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Breaking: FRG83D Update Heading to DROID Test Group in Next 24 Hours (Updated)

Original Droid owners, prepare yourselves for an update!  No it’s not Gingerbread, but it is Android version FRG83D (updated) which likely just means 2.2.1 like we’ve seen on the Nexus One.  From the sheet above you can see that the update looks pretty minor and is mostly a bug fixer with added 2010 Exchange support, but does include a “new Gmail user interface” which sounds interesting enough.

So when should you all expect to see it on your handsets?  

A few of our readers just sent over an email that they received as a part of the Motorola Feedback Network detailing information about an original Droid software update that will be sent out over the next 24 hours.  We’re assuming it’s the same one that Verizon is expecting.

Here is an excerpt from the email:

Over the next 24 hours, barring last-minute changes, we will begin to distribute the latest Droid software to a select group of owners, and you should expect to be among them.* As a Motorola Feedback Network member, you are key to this test. Some of the owners are chosen at random and as a result, we won’t get feedback from them. But we’re counting on you and other members to provide us with a quick and accurate assessment of this update. After this pre-launch release, we’ll observe for a few days to make sure all is well, before releasing to all owners.

And we told you all about this Motorola Feedback Network just last week, so if you didn’t join it and get this email, that’s your own fault!  Kidding of course.  We’ll keep you updated as we have more!


Cheers E, M and J!

  • The ROM includes the updated Google DeskClock that actually can be set using voice actions. The DeskClock that was altered by devs (CM, I think) to allow you to change the clock color can’t be set by voice actions. For me, it was more important to be able to change the clock color than to ….. UPDATE: Blockads script now posted here: {ROM RELEASE} Project Elite 4.1 Source Frg83D w/Gingerbread parts – Droid Forum – Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum.

  • Yulichka

    Can I root my motorola droid 2.2.1 FRG83D? and how do I do that. Please help. thank you

  • Noway

    Ok, so what's the deal? Did u lose “root” after installing FRG83D?? I already lost it once going from Eclair to Froyo (later reclaimed) and I'm not going to lose it again! I'm running my Droid @ 1000mhz using Milestone and life is sweet – I'm not going back.

  • Kris5151

    how do i get this update becaues i haven't got it yet

  • richpt

    I've had a problem with 2 phones randomly dropping calls even when reception is good, I don't suppose anyone knows if this is one of the bugs this update will fix? Pretty sure it's a bug as the same issue occurs on the replacement handset I've just been sent and the issue only started after the last update….

  • Howard D W

    How can we not have the manual (non rooter) zip? Please hook up the rest of us (festivus for the restofus haha)

  • Jcapp82

    Do we have the zip yet? Stock og droid owner here patiently waiting.

  • Lukekool

    I just got the update it's 2.2.1, it installed and I was rooted running the factory ROM

    • CyberPete

      did you lose root?

  • Wahmuk

    I got the email, so I switched back to a month-old stock 2.2 backup and waited for the update. My Droid downloaded it, but when it rebooted it stopped on the triangle/exclamation point thing and wouldn't install. No fuss… I restored last night's backup of Cyanogen 6.1RC5 and it's all good.

  • nick

    cant get root back with z4root. any suggestions?

  • Georgeforeman

    so can we get a link here or what

  • CyberPete

    Well, I have the notification, but I haven't pulled the trigger. Don't want to lose root, haven't heard any good/bad information yet.

  • Pcrowley59

    I used z4root, stock rom will I have to unroot to recive the update, so far nothing…….

  • Darinr80

    Not worth it IMO unless I can retain root or re-root my phone afterwards. Rooting my Droid classic is what makes it close enough to the Droid 2 that I don't need one.

  • Porkymclovin

    So when is gingerbread coming to Droid x

  • Red Sox

    Got the update… don't see any real changes, that includes the gmail interface…

  • Jerflash63

    well im a part of this testing and i got the email but my phone as FRG83 2.2.1 odexed on it already rooted. i did not put a rom on top of it so i wonder if i will get this. i really dont want to give up my root

    • PyroNymph

      I lost my root when 2.2 came through. Bastards. The rom would've prevented it.

      And, I don't see any difference at all with this “update”.

  • William Marks

    it's FRG83D Android version 2.2.1….minor changes to gmail interface, nothing exciting so far….Pretty much what the press release says…..

  • William Marks

    just got the update….standby for details.

  • Mattg67

    Well I got the popup saying I had an update and it failed to install just like 2.2 did good job moto lol

  • Mjm1996

    will this update work if you are unrooted but have sprecovery?

    • nope

      • Mjm1996

        Will I even get the notification?

  • OtisJay

    Why would they do that?

  • Andydumal

    ohh. aight. my bad. i thought it was $60 just to sign up. i didnt realize you got 100 bids too. haha. i feel stupid.

    • OMG why arent you guys replying to each others comments?

  • Jimbannet

    man, i already saved over $450 between my dx and my camera. hah. i have to go win a bid for an ipad now though. peace.

  • Andydumal

    dude 60 bucks to sign up? not cool. but i do really need a laptop. :/ hmm….

  • Jimbannet

    well it wasnt exactly free. but it was 83 cents. haha. “http://www.quibids.com/?refer=3068417” check it out

  • Andydumal

    shut up. where do you get a droid X for free?

  • Jimbannet

    I think any update is better than waiting for glitches to sort themselves out. Although I cant complain, my droid X was free. 😛

  • Mr Decker704

    Love that the picture of the droid from Verizon features the eclair launcher.

  • Fake

    how would one save the update.zip for posterity?

  • Kaufkin

    I got an update from stock! (Cyan RC5…) 😉 but it is a D1… almost tempted to go back to stock, but not quite…

  • nygiants9256

    is this update also for the DROIDX?

  • Congrats DROID pwners!

  • Mjm1996

    In the email it said it would likely rollout before noon.

  • justsayin

    Got my email, just waiting for the notification…………………….

  • M1ghtysauc3

    Why don't they just tell the truth and say this update will make rooting more difficult? MotoVerizon Nazis!

  • otter34


  • TheDrizzle

    So what's this mean for people who are rooted and wish to remain so?

    • skltr21

      You probably won't even get prompted to update…… most roms block updates. And some roms are using this build already.

      • And if you're only rooted but on the stock ROM, as long as you have a custom recovery, even if you get prompted to update it will fail (due to the custom recovery).

      • Jinxygrrl

        I got the email, am rooted, but using a rom using build FRG22D and Android 2.2.1. Wonder if it will actually hit my phone.

  • Michael_NM

    I can't wait for the updated amazon midget! Will that make her normal height?

    Oops… I guess that's Amazon Widget. 😛

  • DaPenguin

    Hmm…will I need to load the stock rom for this I wonder.

  • Mitch

    Be careful: the Droid incredible recently got a minor update like this… rooting afterwards was extremely difficult.

    • lets hope we can root since im testing it

      • jason6g

        i still have an old sbf file. should install all but the last minor update (the 1.7mb or whatever one) and that seems to work well, just incase you get stuck not being able to root

      • jason6g

        i still have an old sbf file. should install all but the last minor update (the 1.7mb or whatever one) and that seems to work well, just incase you get stuck not being able to root

    • NUNYA

      Im sure superOneClick will do the trick 😉

    • Kris5151

      how did you get the update already

    • Kris5151

      how did you get the update already

  • Body_marks

    Well I got the email. As soon as I receive the test update, I'll report back. woohoo

  • What's with that Maps icon in the picture of the Droid?

    • tanknspank

      Looks photoshopped. I mean, are we going back to the old app drawer too? Lol. I bet this is almost identical to the leaked frg83 build.

      • PyroHoltz

        Yeah, why would they release an update that removes the app draw button icons? Or, is it just a crappy job at applying a graphic to their announcement?

      • Idk, but I wish that was the new Maps icon.

  • Ralphman

    wow i dont know what this means but um cool!! hehe