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DROID Incredible Prices Also Slashed to $149, Incredible HD is Real?

We were so excited to see that the price of the Droid 2 had dropped that we skipped right by the Droid Incredible.  It appears to have also dropped today to $149 after mail-in-rebate, which should have you asking right away, “Incredible HD might actually be real?”  The phone is rumored to be dropping on the 23rd, but we have yet to see any actual proof of that.  In fact, every source I’ve talked to has never heard of the device, but said that if it does come out, it definitely won’t be a “DROID.”  

I guess we’ll know in 23 days?

The original Incredible on the other hand is a classic phone in my opinion.  There are few phones that compare to the feel, look and quality of this device to this day.  I know that many of you have this hatred of HTC, but the device is still one of my favorite devices of all time.  Plus, HTC leaves their phones fairly open in comparison to those that Motorola keeps pumping out.  Hard to hate on that.

Thoughts on the Incredible seeing the end of its shipping-delayed life?

  • FedEx Man

    I have an Incredible. At first i thought it was a weak phone because of the weight and sense. But now I wouldn't know what to do without it. My wife has my Moto D1, and when she uses my phone shes shocked at the difference in speed. Now she wants my DINC!! Come onnnnn DINC HD!!!!!

  • If the Incredible HD is “Bing”ed out, that going to make it not as desirable to me. I'm happy with my DInc, mainly because Bing should be an option, not a forcibly included…

  • i have a droid x right now, i want an Incredible HD :/

  • Curtisthefox

    I am a proud Incredible owner… sure it has its problems, but its one of the best out there. Definitely love it over my friends i*hone 4.

  • Dantana

    Well, at this point I don't know why anyone would buy a phone directly from the provider dealing with mail-in rebates and what not. Amazon has the Droid Incredible and Droid 2 for a penny with new activation.

    • KevinThorn Paksalto

      yeah NEW activation! but what about for people like me who have an upgrade in 8 days on don't have a choice but to deal with the mail in rebates? can i do it any cheaper anywhere else? best buy maybe.

  • J Dub

    I miss my DINC. I got the Samsung Fascinate and gave the DINC to my wife – what a mistake! I suffer through interminable lag at times or watch apps and email not update. When I'm getting dressed, I want to know the weather! I seriously hate the SF compared to the DINC. Plus, I miss Sense and the widgets. Here's hoping for an early upgrade and a decent price on eBay…

  • jedijesus95

    I really hope the IncHD comes out this year.

  • Johndoughto

    We got a few today under our corporate account for $119 (and the incredible was $119 also) for new 2yr extension.

    • kimir


  • Donnydon

    I just put up my fascinate on ebay. Hop[ing that the HTC Desire HD is really coming. The Fascinate turned out to be complete GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jiggaman508

      I just got mt fascinate like a week and a half ago, I think it blows my d2 outta the water, what didn't you like?

      • the only thing good is the screen and probably the processor. its a major fail for being on 2.1 and having bing. sure you can root but what about people they dont know a lick about root? they wont have flash, the fastest mobile browser, many apps that require 2.2+, and many other goodies that come with 2.2. Droid 2 was the first to come with 2.2 out of the box.

        • You're right, but if they don't know root, I doubt they know about what they are missing 🙂

          Ignorance is bliss.

        • jiggaman508

          Thankfully im already rooted and “debinged” and this device will eventually get froyo. I remember waiting forever for 2.1 on my d1 so I guess ill just wait it out again.

        • when the official Froyo update comes out, you just install google search on the market. no need to root (:

        • The people that don't know a lick about rooting don't know the difference anyway lol, so your point is moot. You're saying its a major fail because of those reasons despite the fact that they're easily fixable to you, and not seen as problems to those that don't know how to fix them.

  • Love my Incredible. I have an upgrade available but there is still nothing out that makes me want to retire this device.

    • Jgordon00

      Me too!

  • Mauricehaskins

    Well, I wish I would have waited on the Droid Incredible HD, because though I like my DroidX, I really can't get with Motorola's features on the device! I actually prefer HTC's widgets and so forth.

    • durangojim

      I'm the same way. I had an X for a short while but went back to my DINC because I preferred Sense (especially the dialer) and find it to be pretty darn polished. Hoping the HD will come soon.

  • Skyskioc

    Too many too fast too flooded too many choices. No fun any more. Droid nation is here !. Watch out I*hone. RIP

  • I bought an Incredible 2 months ago. If I make enough noise, will they upgrade me?

    • is there something wrong with you phone?

      • Chris.Go

        Hint Hint 🙂

      • Word.
        Bitch and cry like a 5 year old.
        Verizon has the tendency to listen…although I don't condone such behavior.

    • Not likely. They are still selling them, and will continue to until they're all gone. If there was something wrong with the Incredible, or it was underpowered enough as to not be updatable, maybe. But it's not…

    • Stephen D

      Tell them if they don't, you're switching carriers, and they will likely let you. But this is still unconfirmed-the Inc is getting old, that's probably why the price is being cut. That or it's because of Christmas approaching.

    • you dont need to, the incredible is a good phone. its already fast enough and has a decent camera. no need for a new phone.

  • Sjm614


    • bravoleader2


  • bravoleader2

    I'm buying that HD