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PowerAMP Now Available in the Android Market

PowerAMP, the new music player that over 10,000 of you downloaded from us over the weekend, has landed on the Android market.  The app is apparently still semi-beta, but a lot of the major bugs you were dealing with have been ironed out.  What’s even better, is that you can get updates now without having to bug us.  (Kidding!)  

Download Link

Via:  Phandroid

  • Been looking for a Media Player for a long time now… However, I need/want to be able to sync to my music on my PC. I cannot tell if Winamp or PowerAMP offer this?

    Things I would need…

    Sync with music on my PC
    Desktop Software
    Play music over my HTPC (Remote Control)

    Anyone know if this can be done?

  • Chris.Go

    No context link (open with) to MP3 from hyperlinks aka Streaming pod casts etc… DEAL BREAKER!

  • In2everything13

    love this app.. work well on my droid 1.. Im running UD and Chevy 1 kernnel..

  • _phlynhi

    this makes me love the phone audio as much as swype made me love texting with a touchscreen. couple of minor things would be a big improvement
    – enable select PowerAMP a default player –
    -back button goes to previous song, rather than to the beginning of the current song, should have an option to choose the action of the back button.
    – various layouts to choose from (like larger font and simplified buttons for when phone is in the dashmount).

    I Love this app.

  • Yeah… PowerAMP is probably one of the best media apps out there right now. And I would gladly pay for it, as well.

    The app does everything I need its kind to do. And much more.


  • YHAO

    I installed this when I first read the post. Now its asking me to buy, and it sends me back to the trial dl page. Is there any way to buy it or should I just keep trialing?

  • 11knives

    Why get used to something only to have to pay for it in a few weeks. Sticking with Winamp!

  • The Race To Die

    lovin this player

  • Trial? That's annoying.

  • Rain_king46

    I love the EQ functions.
    Nice loud clear output with minimal distortion.
    Need to be able to close the app.
    I have had some force closes on my DX
    Widget doesnt always update the song info.
    Needs to do a better job of finding album art.

    All in all a great player app. I hope that they do not get greedy with the price.

  • Rene Peynado II

    Awesome! But it says it is a Trial version that expire in a couple weeks. Boo.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    very slick & cool… just how cool though will depend on the final price asked

  • Chinaco

    I used the player all weekend and so far I really like it. I've been using MediaMonkey on my PC to sync music and playlists however PowerAmp does not recognize .m3u playlists like the native Android player does. I would definitely like to see this addition so that I don't have to manage my playlist solely on my phone.

  • tmull

    anyone else have issues with this app sucking the battery life down? i used a widget over the weekend, and no joke, had about half the battery life. even over night, i'd wake up with the phone needing to be plugged in after going to sleep with a full charge.
    i love the widget and the app, but it just isn't worth it, not when my OG droid usually gets at least me by without issue from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    • Android

      No man, I think that's probably your phone. I also have the Droid 1, and I'm doing just fine on battery.

      • angie

        I second Android on that I've been using this at work without having my droid plugged in and after all day playing I still have half a battery. Are you using wireless or bluetooth? I've heard those can drain battery life.

  • Chris

    this is deff the best music app on the android. They should add a video player to this app with extra features to the video player like landscape and portrait viewing and many more. and they should also add a picture gallery to the app with it's on features also and it will be the best media player on the droid

  • Rodeojones000

    Does the widget show album artwork with this newest update? If not, I'll be passing on it. The EQ is a nice feature, but I hate the UI, I don't like the music folder system (just seems more complicated than it needs to be) and not having album artwork appear in the widget is a deal-breaker for me.

    • The Race To Die

      yes it has artwork now. comes with original 4×1 widget and has added a 4×1 and 4×2 widget both with artwork.

  • Marc

    have to love the android market….. <50 downloads ……276 ratings….. Huh?

    • Rob_P

      Probably by people that downloaded the apk file from here Friday.

  • I really like this app. I am somewhat of an audiophile so I really enjoy the ability to adjust the EQ settings. This app is def buggy but I still really enjoy it. It's my main music player ATM.

  • Theflyingswami

    Anyone know if the full pay version is going to be subscription based? There will be sno-cones in Hades before I pay a subscription for a music player.

  • I like the equalizer…but the interface itself isn't enough for me.
    Too complex.

    Have any of ya'll tried Lithium Music Player?
    It's pretty =]
    And has a unique track-changing slider thing.
    And four widgets.

    I've had it for quite some time…and this reminds me…
    I need to check the SAM marketplace for an update…
    Darn my bank and their foreign currency restrictions.

    • villian1998

      +1 on the litmod music player, one reason why it's hard for me to change roms

      • El El Kool J

        i use lithium music player on every rom i've switched too. including MIUI.. have you had issues with that?

    • El El Kool J

      I absolutely love my lithium music player.. it just update today too by the way.. 🙂

  • turdbogls

    love this music player so far. really no complaints, other than the ones mentioned in the first post.

    although for some reason i have about 100 songs in the unknown artist field, but when i play them the artist is correct. same when i go to edit the info….it has the correct info. weird, but whatever.

  • sherri64

    I have been using this, but I really prefer “3” (Cubed) because of the ease of adding songs to a queue list! Am I missing something with Power Amp? I seem to need to add a full “new” playlist, and add songs to that…

  • i like that you can change the theme…hopefully more coming soon.

  • Serious Sam

    Tried this out this weekend; real nice app but missing a few basic items:

    1. Stop button so I can stop the music rather than technically pausing it where I left off yesterday.
    2. Randomizing a list only allows you to swipe right-to-left, not the other way when you first start playing.
    3. Service is always running in the background…why????
    4. Selecting a music folder was a pain – should be simple selection with folder hierarchy, not where it scans and finds all folders with music in them. PowerAMP picked up my notification and ringtones but not my music folder (SD Card>Media>Audio>Music)

    For the record, I emailed the developer (who was very responsive) and he had answers for all of the questions. It will be nice to see the evolution of this in the next few months.

    • Alex9483

      What were the answers to the questions? Is he working on those issues?

      • Charlie

        Serious Sam… I second Alex’s question…
        What were the answers to the questions? Is he working on those issues?

    • Drew_VA

      I didn't set up any folders and it picked up all my music fine. It should just use your media folder automatically.

  • El El Kool J

    what i was waitin for!!

    this player makes my system in the caddy and the accord sound beautiful 🙂

  • Michael_NM

    10K downloads? Wow! That's a lot of bugging! 🙂

  • joe1138

    Woo hoo