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Flash Update Hints at Android 2.3 Arrival?

We were already expecting a Flash 10.1 update on November 9th to fix a security issue, and while we’re looking forward to that, we are now even more interested after seeing the new description listed on the app’s market page.  Is Adobe letting us in on some Gingerbread news?  

ATTENTION:  Please install the upcoming 11/9 update (ver. 10.1.105.x) to ensure that Flash Player loads properly with future OS updates.

“Loads properly with future OS updates” sounds fun right?  There are rumors that the Gingerbread SDK could land on November 11th and maybe this is another sign that it’s close?

Cheers Mr. Joshua!

  • Oh nice, thanks for your information!

  • Oh nice, thanks for your information!

  • Cory

    We android people need to come together and stop fighting each other and use our talents toward dissing stupid I*hone users that talk sh!t about fandroids. I LOVE DROID-LIFE.COM!!! and android and my OG MOTODROID!!!

  • Chris.Go

    No Netflix… Lag… viruses… SPAM… who needs it.

  • I already have 2.3.2 on my droid 2

  • This is interesting news, indeed. If Android 2.3 gets released this month, will it be released for all Droid phones? Or only certain ones?

    Can't wait to hear more of this in the coming days.

  • OpticQ

    YES! I love Adobe!

  • Fireman7824

    will droid one be seeing any of this action??? is there any hope still with the droid one as far as updates or should I just begin relying on being unrooted

    • Don't you mean rely on being rooted? lol. No one knows if it will or not. I remember Moto saying a while back 2.2 was its last official OS update. Idk if that was a rumor, so who knows?

  • Ufish2

    still got root after the 2.2.3 update?

  • Timbois44

    My Nexus One has 2.2.3 so there. beat that “any phone” Nexus One will always get updates first…live with it.

    • Deadohiosky2003

      not for long sucka !!!!

    • Jeremy

      Wow your stupidity is amazing. Maybe before announcing absolutely nothing you should learn what you are talking about.

      2.2.3 means you are on 2.2 version 3. For you to be on Gingerbread it would say 2.3.x.

      And who is to say the nexus will get the update first. its coming up on being a year old and is outdated now compared to new devices. If Samsung announces the Nexus 2 on the 8th then its very likely that will be the first device with it, but there are other devices dropping this month also.

      • feztheforeigner

        Nexus S/2 will be first device to ship with Gingerbread. Nexus One (Google's baby) will be first to receive the update. Which will come first I don't know, however that is how Android updates typically go (a flagship phone with the most recent version on it, then Google's current baby gets the update)

      • Timbois44

        You must not have a Nexus ONE.. They get updates FIRST… It is and will always be the GOOGLE Flagship phone..
        You do your research fella…I know what i Have…

        • Timbois44

          Update..Just saw the Nexus S review …. It sucks…. My Nexus one BY GOOGLE is still better. All the Nexus S Has is color now…No WOW factor…lol

    • Dredamanfoo2

      ……Idiot. You're still on froyo so shut up and live with that.

  • timarnette

    I have a question. My Droid 1 keeps force closing everything. Also will not let me use Rom manager. I uninstalled Rom manager and installed it again. What should I do.

  • Same day as Black Ops 🙂

    • Hell yeah…you picking it up at midnight? I am! Going to be one hell of a game I'm sure. Actually, let's just hope it's way better than the recent flop known as Medal of Honor. Ouch!

    • Picking it up at midnight to!

    • Can't get it at midnight because I can't drive and parents are lame -.- fail?

    • tjhrulz

      yeah im getting it too need to go to the store though

  • Mr. Joshua

    As the tipster here, I have to say that it is really neat to see a full post from the tip. This is my second tip that has turned into an article – but also the second one that has ended up on a few other sites giving credit back here. It is pretty cool. From at least one member of the Android community, I love this site and everything your doing Kellex!! It is awesome to have an outlet to share news (and rumors) with everyone! Kudos!

  • Dmbatcofc

    Do you all think the original Droid will be getting 2.3? Interested to see if Motorola/Verizon/Google will continue to update their flagship device!

    • Droid is not a google's flagship device .. It could be the original G1 or more aptly the nexus ..

      • The original G1 has still yet to receive an official update to anything above 1.6 so that won't be getting Gingerbread anytime soon. The Nexus One is the most likely choice to receive the update first. As to the original Droid in my opinion it's uncertain whether it will get an update, but the phone was one of Motorola's best selling phones so who knows what will happen.

    • There are a lot of original Droids out there (and most of them under a 2-year contract). Unless hardware specs change dramatically on 2.3 (which I doubt) I would expect Motorola and Verizon to push out 2.3 about two- to three-months after Google releases it.

    • well moto and vzw anyway. google's flagship phone is the nexus one.

    • feztheforeigner

      Man am i sick of all these droid 1 fanboys! That phone is no longer a flagship phone for anyone. Currently, the droid x and droid 2 are verizon and motorola's flagship phones. Google's is the nexus one, and is about to be the nexus 2/nexus s. Get over it.

      • yea hes right, you cant stay in the past for ever. soon enough the x and 2 will be in the same position as the droid1. androids progression is crazy fast right now.

      • Well the Droid 1 WAS their flagshit device, and it is now MY flagship device. I bought it with a two year contract, so I expect it to be supported at least 1.5 years after it is released. If Moto doesn't, the devs will though 🙂

      • droidaholic

        These droid 1 fanboys are what started this site. If it wasn't for it this site probably wouldn't even be here. So id chill on the comments

        • feztheforeigner

          This site also wouldn't be here if it weren't fir the g1, does that make it a great device all of a sudden? Hell no it doesn't, in fact it's one of the worst.

          • The OG Droid

            All us D1 fans r sick of u and ur comments. if it wasn't for the D1… ur x and 2 would still b a wet dream.

          • feztheforeigner

            I'm not arguing that it's what started the rest of the droids, just that it's not the best droid out there. I'm just saying the x is better than it (my favorite) and the droid 2 is also better, that verizon no longer is using the original droid as its flagship device. Technology improves and products become outdated…that is the way of technology

          • Droiddawg

            And in a few months, your X will be outdated by dual-core Snapdragons and Tegra 2… so why waste our time and yours pissing on the D1? Nobody had argued that it was a “better” phone, or that it was a flagship device. YOU brought that up in stating that you’re “sick of Droid 1 fanboys” because someone had the audacity to muse on the prospect of one last upgrade.

          • Sprotthedestroyer

            My X is better than yours! My D2 is better than yours! Who cares? That’s an *phone mentality. WE ALL HAVE DROIDS! Get over your self inflated feeling of self worth, cause of a phone… a phone! Seriously. I love my OGD. And I will continue using it way longer than you use your X or D2. Cause I don’t go after the hype of having a certain phone. *phone mentality is what you have, maybe you should join their ranks, cause we don’t need you

          • you misunderstand the term ‘flagship’

          • Anonymous

            I believe ‘flagship’ to be the term used for a company’s current newest and most advertised device (typically it is also their best). Please explain to me what it ‘really’ is Mr.All-Knowing

          • Anonymous

            Yes, the Droid X and Droid 2 probably would not have existed in their current condition if not for the Droid 1. The OG Droid was a great device and brought a great deal of much needed and deserved attention to android, what I am saying is these OG Droid fans continue to be blind to the newer devices that out-do the old phones (including the OG Droid). Now, I do love the Droid 1 and think its a fantastic device, but I do not understand in the least how one could believe it is still anyones flagship phone. As I said in a previous comment, there aren’t even commercials for the OG Droid anymore, they are ALL for the Droid X, Droid 2, and Droid Incredible. They X and 2 are Verizon and Motorola’s flagship devices (currently). The Droid 1 was at one point in time, but no longer. Soon the same will happen to these droids (Droid Olympus/Terminator/T2 anyone?), that’s just what happens, sorry to disappoint you but that’s the way it is and always will be. Sorry for this super long comment, I’m just tired of getting beat up on for my personal opinion.

          • Anonymous

            Dude, calm down, all people are saying that where the hell does arguing about which Droid is better get you? This is about us being part of a Droid family, the best Android line by far. Chill.

            Any by the way, the “best device” is a matter of taste. So your “best device out there” could be my “worst.”

          • Anonymous

            I agree with your argument of “best device”, but what I was originally asking was where in the world does Dmbatcofc come off thinking it is still the flagship phone for Verizon and Motorola? After that, everyone exploded

          • Anonymous
      • Michael_NM

        I'm sick of inter-Droid rivalries. The real enemy comes from a fruit factory. The original Droid hatched this blog, and even as it nears it's first birthday, it's an amazing device. I implore all Droid Lifers to share the love for the family of Droids and the close relatives (Fascinate, etc.). To me the beauty of this site has always been it's light-hearted and friendly nature. There's room for all of us here, but we must respect our elders… especially Daddy Droid!

        • feztheforeigner

          I agree and love the attention to android the original droid has brought us and think it's amazing device, just that it's not the best one out there. Nor is it verizon's flagship device any longer. I don't understand how someone could be naive enough to believe such a thing…they don't even have commercials of it anymore…

        • Anonymous

          “the real enemy”?!?

          i own a Droid 1 plus ipod & mac book. i guess i need to start some self-mutilation? 😉

        • Dredamanfoo2

          That’s what’s up! Our war is with the fruit factory phones, not fellow robots!

      • Droiddawg

        Everybody reading this site realizes that D1 is no longer the flagship; that ended with the arrival of the Dx. What Dmbatcofc asked was whether it would be receiving the update, which is a question that interests many of us who bought D1s when it WAS the best available choice, and continue to enjoy our phones. Nobody gives a rat's @$$ how sick you are of “droid 1 fanboys”, either answer the question respectfully, or shut the hell up!

        • OpticQ

          I don't think the Droid was ever the proper “flagship” device, it's a sure bet to call the Nexus One that, but the Droid most likely has a bigger community to back it up. For me, that makes a huge difference in terms of deciding to upgrade to a Droid X or not.

        • Anonymous

          And what question did your comment answer?

        • TennisPsychologist

          I love my D2 but the X and the OG Droid are terrific phones and everyone should be pleased that we have Droids and can share the apps etc. that make these things so amazing.

    • Im wondering the same thing man, it would be nice if the D1 gets it also.If it doesnt then ill be sad lol cuz im stuck with my D1 till next Oct.

    • Rob_P

      Since the OG Droid is still probably the single bestselling Android handset I'm pretty sure it will get the update. Don't listen to the haters that commented, they're suck with MotoBlur.

      • We can remove blur just as fast as you can say it. and thats even if we choose to. I actually like the widgets and other features you cant get with stock android. why would we hate on the droid1 when we have better phones? o_O

        • shanklin07

          Seriously this is stupid! All the guy said was he hopes his Original Droid is supported when this comes out. I use to come here everyday and post. It's been awhile since I have been on here and I come back to see people dissing other droids? I don't recognize the people that are doing it so you must be new here. Quit with the my phone is better your phone sucks. You guys are ruining my experience here today, which used to be pleasant every time I came. I can go to engadget to read stupid flame wars! Suck your ego's up and respect your fellow Droid-lifer's.

          • I didn't dis the DROID1 nor said it sucks, I just said that the X/2 are better (obviously). Rob_P is the one dissing other DROIDs saying we're stuck with blur like its a frickin disease! I'm nice to people around here most of the time until someone acts dumb by posting stupid comments like Rob_P. Its only true, why would we hate on the DROID1?

    • Debosmebo

      Sanjay, Motorola CEO confirmed awhile back that the original Droid will no longer receive updates.

  • Beeze

    BOLOGNA! Aint no 2.3.2 out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Beeze

    I'm sure one of those great rom makers will get us something before the end of the year, well for us rooted custom rom types haha!

  • RFreeburger

    Its out guys, my droid just yelled at me to instal, 2.3.2 OS and then did the whole droid OS instal. It;s a droid 2 btw

    • Timmah

      Yeah right, and the T-2 is out.

    • sooorry

      it's a Droid 2-specific maintenance update [aka-service pack]–not gingerbread. sorry.

    • kellex

      2.3.20 is a system update not an Android update.

  • Vantercol

    Speaking of updates the Droid-Life wallpaper app. has been updated to install 2sd.

  • Timmah

    I swear droid life is as active as it used to be 🙁

    • its the weekend dude. people have lives. i didnt even expect this one today.

  • villian1998

    Yea, nexus 1 gets it, then the rest of us will get it next year… yea *in special ed's voice*

    • Yea the X wont get it till 2020 hahaha

  • yay for updates!

  • Almost my first first hahahaha

    • lol yea you gotta stick around droidlife to catch it. ive gotten it only a few times.

  • applesR4eating


    • applesR4eating

      hmm not as rewarding as i thought it would be. but nonetheless gimme ginger bread now!

    • CONGRATS!!! You win a flash update in your brain!!!

    • Anonymous

      Not really…