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Apple Bans Android Magazine from App Store

Nothing like a good Android vs. Apple post to kick off a new week and end another amazing month here at Droid Life, right?  So apparently Apple has banned an app that was submitted to them because the app in question was dedicated entirely to covering Android news.  You aren’t surprised by this are you?  What’s note-worthy though, is the fact that the company behind the app has a half dozen other apps already approved for Apple’s store, but this one just wasn’t acceptable due to its content.

When the developer spoke with Apple about the denial of the app, an executive apparently had this to say…

“You know… your magazine… it’s just about Android…. we can’t have that in our App Store.”

There are already other Android-related apps in their store, so it’s hard to tell why exactly this one wouldn’t make the cut.  OK, who are we kidding.  We get it.  Oh Apple.  You can’t stand the success of Android, will do anything to take cheap shots at it while in public, and appear to want to lock down your world even more while the rest of us open ours.  We win.

+1 for open source and an open market.

Via:  MediaWatch, PC Mag

Cheers Stephen, ibow, and everyone else!

  • Anilraj407

    i wish google would ban apple from youtube and google maps then will see who wants an iphone

  • picaso86


  • Trocks797

    I am proud to say I own nothing Apple. What an incredibly disappointing company.

    • Big_Ern

      I wouldn't call it disappointing as much as a greedy, unethical, lying, sack-o-shit of a company.

  • hmmm. wonder why they are doing that? Maybe one day android will bail them out like Microsoft did back in 1997

  • Johnkillmar

    Not sure what the Android Magazine is. Is it Droid Life? No Android Magazine to be found on the Android App Market.

  • cdmoore74

    Another reason why I dislike apple as a company. Will it really make a difference if other competitors have news apps on the iPhone. Even apple only sites show how android is growing leaps and bounds. What's next for apple? Do they want to ban the word “android” from being used on iOS devices?

  • PigHeaded

    Come on y'all. Be a little easy on the iPhone. It's a great device for apps and playing all kinds of games. It's responsive, looks cool, music player with the album covers is nice.

    Making phone calls….well, you're probably better off with a couple of tin cans tied to a string but that's beside the point. At least you can have a good 10 minute conversation before you have to call back to continue it. Sure it's frustrating but look on the bright side, it teaches you patience. And we can all use a bit more patience can't we? And 10 minutes is all you really need to talk to someone anyways, especially your loved ones.

    So let's just all play nice and not talk so much crap about the iPhone. It already does that for itself so no need to kick a dead horse.

  • Jeff

    Seems kind of petty to me…

    However, I am dumping my droid as soon as an iPhone is available on the Verizon network. I am so sick and tired of all the bugs that Google seems to have in every new release. It seems to take many months (if ever) to fix any of them. Then many more months get the update through the hardware manufacturer and then many more months to get the carrier to release them…

    Why do they insist on breaking key features that used to work in the previous versions???????

    Why is the camera flakey in every android phone I have ever used?

    I hate the fact that you have to root the phone a run a hacked ROM to try an fix the issues that Google cause with each update…

    I can honestly say that without the help of this site and others like it, I would have smashed my droid a long time ago……

    Having to chose between an open system that rarely works and a closed system works most of the time. I know which one I want….

    • JRcade17


      You do realize that there is not a SINGLE version of Stock android withing Verizon's network right?

      Verizon refused stock android and insisted that companies such as motorola use custom roms instead of stock.

      All the bugs you get are a result from crapware such as motoblur, not Google's fault, it was moto's bad coding.

  • Jawshua

    That's crazy! Apple really are solve serious communists! Of coure the Apple apps on Android are okay though. I laugh as Apple tries to stay on top of their sinking ship!

  • You know…. your magazine… it keeps showing our customers…. A better product!

  • Bigrob60

    but -10 for locked down phones. Good thing Android has some 10 billion points to fuddle around with.

  • Buckgrad

    Captivate, Aria, Backflip…aren't these all Android based? And aren't they through AT&T? Hmmmmmm…..

    • Buckgrad

      Oops…sorry. Apple Store…not AT&T.

  • Thank you 'open source'. Apple will never learn this, which is why they are doomed in the end.

  • Jason w.s.

    Why does this not surprise me one single bit? Mr. Jobs, is a pitiful little man. Going about business this way just makes your company look desperate and scared… F'n hilarious.

  • Sometimes, you just have to smile and wave.

  • zachchen1996


  • Twelve Volt

    Thanks Steve Jobs for assuring me I made the right decision buying a Droid X and not an I Phone. And I'm getting sick of him saying “it just works”. Sure does if you hold it the right way.

    • TheDrizzle

      Yeah I hate when the iSheep use the “it just works” defense. I'm pretty sure my Droid just works too, just a lot better.

  • Droid

    Maybe if android was a polished platform and not random crapware hobbled together. It would be worthy.

    • Mrpicolas

      Please tell me your joking if not maybe you need a trip to the genius bar to calm your nerves and unwrinkle your turtleneck

    • OtisJay

      lol you mad bro?

    • Apple fanboys must have some deep psychological issues which force them to hang on to junk while treating it as gold

    • TheDrizzle

      Apple fanboy be trollin'. Just let him be.

    • Big_Ern

      iPhone = old and busted

      Android = new highness


  • adam

    Android>iOS! Simple as that.

  • Chris

    iPhone owners just don't seem to get it. They pay a lot of money for these phones and for the horrible service, but also, it seems, that they pay for censorship. It's like these people are scared to make up their own minds so they pay a company to do it for them. With that said, I guess the iPhone can make your life easier, because you just don't have as many decisions to make.

    Whats next? Is Apple going to start filtering out phone calls for you? Maybe they can start blacklisting phone numbers from within Google, or Microsoft offices?

    It doesn't matter whether it's an Android related application or something else. If I was an iPhone owner, I would be furious at the fact that the only applications I can download are ones approved by Apple, where the only approval factor is clearly whether Apple makes an extra dime or not. This is the same as an internet provider filtering websites for their own monetary gain. Its just wrong.

    • TheDrizzle

      I agree. Android is about choice. We have a choice in what apps we download. Sure a few (very few) may be malicious, but I'd rather decide for myself than be forced to only get apps approved by someone else. We are growns ups, we are capable of making decisions for ourselves. No thanks, Mr. Jobs, I'll take open anyday.

  • Erkleehoo

    Ok. Love my Droid, and find humor in all the I pone bashing. But really, REALLY?!?! You are going to find fault in them not wanting to advertise for Droid, with a Droid only app? That's sad. How many apps do we have in our market that deals with i-pone news only. I've not seen them. Why don't the Chevy dealer up the road hand out flyers for Ford? Have some common sense, its a business!

    • M1ghtysauc3

      Chill out. You sound like a crazy person.

      • yup. this person does sound as if.

      • iPhoneBestPhone

        How exactly does that sound crazy? It seems perfectly reasonable to me and it's not like he's cussing out Jews or anything. Maybe his post just hit a little too close to your Android heart?

        • Dredamanfoo2

          You’re an i*hone fan boy and and it shows through your user name. You don’t need to add any input to this site, moron. You are clearly bias towards the fruit factory so just keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

        • AnDroidSepTIX

          Your profile pic says alot about you

        • Damn, a few more guys like this one and we'll have a baby Engadget site on our hands. This site is dedicated to Android. There will be Apple bashing. Sites dedicated to Apple will bash Android. Wake up and smell the reality.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, there are a lot of Apple sites that I keep tabs on because I have a Mac, and they don’t bash on Android at all, even when there is an Android related story. (i.e. MacRumors). I don’t see why there has to be so much bashing on this site. And I think it was completely justified that Apple didn’t accept that app; they don’t want to be advertising a competitor on their own platform. I bet Kellex would deny any iPhone-related ads on this site, if that was possible.

          • AnDroidSepTIX

            We dont bash we just generally dont like appl■

          • I’m typing this from my Macbook Pro. My wife is sitting across from me on her Macbook. I meant iPhone sites bashing Android since Android doesn’t compete with OSX.

          • Klifferd_51

            we bash not because apple makes a bad product, but because steve jobs is a control freak who believes in telling me how to think, and the sheeple suck it up.

            i might buy an apply product after he dies.

          • Klifferd_51

            we bash not because apple makes a bad product, but because steve jobs is a control freak who believes in telling me how to think, and the sheeple suck it up.

            i might buy an apply product after he dies.

        • Tyler Piercy

          What the hell are you doing on droid-life.com?

          • Nylabrookes

            He wants a droid, but AT&T has a choke hold on him. That IPHONE he has just keep redirecting him to this site. You know how unstable them Iphone can be if you don’t hold them right!

          • Nylabrookes

            He wants a droid, but AT&T has a choke hold on him. That IPHONE he has just keep redirecting him to this site. You know how unstable them Iphone can be if you don’t hold them right!

        • Tyler Piercy

          What the hell are you doing on droid-life.com?

    • Jdoe

      But anti competitive behavior can get you sued especial if it doesn't violate any of there preset rules that they keep changing mid game.

    • Truemobius

      And yet, you do have car lots selling other brand cars from trade-ins and what not. Maybe a more appropriate analogy would be having a Chevy Part sold at a Ford Dealer. Thats not going to happen for more reasons then even that analogy can handle but still…

      All that aside it's still rather Green Dam-ish of apple to not allow an app on its site solely based on it being a aggregator for non iphone branded content. I see an app called “iphone vs blackberry” on the store right now, should that be taken off the site?

    • Timoh

      First lets start with Android ≠ Droid. It's a perfect example of a locked down, “you'll only have access to what we want you to know about” mentaility that epitomizes A ples way of business. Also, there are plenty of people that have i hones but want to know about Android and read the latest news. Whether that's for work or personal reasons, they should be able to have access to that on a device they paid for.

    • I have an app that is completely dedicated to iPhone ring tones and notification sounds. There are themes that make your Android phone look like an iPhone. What's the difference? Do a search for “iphone” in the android market and then sit back and think how ridiculous this whole thing is.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not true, there are apps related and even dedicated to Apple available for android, Engadget for example.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not true, there are apps related and even dedicated to Apple available for android, Engadget for example.

    • Nybandit2000

      I didn’t see Google throwing a fit when Microsoft made a Bing app for the Android Market!!!!!!

  • Chris Nimon

    I understand why but this is still one of the reasons I refer to them as aphole. (has a nice ring to it when you say it out loud lol) Android has shoved IOS's face in a pillow and worked them over. Now that we can say as a matter of fact that Android >IOS I couldnt care less what that angry little man does with that company. IOS is so far behind Android now that I barely see making any comparison with it.

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    Propaganda? check
    Restrict free will? check
    Phone OS genocide? coming 2011

    Appl3 devices send out EMP to disable Android devices!!! Fear the turtle Necks.

    • Chris Nimon

      That really is a perfect analogy. +1 .Any body remember when they launched and they wanted us to fight big brother lol, oh the irony.

      • And now they are big brother. lol

      • Anonymous

        Sadly most people don’t even know what you’re talking about when you bring that up in conversation.

  • David

    Hmmm, I wonder if there are any apps in the Market that feature Apple News?

    • just checked and found one that is apple/android but i found one about steve jobs called my steve jobs.

    • Timoh

      There are a lot of addons and apps to make your android device look and feel like an i*hone. You honestly can't believe an a ple news app would be banned from the OPEN android market.

  • Michael_NM

    Dear St*ve Hackjobs,

    We, the community of Android owners, reject your over-priced, over-hyped, over-controlled view of the world. From the bottom of our hearts and with deep sincerity we say, “F You!”

    BTW: Nice freakin' turtleneck. Is that new?

    Kind Regards,

    • The OG Droid

      St*ve Wackjobs… what?..lmao 😉

  • Drew_VA

    Awesome. The losers over at Apple are so paranoid.

  • Rain_king46

    Wow, whats the problem uncle Steve? Getting nervous?

  • Sboman32


    • madmanmike


      • Pew McPewPants


  • madmanmike