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Win a Trip to Super Bowl XLV Using DROID 2 or DROID X

First off, I need to apologize for being a month behind on this announcement, but don’t worry, you still have time to enter!  Verizon is running a contest that will send Droid 2 and Droid X owners to either Super Bowl XLV or the 2011 Pro Bowl.  All you have to do is text “Droid” to “3404” and you are entered.  In fact, you’ll get a response back almost immediately to let you know if you have won or not.  

The contest runs until 11/30/10.

As you can see, my Droid 2 did not win, and the contest hated my custom ROM’d DX…

Cheers Sam!

  • luvnmyd2

    I received my packet Tuesday for our trip to the Super Bowl. I just wanted to say thank you to Droid Life for Posting this contest…..thank you to my brother for telling me about Droid Life…..and Thank you to Motorola/Verizon for putting on the contest! They are putting us up in a Radisson for 4 nights, Vouchers for travel, Super Bowl Tickets, $250 cash, and airfare. Awesome stuff!!!

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  • luvndaD2

    Says I won….on my D2. I had to google it to see if it was real. I guess I'll wait to see if it really is true. I never win squat! I'd be surprised if it pans out!!!

  • evltwn

    Just did this online, didn't win, but got a message telling me to goto the NFL store for my shopping needs and gave me a promo code to get 15% off. VZMOTO

  • Ufg8tor1

    Seriously…I am going to Hawaii!!!! I thought this was a total scam until I found the legal info. Absolutely legit.

  • Jeremy

    Apparently doesn't like Fission rom on my D2

  • Nisreo

    Not a winner, worked on my themed black glass x.

  • Paul

    Didn't like my Droid 2 for some reason either…

  • Patwww

    The Incredible should be eligible! Its better than both in my opinion

  • Nathanbull33

    A trip to the super bowl would suck for me. Aside from winning a very valuable ticket, the only other thing i would win is a taxi cab ride from home to the stadium… I live about 30 mins away.. I would much rather win and go if it were somewhere I haven't been before!

  • I WON!!!

  • My droid X is a winner!! Im stoked now!

  • ahhh pissed I'm not eligible…..Mom works with the CEO of VZ >.<

    • kellex

      Please send us leaked photos of everything right away then. 😛

  • EC8CH

    The Vikings better check this out… only way they'll see the Super Bowl this year.

  • Not that I even care to go…but loser.
    Football + Technology as hobbies? Naw.

  • Either they don't like the Droid R2D2 or they don't like that I renamed their messaging apk and installed the one from the original Droid.

  • While they accepted my entry, I did not win.

  • droidrev71

    Nope..didn't want to go anyway. Rather go to nba finals or all star games

  • Just checked and not a winner, neither. Damn!


    Somehow my Droid X is not elgible to enter….how could that be…maybe since I am running RubiX 1.6??

  • Sdny8

    They don't like me running apex either. Oh well

  • Hahaha. I don't think I'm eligible because I'm running ApeX. Shame :/

  • tbaybe

    not a winner neither… darn

  • FYI, you don't have to have a droid 2 or droid x to enter, you can go online. Also I won the trip to Super Bowl XLV a few weeks ago. Pretty sweet deal, but it is the only thing I've ever won. Everybody gets one I suppose.

    • kellex

      Can you show me the link? I've looked at verizonwireless.com/nfl and can't seem to find the contest.

      • Go to the link and in the top there is a drop down menu that says “The Action is Here”, select it and then the Extreme NFL Experience.

  • mnasholm

    not a winner 🙁

  • first

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      Congrats you win a baby llama