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DROID Pro in Stock and Ready to Rock Verizon Stores Tomorrow

We just received our Droid Pro, but for the rest of you waiting to get your hands on one before taking the dive, your time has come.  The DP will hit Verizon stores tomorrow and be available for $179 on 2-year contract or $479 if you just want to buy one outright.  As you can see from the shot above, they should have a solid amount in stock, but hurry in anyway to see if this really is the Blackberry killer.

Oh, and our unboxing should be on Youtube in about an hour and on the site tomorrow morning.

  • The Droid Pro has 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 2GB |ROM, 8GB internal storage, and auto-focus camera with dual LED flash, that really was good, thanks for sharing with us….

  • It's unlikely to storm the boardroom but anyone who likes apps as much as messaging could do a lot worse. The Motorola Droid Pro is available now on Verizon

  • Well Thanks alot fot knowing about this Droid Life DROID Pro in Stock and Ready to Rock Verizon Stores Tomorrow Droid Life ….Thanks for posting this informative article.

  • shaehnel

    tried the pro at verizon today. keyboard way too small and cramped. cannot text or email with one hand. stick with bb.

  • GoNoles

    RIM will be the Blackberry killer very soon.

  • picaso86

    I wan the Boot Eye tho : /

  • Romma1

    The whole Android Concept is the elusive Blackerry Killer. Although I will give some props to BB's ad campaigns as of late…

  • Stelv

    This phone looks horrible compared to all the other wonderful Droid phones out. I wouldn't pay 1 cent for this phone. Hopefully it doesn't have bing on, because that would make it total junk.

  • Nikko100982

    U guys really r lame nerds…u hate the iPhone but that phone has an a4 processor and works beautifil out of box…u droid ppl gotta root and overclock just to get your phones running anywhere near a iPhone…step it up all motorola is good for is boost mobile phones….and I'm sure this will et flagged cuz u nerds can't handle the truth.

  • Devin Rs42

    We got one in our store yesterday, the keyboard is very short and the screen is very tall which makes the phone top heavy and harder to type on.

  • it won't be a blackberry killer bc nobody (other than this community) knows about it…need to advertise more.

  • already got the phone… don't need it on its official release date

  • dellbx


  • Blink1st

    With all the great Droid phones, I don't see why motorola felt the need to imitate the blackberry style. I rock the DI but if I wanted a physical keyboard, the droid2 or even the g2 are much better options. I played with this phone a couple days ago and was not impressed. It looks ugly, the keyboard is too squished, the screen is too small, and good luck typing in landscape mode. I'll wait for the incredible HD.

    • So you'll wait for the Incredible HD. But people who want the lackberry form factor can get this one. Its called CHOICE. wonderful concept 🙂

      • Blink1st

        An even better concept is opinion…and my opinion is that the droid pro is not on par with the other droid models. I'm all for providing choice, but you wont see microsoft bringing back the floppy disk drive just to provide a choice. Similarly, I dont think motorola needs to provide an inferior keyboard just to provide a choice. But that's just my opinion.

        • yeah opinion spun as fact..

          droid pro is a wonderful phone. does more function than the other droid phones currently marketed

      • Sir_Hardin_Thicke

        “Lackberry”. I like that. 🙂

        • EC8CH

          I prefer to call moto's version the Blurberry… for obvious reasons

    • Trophynuts

      actually the G2 has a smaller processor

  • 11knives

    Looking to convert my wife from windows mobile. This might be the one.

  • rockymtnhigh

    The VZW store here had it in stock last Friday, and I played with it. Liked the keyboard, HATED the screen. Its too darn small, and hard on the eyes. I think it would give me eye strain. Everything is just too small.

    • I agree, but when you consider that they're aiming for Blackberry users, the screen is a definite step up for them.

      • yea on my moms blackberry the screen is sooooo tiny compaired to my D2. She's looking into this phone because it's android, but has the keyboard she's used to

        • plus the blackberries aren't touch screen either.

    • coming from an LG dare, this is an upgrade,

      mind your manners you nerdaholic…

      all the idiots waiting for the dual core phones are going to be mad when quad cores come 6 months thereafter…

      just buy a phone you like not whats coming …

  • Christinamg82

    any idea if bestbuy will have theirs for sale and if so how much??

  • Rousellbrandon

    What about the Droid Merge????????

    • DF4

      dude i know i want that phone so bad!!!!!!!!

    • Jjgrubs

      What about the Nexus S??????? What about the Incredible HD???????????…how about let's try to keep posts relevant?

    • KleenDroid

      Do you mean the “Bing” Merge?

  • Andrew Hewitt

    When do we get a wonderful review? ;]

    • kellex

      Probably next week.

  • RealGame22

    Retail for $479…..That ain't bad, might check that out tomorrow.