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Google Reader App Finally Released on Android

Go ahead and uninstall Pulse, Greed or any other RSS reader app you had installed on your phone as Google finally released their Reader which mimics the browser version perfectly.  OK, telling you to uninstall those other apps isn’t really fair, but after glancing at Google’s attempt for 5 minutes I can tell that this will immediately become my default.  It’s free, simple and has the backing of Google which means it should actually work correctly.

Grab it now!  

Download Link

Cheers @JasonAGrier and Cade!

  • Libaba37
  • Anonymous
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  • james

    I was reading the news and I saw this really cool info…

  • Higher_Ground

    hmm.. no widget? I'll pass. Let me know when it comes around though, so I can finally get the last blur widgets off my home screen

  • Devin Jones

    I'm loving how it sinks with mmy google account in the phone and I could stop the sync just like gmail contacts and calender. Thnx again google! This is an awesome app!

  • TooYellow

    Dont get me wrong, I love google. But I'm not about to use their product automatically cause they release it. The web version is already great, why do I need an app that is more or less the same? The app lacks a few KEY features that would distinguish it from the web page.
    1) Offline sync! I live in NYC, the subway is a factor.
    2) Font size adjustment, the font is HUGE.
    3) Ability to load all items inline, esp since you have no clue where you're going when you hit “Next” in a post.

    Very disappointing app.

  • Droid

    I haven't seen much talk about about gReader and was wondering if Google Reader would be a good replacement for it. Does this mean I'm using the worst reader in the Market…?

  • Does it sync for offline reading? I love that NewsRob syncs up so I can get a bunch of reading done on the plane and it syncs up when I land.

    • I tried newsrob and now using gReader Pro – just the best.

      Google reader has a nice layout and is fast but it is soo lacking at the minute, I won't be changing. No offlnie, no dark theme, sync doesn't work, no widget, articles disappear while viewing (if sync is active), marking items as read doesn't sync to reader online… it can only get better.

  • SjB

    amazing…bye bye NewsRob, you were great to me!

  • dman244

    and now there are crappy google ads in my face as I try to read the NYTimes. back to the browser based version.

  • I'm loving it so far. Pretty good.

  • NewsRob is absolutely fantastic… this app is nice, but not quite good enough for me to think about switching.

  • S1nnerTHEdev

    NewsRob ftw!

  • Al B.

    Doesn't cache images for offline reading of comics.

  • It's okay. Glad to nee an official I guess but NewsRob is still the absolute best. (Even better than Pulse and FeedR if you ask me)

  • I've been waiting for Google to put out a reader app for a while…that being said, my first impression of this initial incarnation is that it's a step back from what NewsRob offers in terms of functionality, customization and speed. Google has a decent track record of improving their apps over time (although not with the greatest of haste), so I'll keep it around, play with it a bit more and pine for the next update…

  • WOW like on a serious note, this came JUST in time!

  • Imdfnman

    Was it removed already??? link isn't working, cant find it if I search???? whats up???

    • Imdfnman


      • ScoobySnack

        yeah… it's just surprisingly really down far on the Market list

  • What's the advantage to using this over the mobile site? I usually just keep my browser on google reader and it auto updates every time I open my browser. Doesn't get much faster than that.

  • Interpol818

    Hey peeps link don't work

  • jeff

    can't this go on an.droid-life? i'm not really concerned about the “droid” lineup. besides, this has nothing to do with that, it's google android software. come on, don't make me go to two blogs.

    • shut up.

    • Seriously, if you don't like the way the site is run, choose another one. Just sayin'.

  • No Widget? And anyone know where the widget for Pulse went?

  • Br_d

    I actually think the mobile web version is just fine, but I'll give this a try anyway.

  • i can't read 🙁

  • Now I'd just like a good, official Adsense app, and I'd be set. 🙂

  • FortitudineVincimus

    its okay. not great and not that intuitive. for example, I see no way to get back to the “home” or start screen to pick a feed to read. also, the little hide +- for the Home section is about worthless… it only hides “starred items” and “your stuff”.. I want to hide the entire section, seems totally random to just hide those 2 items?? it also makes sense to be able to have “Subscriptions” up higher and above “home”.

    I think Pulse is still better and more “logical” and intuitive

  • jcdagget

    Pulse has a way better interface. I install and then immediately uninstalled the Google Reader app…maybe that was rash.

  • Kpurdu1

    I don't think it's as easy to use as NewsRob it's also noticably slower

  • Now all they need is a widget for it…

    • Seriously Google, no widget? Make it happen soon please!

  • shanklin07

    I was just yesterday wondering why this has not come out yet….odd timing.

  • Mrwolf

    Good christ the font is huge on this thing.

  • Well…I'll be a son of a WHAT?

    Wow…this is awesome, but until I actually test out the Google Reader app for myself, which will happen in a few minutes or hours, I'm sticking with Pulse. Pulse is just too damn awesome and free to uninstall.

  • Ryan

    Does this mean that you're going to change your feed to full post instead of excerpt?!

    • TheDrizzle

      I get full Droid Life articles, however the Android-Life articles are just excerpts. It would be really nice if Android-Life had full articles, just sayin'.

      • Ryan

        Maybe I need to unsubscribe & resubscribe to get the full articles.

        • Ryan

          FYI- Just figured it out…don’t use the RSS Icon at the top of the right column. Put droid-life.com directly into your reader and it will pull full articles.

        • Ryan

          FYI- Just figured it out…don’t use the RSS Icon at the top of the right column. Put droid-life.com directly into your reader and it will pull full articles.

      • Ryan

        Maybe I need to unsubscribe & resubscribe to get the full articles.

  • Lacking in features compared to FeedR. That's still the king as far as I'm concerned.

  • Murphy

    Damn, and it's fast!!! bye bye Newsrob 🙂

    • Mechagodzilla

      Is there a widget?

      • Murphy

        Sadly no widget (yet). Hello, Newsrob!!

  • Timoh

    First! I hate all the reader apps and widgets I've tried. Hopefully this lives up to my expectations.