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JRummy Returns with DROID X ROM, Rumm RX V1.0

Our buddy, original Droid ROM master, and Droid Life wallpaper app developer JRummy, has returned with his first ROM for the Droid X called Rumm RX.  It’s a almost Blur-less ROM, but has a few of the essentials left which seems to give it a good overall feel.  He’s tweaked some things like the battery meter, added a bunch of scripts, tossed in some source built apps, and of course used the now popular “fancy” animations that you’ll notice when switching between any screen.  This is good stuff.

It’s built off of the 2.2.1 leak so you’ll have to be running that in order to flash this.  And I’m sure there will be a variety of themes on the way if their aren’t already.  

Download:  Rumm_Rx-v1.0_shadow.zip (alt link)


1.  YOU HAVE TO BE RUNNING 2.2.1.  (Instructions)
2.  Do I need to say it again?  YOU HAVE TO BE RUNNING 2.2.1.
3.  You obviously have to be rooted.  (Instructions)
4.  You need to have Koush’s Bootstrap Recovery.
5.  Open the DX Bootstrap and “boostrap” the recovery.
6.  When that finishes, “reboot recovery.”
7.  Once your phone boots to Clockwork Recovery, scroll down to “backup and restore.”
8.  Choose “backup” to make a clean backup of your phone.
9.  After that choose “wipe data/factory reset” to wipe your phone.
10.  When that finishes choose “install zip from SD card.”
11.  Then “choose zip from SD card” and find the Rumm_Rx-v1.0_shadow.zip, select it and hit “yes.”
12.  Your phone will apply the ROM. When it finishes, reboot and enjoy!

Let us know if you run into any issues along the way and don’t forget to drop into our IRC channel for live support!

Donate here.  Support thread here.

  • Cablescumcablescum

    Brand new Droid X…..New to Android. Rooted, tried FlyX and Rubix Focused…both had glitches(maybe my fault…maybe not). Restored to Stock then tried Rumm Rx v1.0…MINOR glitches, hit fix permissions in Rom Manager then FLAWLESSLY BEAUTIFUL.Just a Thank You to the developer and an FYI to anyone wondering which one is GREAT!

  • Then use your “Root Explorer”(file manager) and mount it as RW. Search for Vvm and when the results pop up copy them to your SD card..Thanks for this post

  • This looks great works great Jrummy strikes again. Now bring on some theme changing within the Rom that would be sick. That post was really good and thx for posting

  • Can anyone discuss the messaging app on this phone? The only thing that I really hate about stock Droid X is the i*hone-style bubble in the messaging app. Is that style still there in this ROM?

  • This is the first rom I've ever done, i'm a total noob to droid…..2 things i dislike….the random reboots when unlocking the screen and it doesnt seem to have swype….otherwise its excellent

  • Toxic_Lex

    enjoying it so far. stable at 1.5 cant wait to see some themes

  • Emiguel5627

    Is there 3g tethering

  • Emiguel5627

    Does it have 3g tethering

  • Joanna Jadore

    Yes yes yes!!!!!! Pls pls pls let there be a full blown pink life theme pls let there be a full blurb pink life theme *crosses fingers* EEEEEeeeeee!!!! 🙂

  • Higher_Ground

    Personally not messing with anything 2.2.1 …

  • Tuna

    Hey if I'm coming from Rubix 1.8.9 that would qualify as the 2.2.1 leak wouldn't it?? Also that Rubix version the battery life is terrible, anyone with a word on this Rom's battery life??

  • Anilraj407

    best rom for og droid ive used is ud 2.1 with galaxy s theme runs fast no lag when u hit home for apps to appear

  • what is this “fancy animation”?

  • JRummy16

    Thanks for the love droid-life. You da best 🙂

    • Any chance of a DROID 2 ROM?

    • Jeffrey

      jrummy 16 i have tried to root but i can not do it and i am missing the good things that my droid have to offer. when i did z4root it says that i need to update my binary in recovery mode then flash it how do i do that?

  • Cuz2333

    This is great!! The only thing that it is missing is Visual Voice Mail. Where did it go? Please fix this or tell me how to retrive it. Thanks.

    • DarthRogue

      Just use google voice… It works better and it doesn't have a monthly fee! I don't see why you'd pay money for visual voice mail!

      • Cuz2333

        I am just use to it and it suits me well, its only $2.99 a month. I did figure it out just incase anybody wants to know how to do it. You will have to go back to the “back up” that you were supose to make and load it on your phone. Then use your “Root Explorer”(file manager) and mount it as RW. Search for Vvm and when the results pop up copy them to your SD card. Then you will have to reload Rummx (which I had made a backup of before I went back to my old backup). After that is loaded back up then go to you “Root Explorer” again and go to your SD card and install the APK file and there you go, you now have your original visual voice mail again for those of you who like it. Dont get me wrong, DarthRogue is correct, Google voice is an exceptional choice for this app, I just like the old one myself. I hope this helps.

      • Dkbetts

        Yeah… Google Voice is one of my favorite things about any Android phone.

  • Is there a way to remove the Rumm Rx 1.0 from the lock screen?

    • RK_Kamikaze

      I would like to know this as well.

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      its not actually on the lockscreen thats just the photo

      • RK_Kamikaze

        No I changed the photo and the veribage is still at the top of the screen.

        • AnDroidSepTIX

          I have it on my DX and it doesnt say Rumm Rx 1.0. Weird.

          • RK_Kamikaze

            Did you install it from the main link or the alt one?

          • AnDroidSepTIX

            From the link here. sorry Main.

          • RK_Kamikaze

            Yes but the article above lists two sources. Which one did you use?

          • AnDroidSepTIX


    • Guest
  • AnDroidSepTIX

    I flashed over Rubix blurry 1.5.2 which is 2.2.1. and was able to do full restore with titanium after reboot. The Rom is very fast even with the screen animations. Which I will say are a nice addition. Of course you can disable them if you wish. The Rx tools work great switching fonts and boot animations. Only issue found is adding calendar event(FC). Other than looks great works great Jrummy strikes again. Now bring on some theme changing within the Rom that would be sick.

  • What about the OG Droid ROMs? {{-_-}}

  • mfinlay04

    Since I dont current have the LEAKED SBF file handy i took a chance and installed this over the OTA 2.3.15 base and all seems to work well. Havent played with all the features but everything seems to be in working order. Jrummy toolbox works as i have changed the font, disabled boot animations etc…

    • DarthRogue

      I don't plan on even installing an update until we have an sbf file for it… Motorola has earned another -1 for their lameness with changing the sbf on every update… On that note, the first leak still worked with the 2.1 sbf, has anyone confirmed that the 2.2 sbf won't work with this leak? I'd love to have the newest version so that I can use tranquility 3.5! Just loaded tranquility last week, and i'm lovin' it!

  • Paul706

    Why lack of original droid rom nothin good came for the original as of late

    • Kevin Jellison

      Cyanogen Release Candidates 1,2,3,4,5 with the official release coming soon. Droid-Life had the Luna theme on November 12th, Avalon theme on November 19th, and some sort of dark theme on November 26th. MIUI is constantly being updated. Sapphire should hopefully have a new release coming soon. Just be thankful you didn’t go and buy a Droid 2.

  • Beegore

    I don't like this just because if I flash this and end up not liking this for whatever reason. I wont be able to flash back to other roms. If you guys were smart you'd wait till a legit 2.2.1 sbf came out. Just my two cents.

  • 37 comments and not one single person has reviewed this ROM yet? Just toss out an opinion. Maybe this vs rubiX or another blur ROM.

  • Brian


  • paul1ski

    JRUMMMY!!@@#! COME BACK TO ORIGINAL DROID!!! WE MISS YOU!! oh and yes I was shouting… we miss you! I havent updated my droid since your last Lithium Mod Release :-/ nothing else compares

  • cizzlen

    I just want to say this guy is an amazing developer. His apps are high quality and always functional for me it's time to donate and I don't spontaneously do this stuff either. Can't wait to try out his Rom.

    And also, good afternoon Droid-Life!

  • Dmota25

    The ting is i break 2 Droid x trying to put the. 2.2.1 do u now how to? And i follow all the instructions!!!

  • Jbrez2468

    Everything is great having vid and music problems not sure why yet but everything else is smooth

  • Droid-ice

    Can you do that for the droid 2 the 3D app on my droid 2?

    • Imajinaxn

      Launcherpro offers the 3D app drawer if you don't want to flash a new rom.

      • Droid-ice

        what's the name of it? Thanks….

  • iBowToAndroid

    Kellen!! How could you!!! Their/they're/there #spellingfail….


  • dwn_w_jobs

    Damn it man. Always X. Why do devs neglect D2? Seriously frustrating!

  • Dmota25

    Can i instal with fission 2.2.1??

    • please tell me you are kidding! they are two different ROMs.

      • Dmota25

        The ting is i break 2 Droid x trying to put the. 2.2.1 do u now how to? And i follow all the instructions!!!

        • Fission is stock vanilla Android ROM. This is a Blur ROM. You cant install this over Fission.

          • Dmota25

            U ron it's working! !!!!!! Nice!!!!just wipe data factory!!!!

  • Michael_NM

    ROM they told me…. J rumm rumm rumm rumm… Droid X is better this time… J rumm rumm rumm rumm…

  • How much faster is it when using this over stock? What are the benefits besides themes etc?

    • Andrew Hewitt

      Actually I don't think there's any themes yet. And it's pretty fast, but some other benefits are the new screen transitions and pulldown text changer and root tools app and… well just try it for yourself!

      • You know I will do it tonight. Why not already been rooted now its just speed I want without lose of battery life.

  • BigRed4X15

    Where is the love for D2? What is the best ROM/Theme for D2 right now? I used to use black glass, but when I updated to the new firmware, 2.3.20, the theme stopped working and there has been no support. So now I am stuck with a rooted, Deodexed phone running basically blur with launcher pro 🙁

    • I've been running Fission for a while and love it, its AOSP

      • BigRed4X15

        I hate to make and a** out of myself, but what does AOSP mean?

        • Anonymous
          • Cgmartin33

            Lmao! I mean seriously… it says Google right on your phone!

          • BigRed4X15

            LOL, so this is what it feels like to have an iphone!

    • yea it sucks. it seems as if no one themes for 2.3.20 on the droid 2 anymore. they only theme for fission now for some reason. what if someone doesnt use fission? i dont think its cool. the themers favor fission.

      • Nxus1ne

        These developers are donating their time and hard work for the android community, tough if they won’t develop for the particular OS version you want to run. With so many phones/OS versions available, they can’t possibly work on them all. They’re going to develop most for the phones/OS versions they use regularly.

    • dwn_w_jobs

      Ferserious! I've only tried one and it sucked so bad I flashed back imediately…

      P.s. GO BULLS! Lol

  • Timoh

    I think I'm going to have to do this, I haven't done a custom ROM on my DX yet. Just root and covered up blur.

    On a related note, I finally broke down and bought JRummy's Droid Overclock, love it. Running 1.35GHz low voltage. No hit to the battery and noticeably faster.

  • tbaybe

    loved lithium on my OG droid, so cant wait to install this on my DX

  • Haha I had this days in advanced. I was a tester 🙂

  • Jas


    • Hmmm

      congrats! You win an iPhone!