?

  • Brownut

    I know this might sound retarded, but how do I open this file to root my phone?

  • Bradade

    i have tried everything im almost to the point of throwing my phone im running 2.3.3 and every time i try to run z4 it shows it working and once it gets to the acquiring the root shell it force closes and freezes my phone if anybody can tell me how to fix this problem id really appreciate it.

    • Juanitasthoughts

       I had the same problem!!! Did you get it figured out if so could you help me? 

      • Sethshive

        seee thats whats happening to my phone it just force closes it its sapose to rebot after its done thats what the verizon guy said. but it nevers someone help plz.

  • Enlightened9909

    ok so i have the droid x i used z4 to root my phone before 2.3 gingerbread ota update came out….when i heard it was finally released i unrooted and updated and when i tried to root it again it did the spinning wheel then exited and i tried opening z4 again an it fc on me…the other day i tried an let the damn thing spin its wheel all night and still nothing. i’ve tried rebooting and doing it and still nothing. can someone help me i thought this thing was supposed to be easy haha

  • hbsurfer

    why doesn’t this work on the incredible?
    i just got the dinc2 and need to know if it works on it!

  • Jesterfax

    I am getting a virus warning on Z4root1.3.0.apk   microsoft Security Essentials

    Security Essentials encountered the following error: Error code 0x8007000d. The data is invalid.
    Category: Exploit
    Description: This program is dangerous and exploits the computer on which it is run.
    Recommended action: Remove this software immediately.
    Security Essentials detected programs that may compromise your privacy or damage your computer. You can still access the files that these programs use without removing them (not recommended). To access these files, select the Allow action and click Apply actions. If this option is not available, log on as administrator or ask the security administrator for help.
    Items: containerfile:C:Documents and SettingsGeneral UserDesktopphone6-7-2011z4root.1.3.0.apkfile:C:Documents and SettingsGeneral UserDesktopphone6-7-2011z4root.1.3.0.apk->res/raw/rageagainstthecagewebfile:c:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMicrosoftMicrosoft AntimalwareLocalCopy{5D1A993A-E570-47A5-8F90-B04A495EA221}-z4root.1.3.0.apk|http://www351.megaupload.com/files/bf6694b5f5ed23f58b9a7dcae8a5448c/z4root.1.3.0.apkwebfile:C:Documents and SettingsGeneral UserDesktopphone6-7-2011z4root.1.3.0.apk|http://www351.megaupload.com/files/bf6694b5f5ed23f58b9a7dcae8a5448c/z4root.1.3.0.apk

  • John S

    worked great on DROID X 2.2 but freezes and crashes on 2.3

  • Richard Bowen

    Cant get it to work….. it runs for a while then just quits, when you try to run it again it then force closes on droid x 2.3 update

    • Bparka12

      i have the same issue… wtf

      • guest

        Acquiring ROOT SHELL then craches. running replaced X out of box with 2.3.3. you figure out a fix?

  • Caboos318

    No worked for me, says there is problem with the parse or something *sad face* any help would be nice @thanks.

  • Worked like a champ.

    • Lungy3

      what does rooting do for the phone?

  • Dannyabbott1

    does this work on the droid x2

  • Dannyabbott1

    does this work on the droid x2

  • immac.omnia

    Hello. Please forgive my ignorance, but after ny DROID X has been rooted, should I choose to, is it possible to restore it to its formor 2.2 state I.e. like “out of the box?” Please advise. Sent from my DOID X.

    • immac.omnia

      lol wow still getting used to my touchscreen. DOID X, indeed hana. Also my* instead of ny.

    • immac.omnia

      lol wow still getting used to my touchscreen. DOID X, indeed hana. Also my* instead of ny.

  • Raymond Lamothe

    I followed your instructions to the tee but for some reason my iPhone still isn’t rooted.

    • David Tee

       Z4root is for android phones only. not iPhone for iPhone u need a jailbreak program

      • why did you even respond to Raymonds post? 

  • Anonymous

    I would love this phone so much if it had better specs. That keyboard is a thing of beauty. It reminds me of my old Touch Pro 2.

  • Amtrainz

    can it be unrooted tho?

  • MarkB

    Hi I just used z4root on my Droid X and it stalled out at first. After removing the battery to shut it down and then restarting it I was able to run z4root and it did root my Droid X.
    I also tried this on a Chinese Apad called a Flytouch III that is running Froyo 2.2. However, I cannot get z4root to work since I cannot find the USB debugging on this Apad. Is there someway to get it to come up with the USB debugging?
    Also, is there a way to enable connection to my from my Apad through Wifi to my Droid X without paying the irritating fee from Verizon?

  • SamuraiBatgirl

    What exactly does this rooting do? >.>

  • Ddiogo911

    I’m trying to place Z4root on my Droid X and I get a parsing error.

  • Maddogjb

    Tryed to download from your link 2 times and kept getting a Phase error. Downloaded z4root from a different site and installed it. Did not work with temporary root or with permenent root. Would love to use wireless tether but have to root my droidx first.I have the same system 2.3.340 as above but different Kernel ver. I am totally new to phone software but am tired of verizon disableing to make a dollar, please help!
    e-mail address ([email protected]) thanks in advance….

    • Chuck

      did you ever get help i’m having the same problem!?

  • Jpv90

    doesn’t work on my d2g

  • Radams615

    Parsing error here also. Anyone got any ideas?

    • bacontrees

      I got that error when I was opening the “.” version of the file. So in my case, I was attempting to open .z4root1.3.0.apk instead of z4root1.3.0.apk. Mac and linux use . files and most likely put a . version on your SD card like mine did.

  • AMS05189

    ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTED 2.2.1 on 2.3.340 Firmware

  • Welldigger4u

    doesnt work lol did on 2.2. but not on 2.3.3 i was rooted fine before flashing the new update..

  • Cheddarino

    I can’t even put the file on my phone or anything. Been trying root programs for almost a month. Can anyone help?

  • Beark65

    Did anyone do anything specific to get past the “problem parsing the package error? Tx

  • ks

    I hate to sound stupid, my antivirus says z4root1.3.0.apk is a threat to my system. Do I dare?? I really would like my Droid X to be able to do at least as much, if not more than my Windows Mobile (HTC HD2) phone did!

    • surelyujest

      A lot of antivirus programs treat (harmless) hacking programs exactly the same as if they were viruses. It’s their way of staying on the good side of the bigger (re: richer, potential customer) companies.

  • qbjames12

    Rooted my DX about an hour ago. To anyone having a problem, let the app finish. It took it awhile, but worked just fine.

  • Anonymous

    I am using File Expert and it goes through the uninstall process, Amazon MP3 for example, but the program is still there when its done! Any ideas?

  • Pianocub

    Worked perfectly. I had been trying to use all the other stuff out there and it kept hanging. Installed using the SKD Manager directly to the phone then ran the app. Took only a second and was rooted!

  • Wiskan Iseult

    Love this app for the droid x. rooted my wii 🙂

  • Csanchez62

    Just sits at “running exploit to gain root access” and never does anything else… wouldn’t work on my Dodge truck either.

  • Ngildred

    I’m trying to place Z4root on my Droid X and I get a parsing error.

    • Dunnix

      Me too any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    Alright, I know this is stupid, but from a completely unmodfied droid x, do I just download that .apk and go from there? I know nothing about rooting and was going to wait for the thunderbolt to start into the world of roots phones but now with my Xoom I’d really like to figure it out. Any advice (treat me like I’m 5 and know nothing) would be great! Thanks!

    • Short answer? Yes… that’s it. Long answer is…well, actually the same. Click root permanently, and you’re good to go. Do a goog search for XDroidRom. He has some great walkthrus for rooting the X, Flashing Roms, etc… Follow his directions and you’re set.

  • Jhgfjh

    worked flawlessly droid x. thanks

  • Pastorman

    I have DX running 2.2.1. When I try to run Z4Root off my Sd card, located in the download folder, nothing happens. If I look at the details, I get Could not open /mnt/sdcard/download/._z4root.1.3.0.spk as APK file.

    Any ideas>

  • Pastorman

    I have DX running 2.2.1. When I try to run Z4Root off my Sd card, located in the download folder, nothing happens. If I look at the details, I get Could not open /mnt/sdcard/download/._z4root.1.3.0.spk as APK file.

    Any ideas>

  • Truckinnines

    Cash money…

  • Wanb1i

    z4root dosen’t work on my Droid x 2.3.340. I REALLY wish it did. I have spent several hours over several days trying, oh so hard to root my X, nothing works. I have SU, but Titanium won’t run, nor will WiFi Tether. Any help would be deeply appreciated!


  • Hdokes

    Just upgraded to 2.3.340 and lost root. Downloded z4 and wemt to do permanent root and it locks droid x every time. Requires battery pull to get it working again.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    I miss my root.

  • Snivel

    It did root my Droid x with 2.2.1, however Wireless Tether doesnt work anymore. It looks like it should and the only error I get is about the kernel not allowing access control to be enabled. Never had that problem pre-2.2.1.

    • Crysis215

      Im having the same problem not allowing access control

  • JAStark87

    This method isn’t working on my Droid X. It just hangs there on the screen and never reboots just shows a circle motion on it i let it sit for 15mins and just kept doing it. Does it take awhile or is it suppose to got pretty fast?

  • Chevayo

    Everytime I try to download the z4.apk my Kaspersky keeps locking the web page out due to trojans, is there another website that I can get z4 from?

  • Chevayo

    Everytime I try to download the z4.apk my Kaspersky keeps locking the web page out due to trojans, is there another website that I can get z4 from?

  • Andee

    How can I uninstall the z4root if its not in the market anymore

  • Delwyn77

    How do I reroot the OG droid after the last update?

  • Jabrone

    updated to 2.3.340 had root before, lost root z4root 1.3 worked fine, took about 30 sec.

  • AJK617


  • Norcalpg

    Unfortunately, I did not unroot prior to updating the system. Z4root does not seem to be able to root with the Superuser app stuck on the phone. It will give you the option of unrooting however that doesn’t work either. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • DroidX Stew

    Works Amazing!!! 🙂

    Droid X user

  • DroidX Stew

    Works Amazing!!! 🙂

    Droid X user

  • MaPMaKaR

    Wow thatnks. I was able to root my first froyo Droid X just fine. It didn’t have the update but when I got a FRU DroidX phone from Verizon and did the 2.3.340 update then I tried every method out there to root it but IT WOULD NOT ROOT. The exploid failed every time! I tried and tried and almost gave up but then I finally got Z4root installed and it worked the fist try in seconds flat! I will be sending a donation. Good work z4developers!

  • charlie

    Whenever I run the z4root it seems to get stuck on phase one. I let it run for about 20 min and nothing happened. Probably user error but any ideas?

  • Shadydave10

    will this root droid 2?

  • Iammebane

    is this rooting method still available…. i did not realize that after i updated it wiped root access.. i just tried it and it says there is a problem parsing the package… any help on this???

  • Does this work for original droid FRF83 2.2.1 os ?

  • BeK

    It did not work on my Droid X. I am running 2.3.340 as well.

  • R1ridertampa

    did this on my updated phone today, worked great, just be patient with it

  • Jeffrey

    I can root with z4root it says an error occurres and su wass not updated it. a zip file (su-2.3.1-bin-signed.zip) has been placed on your sdcard, please reboot into recovery mode and flash it to update your su binary. How can i do that?

  • Rayhofer

    Getting a Parsing Error on my X ??

  • localrez

    I installed it fine, and then hit temporary root and now the Z4Mod window just sits there with the circle running, 3-4 minutes now. Do you have to hit permanently?

    • localrez

      Ok rebooted the phone and then tried again and all is working now. Thanks

  • Vihorm

    Rooted after couple tries..Great tool and recommended!!!!
    Now running Apex 1.3.0 with no flaws!!! yey :))

  • Snbeebe5

    After I download the z4 with my phone to my phone… I go to open the downloaded file and it errors “cannot parse” what am I doing wrong?

    • Eascuas

      yeah I'm getting the same thing… then asked to browse the web for a program it can open with… tried megauploader but i don't get it

      • droidx28

        Go to 4shared.com on your phone and type in z4root.apk in the search engine u will find it click on regular download wait for 30secs and then click download and it will start downloading

    • droidx28

      Go to 4shared.com on your phone and type in z4root.apk in the search engine u will find it click on regular download wait for 30secs and then click download and it will start downloading

      • nasunog

        I have been having problems but your suggestion worked great…Happy Holidays…Thank you,Nasunog

  • Eascuas

    when i download it and it's telling me it wont open with windows…. yada yada… what should i do?

  • Bradley Almy

    For those of you With droid x 2.3.340 that are hanging, vinksy is right. Tak out the battery, uninstall and reinstall and it worked in under a minute. If youmare too lazy to plug the phone in you can just email yourself the .apk and install from gmail on the phone.

  • gkBoca

    Worked 100% for me Droid X 2.2.1

  • banana bombs

    kellex (or anyone else who might know) please post up when z4root or whoever figures out how to root the new build on the original droid. thanks!!!

    • I know right ever since we got three update on froyo for the droid 1. We only got FRF01 for 1 click root, then it went down hill with no 1 click solution for neither FRF22D OR FRF83 Codes that we receive in Mid August and Now in November..

  • Vinzky

    I got the update on my droid x and the first time i tried to root it hangs. the solution is to pull out battery, uninstall z4root and reinstall and root again. it will only take a minute or two to root if u follow this. good luck!

  • Ksmith624

    To ppl having problems with their Original Droids… read the title of this post.

  • Setul20

    Will this method work on og droid after the update
    Plzzz help guys

  • paulm235

    What is og?

    • Lord_Vader1941

      It's the Origional Motorolla Droid.

  • John

    It worked for me 🙂

    This is what you guys need to do.
    Save the Z4root file to you're PC
    Then save Z4root to you're SD card
    Now use (Or get) an App Installer to open Z4root and install it

    Hope this helps

  • youdoneyo69

    Didn't work for me

  • james

    Temporary or Permanent: what is the best choice for the z4root ???

  • Darrenjacobtyrrell

    It says unable to open package

  • Binqker

    Tried rooting my newly virgin DX with this file, for some reason it hangs on the spinning wheel. Any ideas what is wrong?

    • droidloco

      it dis that with me but i just left my phone alone for like 8 min and it did it

    • Anonymous

      I rebooted mine and then re-tried the z4Root and it worked. I think. I’ve got the superuser icon in my app tray anyway! I can’t uninstall the bloatware tho.

      • Richiebowen29

        Bloat freezer is your friend to get rid of the bloatware without making it so you can upgrade

    • Sethshive

      make sure you have good reception if not it will take forever

  • jainer123

    My Droid X is also hanging on z4Root…i wonder why some are working and some aren't. how long did it typically take?

  • Kdoraci

    I try to root after the updat It hangs up on the “running exploit in order to obtain root access” any ideas?

  • Johannappleseed

    Awesome! Thank you. 🙂 Droid X

  • Mission214

    Wow- I'm way behind, just installed 2.3.320 leak and now there is a 2.3.340 sbf already out to upgrade along with Fab's apex 1.30. Busy weekend ahead time for some 5hour

  • RanballX

    Confirmed… Z4Root did the job after update. not a single problem.

  • Boughman

    anybody using wireless tether once you re root with update..says i cant start wireless tether

  • David

    So now that im updated and rerooted can I use 928 black glass again to deodex it or will it not work

    • Skyfire322

      I had the same question. From what I’ve read, the 928 BlackGlass doesn’t work on the new (2.3.34) update yet. The dev has been pretty sick for some time and hasn’t been on for awhile. It looks like you CAN deodex the phone, but you’d have to look for another theme.

      (check out droidxforums.net and droidforums.net for some more details)

  • Rain_king46

    Z4 does not appear to be working for me after the update. It hangs up on the “running exploit in order to obtain root access” forever

  • Successful root after 2.3.340 update with z4!

    • Nukem

      what steps did you do to root the phone
      i DL the z4 and have the apk. now what

  • Lee

    does this work on og driond and the new release 2.2.1

  • Aaron Brodsky

    I installed the .340 update and it's fine. Now I can't get root back. I originally rooted via the 1-click batch file method at the top of the Androidcentral.com DX Root Forum. worked great. Now I'm trying to reroot after my update to 2.2.1 and z4root won't root. It goes through the process, says it's successful and reboots. But then my root apps say they can't get root access. I do have the Superuser Permissions ninja icon but it appears I'm not really rooted. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to be able to just use z4root. BTW- I tried bot the temp and perm options. Neither works. Thanks!

    • Sean

      Same here…did you find a solution?

    • dfjzachtyler

      having a similar issue I cannot even get the adb shell to recognize my device after the update…

  • Delwyn77

    How do I re-root my OG Droid after the update? I tried the rageagaistthecage method to no avail?

  • Drew

    how long does this take? im stuck at the running exploit in order to obtain root access screen

  • Drew

    Is it safe to overclock after rerooting?

  • 04stangman

    After I download the file on my computer and move the file onto the phone how do I find and install it? Thanks guys, Sorry im a newb 🙂

  • Big Red

    Thanks so MUCH!!!! Enjoying freedom once more…

  • Rjl9

    i just got my droid x a little bit ago and luckily i was able to update the 2.3.340 ota when it was up briefly the other night. If i do a permanent root with this new update will i have the unroot option(button) if i needed to undo the root or will i have to totally reload the software?


    • Doolidg

      It has a unroot button

  • Doolidg

    Z4root roots anything apparently… I couldn't belive it but I tried it on my Dodge truck…..and walah…… My truck is now rooted….. How cool is that

    • Big Red

      Lol… add a racing stripe to your dodge for a 5 horsepower improvement…lol


      cool! i tried it on my wife

      • I also tried it on your wife

      • I also tried it on your wife

        • Wutang

          i tried it on your wife too. worked great

      • 555loismustdie

        Well i tried it on your mom it worked wonderfully

    • Johnb

      any idea how long the process takes. I got a brand new x yesterday with the latest software. I downloaded and have z4 running on the phone now and it’s been atleast 15min and still all i have is the spinning wheel?

      • JOHNB

        Well i got impatient rebooted the phone ran z4 again and Poof rooted!!! THANKS

        • a789877

          I had the same experience.

        • Anonymous

          Yep, same story here. Waited 10 minutes the first time, nothing but a spinning wheel. Rebooted to try again, and it worked in about 10 seconds. D2G.

          • Mcharris

            just spinning wheel at first with 2.3.340 rebooted and then ran again right away…..15 seconds later BOOM root WOOT

      • Suckmy

        your mother sucked me off

      • Theport

        Hummm, live wallpaper??? oops!!

    • Raznarukus

      not trying to sound douche like but I think you mean voila*???

    • kotustactics

      i rooted my shoes, then a frying pan, hell i even roorted my dog

  • achilles

    This does root the Droid X 2.3.340! I rebooted my X, then clicked on the program! It rooted my Droid X with no problems what so ever!

  • Blake

    I did the update and Z4 is not working for me. When I click permanent root it appears to go through the process and restarts. When I come back I don't not see the SuperUser icon. Also, Z4 does not show the option the Unroot like it did in the past. This leads me to believe it didn't really root my phone.

    Droid X 2.2.1 2.3.340

    • achilles

      Reboot your phone, make sure u have unknown apps install, and debugging mode. It worked for my X with no problems!

      • Skeetch79

        you can also try the manual droid 2 method i have referenced in my below replies. (http://forum.androidcentral.co…)

        • Blake

          I'm a bit of a newbie, so forgive me if my question sounds stupid…The one thing I liked about the 1-click was that I could unroot quickly if need be (going to Verizon store, updates, etc). With this other method will I still be able to unroot? My biggest concern is I don't want to miss out on OTA upgrades. My sole reason for rooting is to remove bloatware.

          I tried wiping everything on my phone and rebooting and then attempting to do Z4 again. I get the same results as before. If I do temporary root, I get the SU icon, but tried some root applications and they say I'm not rooted.


          • Skeetch79

            We are all newbies at one time….no question sounds stupid or is stupid. you will still be able to unroot if you rooted with the “non-1-click” method – as I posted above! The 1-click methods simplify things by having the 1-click program do the entering of commands versus typing them in manually. Both methods do the same thing, there is no difference in the overall process (clicking a button versus manually entering commands).

            I believe z4root should be able to unroot you or alternatively if you wish here is a way to unroot using commands entered into Android Terminal Emulator (found in market for free): http://www.droidforums.net/for

            If you use the manual method to root, I would install Z4root after you have successfully rooted. I found that if I rooted with Z4root already installed, that it did not pick up the fact that I just rooted. I uninstalled Z4root and then reinstalled it, and it correctly showed my status as root with the options to re-root and to un-root.

            To remove bloatware I would purchase Titanium Backup Pro from the market (or use the free version) to freeze the apps so they do not load on your phone, but are still present on the phone so any future update are not prohibited or fail during installation. Alternatively you can use Root Explorer once rooted and rename the .apk extension to .bak. Then when you are anticipating an update you can rename the .bak extension back to .apk. Not having the bloatware in .apk form will block any future OTA updates – I would recommend not deleting them for this reason (any other ones as well).

          • Blake

            I will give this a shot. Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

          • Blake

            Apparently, I'm not suppose to root again. I tried to download the rar file (from mirror too). Extract in Astro and nothing is there. Took a look at the archive using WinRar and there is nothing in there. Ideas?

            Also, what happens if all goes bad and my phone should crash. Are there procedures for getting my phone back to factory settings?

          • Skeetch79

            I had trouble extracting the Rar with Astro File Manager, so I used AndroZip instead and it worked like a charm. Not sure as to why you are not seeing anything within the Rar file using WinRar. The Rar file should be on the order of 950-960kb.

    • guest

      Z4root wouldn't work for me either after the update. I followed Skeetch79's instructions from his link and it worked great.

  • BigFonz

    How long does it take for Z4Root to root OG Droid stock FRG22D? I was rooted previously with super one click but I just received a “Certified Like New” OG Droid and am running it now. It seems to be taking a long time though.

    I got it working now.

  • This is…AWESOME!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • mikejs78

    I prefer to manually root myself (copy rageagainstthecage, run it through ADB, etc.). Do the 2.3.15 root instructions work with 2.3.340? If not, what are the manual root instructions for this build?

    • Skeetch79

      In order to root my 2.3.340 updated droid x I used the method found here to root the Droid 2: http://forum.androidcentral.co…. It uses rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin, su, superuser.apk and busybox. You need to have android terminal emulator, androzip and astro file manager installed. But it worked like a charm

      • mikejs78

        Thanks, exactly what I need. 🙂

  • The350zWolf

    All of you guys wanting to sport froyo 2.2.1 on the OG droid you can just flash CM6.1.0 with ROM manager. Also Pete of bugless beast has a rooted vanilla version of FRG83 under downloads on his webpage

    • Jager07

      Chevy's Simply Stunning 4.9.1 is also froyo 2.2.1, but it's FRG83B, not FRG83D, iirc. Do you know if Koush or Pete are also romming FRG83B, or is theirs actually FRG83D?

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    Sucks all the Roms are built off a leak. Does anybody know of any ROms that work well with 2.3.34?

  • adams

    quick question:
    can i use the VRZ_MB810_2.3.15_1FF_01 SBF to remove clockworkmod after installing the 2.3.340 system update?

    • Skeetch79

      An easy way to remove Clockworkmod Recovery as long as you are using “Droid X Recovery Bootstrap” and are rooted is this:

      (make a backup, first, if you wish)

      1. Uninstall Droid X Recovery Bootstrap
      2. Reboot phone
      3. Using Root Explorer CAREFULLY delete only /system/bin/hijack
      4. Using Root Explorer CAREFULLY delete only /system/bin/logwrapper
      5. Using Root Explorer rename /system/bin/logwrapper.bin to /system/bin/logwrapper (drop the .bin extension)
      6. To test if this successfully worked you can turn off phone and power back on phone while holding both Home and Power, when you see triangle and exclamation mark, then hit the search button
      It should you bring to the Stock Recovery

      (original post found here: http://androidforums.com/droid…)

      • Toky_neg

        Thanks for the info.. I also was thinking on removing it if the update gives me trouble.. but FYI. the stock recovery is there regardless. I have DX with Bootstrap and I can also access the stock if I want to.

        • Skeetch79

          Hey no prob. I learn as I go – having run into these exact problems myself and learning from trial and error. The droid community is wonderful for support – tons of info and help out there. Sucks how Bootstrap will block the updates…it is such a useful tool for making backups, installing zips, etc.

      • adams


        still one question:

        If i want clockworkmod recovery back on the droid x, will it work to just instal the bootstrap app again?

        • Skeetch79

          yup, just go back into the market and reinstall it. you will be good to go!

  • BrendonSF

    I have 2.3.340 and cannot get z4root to work for the life of me. I have tried both permanent root and temporary root, and both operations finish successfully. However, RootExplorer still tells me that I do not have root access.
    I've tried 5+ times, and have rebooted every time.
    Any ideas?
    I can't get BusyBox to install successfully. Perhaps that is the issue?

    • Skeetch79

      i had a similar issue and had to follow the instructions here: http://forum.androidcentral.co…. it worked like a charm. follow the instructions exactly. i used Android Terminal Emulator (free in market) and AndroZip (free in market)

      • Ken

        I will have to check that out because z4root wont work right out of the box anymore. Also Zeam launcher broke after update as well.

  • Brettmccartney1

    Does it still have the unroot capability? I notice it now has a temporary root button to root untill a reboot and also a permanent root.

    • Skeetch79

      once you root you should see the un-root option. if you are already rooted and still see the temporary root and permanent root options, then uninstall z4root and reinstall it. it should then be fine.

  • Toky_neg

    That's great. no worries about loosing root. NOW, where is the damn update?

  • strikeir13

    my anti-virus software at work says your download is a malicious Trojan and prevents it from downloading… anyone else getting this?

    • strikeir13

      i've also seen a post on xda that says this download contains a keylogger… sketchy at best. root with ADB…

  • kimir

    can you root eris with this?

    • ironick


  • nasunog


  • k1ng617

    So this makes updating more enticing, but I'm still on the fence whether it is worth the trouble to update since I am very happy running an Apex rom on 2.3.15. I was wondering if anyone running this update noticed any major differences i.e. battery manager not FC all the time and if the camera focuses better when using flash.

    Thanks in advance!

  • g00ber

    Good ol' Z4root

  • Don't forget to tell everyone Z4Root also roots the OG Droid with Froyo, and probably the new update as well. I think I saw some comments yesterday verifying that.


    • Tyczj

      it does not root OG droid with new update i just tried

      • The350zWolf

        If you are venturous and know how to push files using adb, then you might be able to root. Do a search on rooting manually pushing the file rageagainstthecage.arm5.bin into the system folder.

    • ironick

      z4root does NOT work on the OG update 2.2.1

    • kellex

      Does not work on FRG83D.