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Original DROID 2 Now has 1.2GHz Processor?

If you are shopping for a new Droid phone and you happen to find yourself hovering your mouse over the original Droid 2 on Verizon’s website, you may be in for a surprise.  As you can see in the shot above, the phone is listed as having a 1.2GHz processor which is currently only available in the new and still unannounced Droid 2 Global.  Our first thought was, “Will an update clock the D2’s OMAP up to 1.2GHz?”  I mean after all, the DX, D2 and D2G all run th exact same processor, but for whatever reason Motorola decided to pump the global version up a little.  The answer is “maybe”, but not something we should all hold our breath for.

What discounts this whole idea though, is the fact that the little hovering action also displays a “Global Capacity” highlight which we all know is false.  The original D2 definitely doesn’t have a GSM radio in it.

How long before this gets fixed?

See it for yourself at Verizon’s site.

Cheers Mike!

  • only1battman

    what i am curious about is why the D2 Global is $199 and the D2 is $149?? they have the same picture and the same info bubbles. it just doesnt make any sense

  • professionalgun

    I think your first thought should have been, “Verizon must have made a typo.” Your second thought could then involve all the wild speculation you want. 🙂

  • DarthRogue

    It isn't the info bubbles that are in the wrong place… it's the phone… Notice how the droid 2 (non-global) is in silver… Last time I checked, the global came in silver, but the droid 2 (again… non-global) is still stuck in black… Anyone else agree?

    • o_O dude.. they are the same color. the global just has white as an option.

      • DarthRogue

        Yes, I know that the global comes in black too… but look at the coloring on the global vs the non-global… Now tell me which one looks more white…

        • OK.. NO version of the DROID2 is black. The global has two, white and blue. the regular droid 2 has blue and that's it. they put the bubbles in the wrong place. thats all.

  • OG Droid OC @ 1GHz

    I don't need a new phone. 😛

    • But you still can't double that RAM…

      • tommytmt

        …double YOUR ram

    • no one asked. why do you guys do that? OK.. your happy with your phone… good for you.. you said in every other droid-life post.

  • I recently got a DROID 2 on insurance replacement….. It has a a different keyboard than what I had before… Are they also re-designing the Droid 2 Keyboard or is it only on the Droid 2 Global???

    • BTW I compared it with a display at the store… the keyboard is different.

  • Colin

    So I downloaded a newer version of the MIUI ROM I found on Droid Forums, and I just noticed that it's running Android 3.0.1 … someone explain this to me?

    • Colin

      Ok, just took the 2 seconds to search DroidForums and found out this was an easter egg/joke from the developer of the MUIU, it's still very much Froyo.

  • What's weird is that I went to Verizon today to check out the Droid 2 and the little placard said it was Global ready, yet it had all the D2 info. Was odd.

  • g00ber

    You can tell the infos on the wrong phone. The D2 is silver and blue. Its a mistake.

    • yea they have a blue and silver D2g also.

      • g00ber

        Do they have a all black D2.

  • YHAO

    my d2 won't update, so im out of luck.

    Except for the fact that it is running at 1.4 GHz. Boooya!

    • KeeKee

      Awesome-O! I bet you rooted! I'm running at 2.5gHz with my overclocked processer, running the Phreaker ™ ROM.

      • liar.

        • B-Do

          He’s not lying. I too have the 2.5gHz overclocked processor, and I am running the Phreaker ™ ROM. I skipped gingerbread, and am eating tons of yummy icecream on my Droid 2.5.

  • ben

    All of vzw's phones have some “global capacity.” CDMA is not limited just to our pristine shores.

  • Kamesen

    yeah looks like a mistake in the advertising department

  • jeremytheindian

    More interesting than the accidental marking is how freaking wide that droid pro looks. Didn't seem that fat when I played with one yesterday.

  • Droid-ice

    Does this mean the old droid 2 will have a update to 1.2 then ?

    • Michael_NM

      Short answer: No
      Spanish answer: No
      German answer: Nein
      Long answer: Negative

    • The350zWolf

      It actually the D2 already has it; the overclock that can be done while rooted. Incidentally I'm happy to see this note here at DL since I'm stuck here at home nursing a nasty cold. Rainy day 🙁

  • bballaban

    I don't know why this story was even published, It's pretty obvious Verizon's advertising placed those three info bubbles on the wrong D2. Nothing more than that…

    • Anonymous

      This. There is a slight possibility an update to the DROID 2 may bump it up to 1.2Ghz but this is definitely just a misprint by Verizon

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure. Droid 2, droid 2 global, droid pro, and droid x all have the same processor, branding, and nearly identical prices; why not update the droid 2 and droid x to 1.2ghz? Guess I’ll have to root and overclock to see what my Droid X is really capable of!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. One of those info bubbles even says “Global Capacity”. Case closed.

    • tommytmt

      Information …. that’s why kellex posted this, so that we can go to it and see for ourselves. If you’d rather not be informed on all things Droid then why are you coming here?

    • Malonzo85

      You are a douche rocket, it was published because of the fact it rose an eyebrow. If it didn’t, so many people wouldn’t have commented on the article.

    • Dpw32609

      yeah slow day at droid life lol “Global Capacity” kinda gives it away

  • Umm, can someone please explain to me why they Droid Incredible always seems to get shunned by Verizon…they never advertise it for anything

    • Michael_NM

      Take a look at the link in the story. Note the Motorola logo on the bottom left. Since Moto is paying for some of this advertising, I doubt they're interested in selling HTC phones.

      Also, based on the Incredible relaunch party (sans Droid references), it appears to me that HTC is stepping away from the Droid branding. Perhaps they're not interested in paying Lucas anymore.

      • Rizzidy

        The Incredible has always been the odd one out. The picture on verizonwireless.com doesn't have a droid eye and the commercials are decidedly “un-droid.”

      • Well, they still havent un-“DROID”ed the Incedible, because its still on the DROIDDOES website and its still listed as the DROID Incedible on the verizon site….but HTC cants step away from the DROID brand, because then all of their phones will have Bing :(…i hate Motorola

        • tommytmt

          Why would you hate Motorola? Did you have a bad experience with the razr or something?

    • I'm still seeing VZW and HTC commercials for it.

  • Rizzidy

    False advertising. Bring on the lawsuits.

    • tommytmt

      Not false advertising … a mistake, nothing more. For a lawsuit to ensue one would have to prove that someone was harmed by this “misprint”…unless you commit suicide because of this I think Verizon’s pretty safe.

  • Michael_NM

    The marketing department at VZ must read Droid Life:


  • masterxchief

    The D2 has a lower model processor than the DX which is why it doesn't do 720p. Ill find the link to where I read this and post it later.

    Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=772767

  • First

    • Anonymous


  • bmmb

    this would be wonderful if the “update” could clock the dx up to 1.2 as well! I can only get it to 1.15 without “turtle mode”