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Verizon Teaches DROID 2 Global Users How to Make Overseas Calls

If you recently purchased one of our new global roaming family members like the Droid 2 Global or Droid Pro, then Verizon wants to make sure you know how to actually call someone should you go galavanting through another country.  Anyone been able to use their global phone from afar yet?  What country?


And this isn’t the only D2 Global tip video.  The Verizon Youtube channel has a series for both the Pro and D2G if you are interested.  Find them here.

  • John

    I could not get this to work on my phone and no other help is available for this issue that I can find….sucks

  • lol i actually won a free iphone, this crazy site is giving them away for free http://su.pr/4UDv2W

  • My OG can make calls from the only country I can (unfortunately) afford to visit…Canada.

  • Craigg

    VZW can't respond to the issue as to why the 850 / 1900 MHZ GSM bands are locked out but but they have the geniuses on board to teach one how to dial an international call??? To bad that they don't include a disclaimer that most calls are billed at the rate of $3 per minute.

    A better how to video might be one to illustrate how one can get a foreign sim with unlimited broadband for about $20 monthly. Then they should teach one to configure SipDroid for VOIP over broadband. With this configuration your friends / colleagues can dial your US number to reach you and you can call them for a little over 1 cent per minute.

  • gwilson93

    did you notice at 26 seconds in when she hits menu you can see the pictures option to choose from, like you mentioned a little while back that the droid 2 would get in a future update!? is this gingerbread??

  • I am gonna call that number.

  • jimmy

    noob question, but what exactly do they mean by global?

    i get that it means it's capable of making calls internationally, but will there be any extra charge if i were to use this phone in another country.? i am going to be making yearly trips to mexico and this would be handy because last time i went i went crazy not being able text anyone or even use the web.

    • sc4fpse

      You bet your butt there will be extra charges. Calls and texts are extremely expensive in other countries on Verizon roaming, and data charges are akin to highway robbery. What global phones are good for, though, is being SIM-unlocked so that you can replace your Verizon/Vodafone SIM with a local SIM. That way you get a local access number and you pay local rates, not the extremely expensive roaming rates that Verizon has arranged with the local carriers.

      • jimmy

        *sigh* oh well i'll just stick airplane mode and looking for a wifi hotspot. maybe convince a couple of friends to get kik or dusting off the old instant messaging screennames. thanks for your help 🙂

    • Michael_NM
    • Ray

      actually once you activate the sim you automatically get charged the international data charge of $65 a month for unlimited data which isnt bad for international compared to all the other carriers that dont offer this at all. and you can just forward all your calls to your skype account and bam good to go.

    • Towelie420

      It means that should you ever leave this fair country (don't understand why anyone would want to do that) and go to some smelly awful other country, you can make a call back home to america exclaiming GET ME THE HELL OUT OF THIS CRAPPY COUNTRY

  • Michael_NM

    A person requiring this type of help might want to reconsider purchasing a “smart” phone. The fact that VZ took the time to produce this video tells me exactly how stupid they think we are…

    Now, how do I get my Droid X to make me a robot like in the commercials? 😛

    • kellex

      I'll admit that I laughed at every single one of these videos.

    • OtisJay

      also, would that up my dancing skills a few points?

  • kimir

    for the technologically impaired…