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DROID 2 Global Orders Already Arriving for Customers, First Full Gallery

The still unannounced, but for sale Droid 2 Global is starting to arrive on doorsteps.  If you placed an order late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, you might want to go look out on your porch or at least check your tracking status.  As you can see from the full gallery below, the white version is as pretty as it was when we showed you the first pictures of it back in September.  (Thanks Henry!)

Hit the break for some new stuff and a bunch of photos!  

Some things you may not have known about the D2 Global:

  • SIM card included and pre-installed.
  • International chargers also included.
  • 8GB SD card included.
  • VPN app pre-installed.
  • SIM Manager pre-installed
  • Keyboard flatter than original D2.  Clicks on key press.

The more I see of this device, the more I’m starting to really like it.  It sounds like the keyboard is even better than the D2’s and the extra processor speed is felt from what I have been told.  Just look at the benchmark from our post here and below!  I’m really digging the white and bright silver color scheme too and am now scheming up ways to trade off my D2 for this updated version.

Anyone else get theirs?

Cheers again Henry!

  • Ashleymadison

    This phone is amazing! totally gettIng it!

  • somebody should get me one im still rockin my moto z6m rokr

  • somebody should get me one im still rockin the moto z6m rokr

  • Stuntman

    love the white how bout somebody buy me one im still rockin da moto z6m rokr

  • Txtomcat41

    The feature I like best about Verizon global phones is the fact that if you are a customer for at least 6 months and account is in good standing, they will give you sim unlock code.
    I have my Verizon # and a T-Mobile pre-paid sim installed. Thus I have 2 phone number on the same phone, can toggle between them since in this country they do not offer top of the line dual sim phones.
    Cannot wait to trade my HTC Touch Pro 2 window mobile for the Droid 2 Global

    • Txtomcat41

      I also use a sim in Spain and Thailand for local rates, with no problem.

  • Rmunks98

    does anybody know if you can run the droid 2 global on at&t or t-mobile?

  • From Verizonwireless.com:

    Droid 2: Usage Time = 575 mins; Standby Time = 315 hrs.
    Droid 2G: Usage Time = 500 mins; Standby Time = 230 hrs.

    The Droid 2G is not worth losing all that battery life unless you are a frequent world traveler.

  • David Wrenn

    My Droid 2 Global came today :w00t: The other one is the same color as the original D2 right? I obviously purchased the white one.

  • KaiserSoze

    i received my pro at about 10:30 am EST and have been tinkering with it off and on since. most of my apps work flawlessly save for a couple that are probably written for certain screen sizes (and will hopefully be addressed soon with updates… need angry birds to work!).

    as a blackberry user prior to getting my D1 its really nice to get back to a more user friendly physical keyboard. the virtual keyboard in landscape mode is as good as the D1's i'd say, so if you don't mind losing just a small bit of screen real estate i say this phone will be every bit as addictive as my D1 🙂

    • awesome. I hope to get mine tomorrow.

      how does the screen look compared to droid 1, i guess not AS sharp

      • KaiserSoze

        i'd say quality-wise its not quite as sharp, no, but that's not to say the screen isn't nice. still better than a lot of phones out there.

  • I bet tomorrow they'll release a DROID2 Global refresh too. I actually liked Moto. But now… no.. just no.

  • AznEngr

    Now the real question is now can I go to South America and buy a sim card and plug it in and work?

    • Txtomcat41

      Yep, just get sim unlock code from Verizon tech support.
      Be sure to change setting on phone to “gsm only” when you insert local sim.

  • Clarkish

    Cool and all, though I'm surprised more people aren't excited about the Droid Pro than a Droid 2 refresh.

  • Pandemic187

    If you're going to complain this much about newer, better phones, maybe you should stick to a land line.

  • Chris G

    In regards to the SIM Manager, does this mean I can swap sims and not have to rely on Stupid VZ roaming but a local prepaid sim?

    • you may have to unlock the phone before you switch sims, geeks please elaborate!

  • ryanallaire

    Why do they refuse to put battery percentage in the icon??

  • Justice060

    Getting mine tomorrow.

  • any Word on the PRO!? shipping

  • You think if I get a D2, which is going for a cheaper rate, then in say january call in with some issue, they will give the D2 global as a replacement device?

    • Ray

      not worth it i dont think they will run out of d2 anytime soon.

  • Suggestion: For exclusive photos, it'd be nicer to have the watermark non-colored, preferably gray and extremely transparent. Or put the watermark in the corner of the photo, but I doubt that would happen. Anywho, just a suggestion.

    Having a huge Droid-Life watermark on the image is a bit tacky in my opinion.

    • EC8CH

      watermarks in the corner of the image are easily cropped out defeating their purpose

  • Ray

    anyone know if this can be rooted yet?

  • JoeLivesLife

    I want this phone so badly! I have an upgrade the 27th of November and I am patiently waiting. Does it matter that I won't be going out of country often? I really just want the speed, physical keyboard, and design. I don't think I need global just yet… Does it matter?

    • Justice060

      Sometimes if you are within 30 days they might be able to upgrade you early.

      • JoeLivesLife

        Wow, I think I might try that! But also just to be on the safe side I think I might wait until the 27th to see if any other good phones come out. Anything is possible 🙂

  • NorCalGuy

    I don't see why everyone is so upset about the d2g, I swear when ever a new android/droid phone is released people go get it and are imediatly dissapointed by it because its not a million times better than their previous phone. The only real super huge difference between these is their UI. Other than that they can all be rooted and overclocked to hit what ever speeds the user wants. People should be getting a new phone more based on look and feel, ie want a big screen get an x, want a physical key board get a d1, d2, or a d2g. If people want a system overhaul then wait for gingerbread or a dual processor phone, but other than that people don't get why a rooted d1 can do anything that a dx can do. Personaly I don't see why people upgraded to the d2 in the first place, the rumors have been out for as long as the phone has that the d2g was around the corner. I think moto should keep pumping these phones out, they can only get better and hopefully one comes out vanilla again. D1 for life until the LTE phones come out!!

    • snowblind64

      Why would people upgrade to the D2? Well, here are my reasons…

      1. Faster SOC, at 1GHz, with a die shrink from 65nm to 45nm. Plus this chip will overclock better than D1 with less voltage.
      2. Well over 6GB of internal storage available to install apps. (I always hear people complain about the lack of space on the D1)
      3. Much improved keyboard.
      4. 512MB RAM, that's twice what the D1 has.

      • i dont know why they dont realize this.

      • BigRed4X15

        Finally! People are so annoying, just because the D2 Global came out, doesn't change that the D2 is a great phone! Its the same for the D1, the fact the D2 came out doesn't change the fact the D1 is a great phone.

        I personally went for the upgrade from my D1 to the D2 because of the hardware improvements. There were several that made the change worth it, including the ones listed by snowblid64. On the other hand the improvements going from the D2 to the D2G don't warrant buying the phone. Only a .2Ghz jump, no increase in ram, storage, or display. If you really need the “Global” aspect then great, if not, keep your D2 or D1 and just remember how great your phone is!

        • Beka27

          When we first moved to Verizon, I purchased the LG EnV2 (Ugh… LG… I know, right?!) But at the time I did not want to get myself locked into a data plan and all that, I just wanted a basic phone with a Qwerty keyboard. A month later the EnV3 comes out, and what…? a couple months after that the Touch arrived. So when I upgraded to the X this past month, my phone was two years and two versions old… BUT the darn thing still works. So I understand people holding onto their “OGs”. There's always going to be something bigger and badder, if only slightly. I'd prefer to have a great phone for 2 years, know it inside and out, rather than always chasing the next thing. I was in the air between the X and D2, I decided that NO decision was safer than the wrong decision… but in the end I feel I made the right choice for me. That's all that matters.


    Waiting for the incredible hd

    • Jjgrubs

      thank you for letting us all know…

    • Shut up. no one cares!

  • Craig

    I received my D2 Global today and so far I like it. It's faster than my D1. I tried to root it with SuperOneClick but it failed. If anyone has instructions as to how to root this device please post them. I'm also disappointed that it is sim locked to Verizon but hopefully a phone call to support tomorrow will get me the sim unlock code.

    • Ray

      let us know how that goes because i want to get mine next week and im wondering if the sim can be unlocked.

  • PigHeaded

    why did they bother making the Droid 2 in the first place only to abandon it a couple of months later.

    • Bridge the gap between a couple months ago and now, obviously… Their original Droid with a keyboard is a year old and far underspeced, the original Droid 2 was an interim solution for people that want a high quality phone with a keyboard. Now that the global version is ready, its out.

      • PigHeaded

        That still makes no sense. Why spend the time and money designing and making a phone instead of just waiting the short two months when the global is ready and just bring out the superior phone?

        I know I'm asking a moot question but it just seems odd of motorola.

        • DBK

          I agree. Since a more “complete” version of the Droid 2 was coming out around only 3 short months after the “original” Droid 2, there shouldn’t have been an original Droid 2. That was definitely a dumb move by motorola. They should have released a whole different type of Droid “to bridge the gap”, and then the D2G. They would have made more money that way because they wouldn’t be giving away or halving the price of the “original” Droid 2. If anything, the R2D2 Droid 2 should have been the only Droid 2 to come out before the Global.

  • Tourette's Guy 2 Global

    • JohnPA2006

      Tourettes Guy is awesome.
      made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt for the rest of the day.

  • I really hate how things are happening here. They release the DROID2 and sell a few. Throw it under the bus for the global and put all these little improvements on the global at that. its like release the DROID2 like it was a experiment device with little mistakes and then they release the global with all the improvements and fix-ups. motorola is officially stupid. my next device will be an htc or samsung device. moto is being gay.

    • pezjono

      That almost reminds me of another company that just rehashes hardware after it has barely been out and jack up the prices. It's not a Banana or an Orange…

      • Muddy B00ts


        wait a sec…

      • Jjgrubs

        Oh! Blackberry.

    • Let's complain about a company for consistently offering the highest quality phone it has available at the moment and then fault them for releasing an updated one with more features several months later… In fact, the world would be so much simpler if they would just offer ONE PHONE a year and at the halfway point offer it in another color! While our competition unloads phone after phone!

      • BAoxymoron

        why would you offer it another color… doesn't that mess up the camera?

        • Jjgrubs


          • *sigh*

          • Jjgrubs

            a sigh really says alot…and this isn’t apple, motorola can actaully make a white phone without “light leaking onto the sensor” which I don’t really buy in the first place

      • DBK

        Better yet, let’s be like Tyler and be total douche bags and jam that stick way up there!

    • KleenDroid

      Nothing to get your skivies in a knot… there are not a bunch of amazing improvements, it’s simply a global Droid 2. Any software improvements will be released to the D2 soon enough. Just like they did with the D1, they will also probably release a different kernel to bump the D2 to 1.2.

      This is basically a D2, (still called a D2) I don’t know what all the excitement is about.

    • Jack

      I will get Google Nexus 2. It is unlock, will always be the first to get latest software update. Or HTC Android as it will be unlock and rooted by XDA developers and XDA will provide all the latest ROM

    • is called tech it happens

    • Bob

      What is the problem with quick releases? The only problem I can think of is jealousy by the people who bought the older one. Actually, you are probably right about it being an “experiment.” The Droid 2 Global is being targeted at businesses…they may of wanted to have the phone trialed through consumers to work out the bugs. Businesses are not very forgiving.

  • Win_7

    Comparing the cameras on the D2 and the D2g, the global looks to have a larger camera…upgraded camera anyone? =)

  • The keyboard is flatter? They should have released this from jump street. thats so stupid.

  • White is starting to look naaweeessss!!!

  • Stephenpasq92

    why is the area around the camera bumped out…isnt the D2 flat

  • Flip5621

    Now, can we unlock this device so we can use different SIM cards?


  • The350zWolf

    Cool, I'm android green with envy :^P I want one!!!!
    The question now is if it's rootable with the rageagainsthecage-arm5 exploit… probably not since it's an ARM7. I'll play with my OG Droid and Droid2 until this beautiful puppy gets rooted.

  • Jjgrubs

    Yes. I am definitely getting this phone.

  • sc4fpse

    There's a Tourettes Guy app?!

    HOLY SH*T.

    Also, any chance we could see what the “Manage SIM card” app looks like?

  • Timmah

    I love how in the “Droid-Life” Branding in the image, the D in droid is RIGHT OVER PERFECTLY the DROID Eye! XD

  • TangoFoxtrot

    I think the main thing holding me back from upgrading my D1 is the keyboard. I REALLY want a slimmed down, keyboardless droid.

    • The350zWolf

      Get the Droid X man, or are specifically waiting for a global phone?

      • 123

        The DX may be slim, but it's not small.

        • The350zWolf

          True, I personally can't live without qwerty

  • kimir


  • Legion

    *R2D2 Whistle* She is a beaut!

  • Jeremy

    I guess this is the device i will be getting once my D2 fails like all my D1's did. Good thing I have Best Buy's warranty and they replace with new phones. Ill prob go white though to switch the colors up since I've had only dark phones since my Red Samsung Flipshot

  • It's pretty, but the keyboard feels like wasted space to me.

    • tommytmt

      Well then the moto Droid isn’t the phone for you … there are PLENTY of other phones out there for you, why in the WORLD are you making a comment like that?!

    • Anonymous

      There’s this phone…it’s called the iPhone…you should try it!!! 😀

  • EggoEspada

    This and the Droid Pro are pretty sexy, not gonna lie. Though I rather wait on the Incredible HD cause I defiantly don't need a keyboard.