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Original DROID Makes Big Appearance on Castle

Maybe we should start up a “DROID Appearances” category on this site since we love covering them so much.  In the latest sighting, the original Droid gets some major face time on another episode of Castle.  In the show, a boy is kidnapped and an OG is left in his place to provide clues to the cops and father.  The kidnapper sends videos, texts and other fun clues all through our beloved Droid.  

First appearance:

Video clue:

Keep these comin’!

Cheers Static_prone and Matt!

  • Raven

    What the hell. I love Castle (Nathan Fillion from Firefly). I “watched” that episode the other day while playing Angry Birds on my OG Droid and I didn't even notice it in the show, lol.

  • Pull the sim card? Must be a Milestone. For those of you who don't know what Castle is, it is one of the few shows on TV right now that are any good to watch.

  • Snookie

    Ditto.. WTF is Castle?

  • Chris.Go

    wtf is castle?

  • sherri64

    I actually “tweeted” about this last night. Police captain told them to pull SIM card to get additional info. Let me know how that turns out!

    • Kelly

      me too! and I sent an email to the DL tipline, but I guess no credit since I didnt have photos to do with it 🙁

  • crazing

    Incidentally, this phone was supposed to be a burner.

  • It made an appearance on the show a couple of weeks ago as the phone of a victim. Castle was checking the browser hostory to get a clue on the users last few minutes.

  • Dr. L'ling

    Peter Bishop from fringe used an evo two episodes ago

  • Muddy B00ts

    Sweet, this is my first published tip. (I'm Matt). Time to go update my resume, employers are gonna wanna hear about this!

  • I have seen the lead character on Hawaii Five-0 use a Droid 1

  • They use a Droid on the remake of Hawaii Five-0

  • EC8CH

    Her camera button is still gold… No Fair 🙁

    • Michael_NM

      A black Sharpie will make the gold loss less painful. At least it worked for me…

      • JohnPA2006

        Excellent idea, I will try that now.
        My gold wore off too.

      • JohnPA2006

        Oh wow, used a black sharpie permanent marker (ultra fine tip) got the whole thing
        edges and all, excellent idea, thanks for posting that idea.
        Now my camera button blends right in.

    • Jacob

      mine is still gold to 😀

      • Kelly

        me too and it is over a year old, though I'm sure it's because I barely used it, I opted for a homescreen shortcut to open the camera app. there is a small spot that is starting to wear off however.

    • Sam-Well

      Mine is too.. and i've had my DROID for over a year now!

  • Swarraws

    it is used in gossip girl By Nathan also

    • kellex

      This is true, and I can't believe I just admitted that I know that. 😛

  • tbaybe

    tons of droids on commercials… just saw the X on a on-star commercial

  • Every week during the NFL they show The Droid X.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! I’m really out of touch. What’s Castle? That Droid is lucky to be in those hands… 🙂

    • It's sort of a crime drama show. Nathan Fillion is a mystery writer who follows the hot sarcastic girl cop around and helps solve crimes. Pretty good show for the type. My wife adores Nathan Fillion so we never miss an episode.

      • Kelly

        he was great in firefly too!

        • Yeah Firefly is one of our favorites. He was awesome as Captain Hammer too.

      • Drama? I suppose so. Kind of a comedy too, tho. Best one was where he dressed up as Mal (a “space cowboy”) for halloween. 🙂