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Swype Beta Invitations have Re-Opened, Check Your Inboxes (Updated)

We’re pretty sure that Swype has secretly opened up their beta program again which means that if you signed up back in the day, there is a chance you could get an invite any minute now.  Two of our readers have already confirmed receiving an invitation.  On their site it still says “closed”, but we have someone close to the battle that gave us a “maybe” when asked about it.  And if you didn’t sign up in the past, flood their site now and register!

Update:  And just as we said, they have opened up invitations to “some” already registered users…


Might as well register anyway though right?  They might do another random invite at some time and you want to be on the list.

Let us know if you get anything!

  • Bracken16

    I logged in Tonight and it was open for me. if you havent tried it i would try it now

  • foxdog

    wohoo… i got the invite!!!

  • Kmoore1973

    received my invite and downloaded but I attempt 5o login, it doesn't recognize my login information. This really sucks. I even tried reset password and still no luck.

  • 1T2dirtnap

    I registered on Wednesday, and got my email today (Friday), “Welcome to the Swype Beta for Android!” I love swype, that was the only thing I missed about my Fascinate. I love how the email states you have “probably given up on us”, yet only waited one day for this email. Swype is the best!

  • Woot! I got my beta activation today, after signing up on Sunday night.

  • Joshua

    I signed up way back when, that i don't even remember how long ago it was…. But there it was “THE” invite waiting in my mail yesterday. It's the best Christmas i've gotten in a looong time. =) “Only one thing in the world could've dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.”

  • Rogmon

    Got it here in frigid VA last night.. had signed up several months back… off to Swype now, but confuddled as I'm really diggin the new Gingerbread keyboard !!

  • Msk1277

    I got the invite! i sent in months ago and just got the invite last night 🙂

  • Shelley0729

    I got my invite last night !! It's a christmas miracle !

  • 275

    I never got the invite email.I logged on though and just downloaded it.

  • Chaser457

    Wow…will wonders never cease? I actually got selected to participate!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    got it… will see if I like it

  • pe4710man

    I received an invite to the Beta for the first time today. I had registered, but did not receive it directly. After seeing your article I logged in and they then sent me an email with the link to download Swype.

  • Doug Edwards9844

    i have been waiting to get in to the beta and with working for verizon i get asked alot when swype will be out for the HTC incredible so this is a good step foward .

  • Sp4rxx

    I got mine last night! It was kind of ironic actually. I had totally forgotten that I had signed up MONTHS ago and yesterday a friend of mine at work was showing me her Galaxy-S (can't remember the actual model though) she got on Black Friday. It had Swype pre-installed. I figured, eh, they must be getting close to final code as it is now ON phones already. Lo and behold, after I finished a game of Killing Floor, my phone chimed in w/ an email stating “you are invited to the swype beta team”…. Needless to say I immediately downloaded and installed it 🙂

  • Stennyck

    Just received my invite.

  • I got an invite, I signed up SO long ago. Right after they started showing the “We just beat the world speed texting record” commercials.

    (I may or may not have already found myself a version of Swype though)