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Custom ‘OG’ DROID Theme Friday: Liquid Frozen Yogurt 1.8

Halloween is upon us my friends…so let’s party down! This is the newest release of Liquid Frozen Yogurt by the Liquid Team (Liquid, Liquidzgrl, and Slayher). Black and orange – The only way to roll this weekend! You know why? SF GIANTS COLORS BABY! Woot woot! (And Halloween of course.)

Continue you on for full directions…  

OG Droid1 Need Only Apply

This is the official release candidate provided by Liquid to Droid-Life…

1. Download this bad-boy right HERE
2. Place ROM file on root of your lil’ SD Card.
3. Boot up ROM Manager and select “Install ROM SD Card”
4. Locate the ROM – Wipe Data Cache – Make backup please!
5. Enjoy the orange Halloween goodness!

So who in here is gonna get candy crazy this weekend? I know I am! I’ll see you all on the streets! Have a great safe weekend. I wanna thank Liquid for providing all this hard work for me to distribute. Feel free to support him; let’s show all these Devs some much deserved love!

As always, please check out the comment section if you have any issues. Hit up our IRC Support Channel, or go check out the Liquid Channel (##liquid) for first hand help from the dev. Awesome? Yes, indeed!


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Visit the Liquid Web Page

  • g00n

    How the heck can i get rid of this orange crap?

    • g00n

      and having launcher pro in the “remove system apps” and not having launcher2 in the system folder is kinda .. umm… a doh! moment..

  • Ryan C

    so with these themes, you stay rooted correct? (im on rooted 2.1) i have never tried any of these eventhough i have wanted to a few times..

  • If someone is going all out on something like a theme, they should make the icons look better. They are trying to mix 2 different versions of crappy effects. Inverted and Beveled. Gross.

  • Pfrie4

    anyone else having problems with syncing to facebook?

    • Selvikin

      Yes, trying to do a workaround but haven't gotten it to work yet..

  • boostfreak

    Got an error installing? anyone else… says its a status 7??
    Help plz

    • Selvikin

      Do a battery pull, and put it back in. Preferably off when you do this. It should clear up Status 7 errors. Had that when I tried upgrading the radio.

  • Damn Tim-a-tato

    the orange android icon i made wouldve really looked good on your homescreen plz check them out


  • Soccernolan88

    Somehow the download left the wallpapers out? I think? Help? I used RM to boot the rom and when I go to the “Wallpapers Gallery”, all that happens is a launcher pro FC.

  • Chrishd4ever

    Wil this work on a droidx

  • can someone please tell me where and how i can get that dock on my htc evo? i see it on all his phone screen shots

  • can someone please tell me how to get that dock, i keep seeing it posted on kellx' phones

    where and how to install it would be nice thanks

  • Okay, stupid question here. It says “wipe data & cache”. Does this mean I'll lose my apps/settings when I install this theme? Sorry for the stupid question, just haven't messed around with themes before.

    • Mrpicolas

      apps will come back they will sync at least the paid ones will its part of 2.2 but settings may need to be redone

      • Ah, great, thanks for the reply! In that case, I'm not sure I'm going to bother since I'd likely want something else next week & hate to have to redo it again!

    • boostfreak

      indeed 🙂

  • dannyheer

    protest the hero!

  • calvin

    i love protest the hero! you are my hero for having them!

  • Chris Nimon

    Rammstein? Otep? Tato, my wife has been pi$$ing me off lately. You want to move to Indiana? lol

  • Candace Harrell

    Its a wonderful ROM but when I reboot my phone it takes a huge chunk of my battery life. Did this happen to anyone else phone?

  • rocketdaddy

    Meh. Looked cool enough but wasn't worth the bother of a data/cash wipe.

  • i don't understand what OG stands for, why not just call it the D1, or DROID1, or Original Droid.

  • jtwildman1

    ok downloaded onto my phone moved to sd card, opened rom manager, installed from sd card, wipe date and backup, phone just rebooted but didn't install the Rom… any suggestions???

  • Mo

    is this 1.8 or just a theme for 1.7, i see the wording has been changed but not the title…

    • Selvikin

      1.8 check the link above named “Liquid Team”. Changelog is there for 1.8

  • screw the theme. the creator listens to mastodon and protest the hero. my life is complete.

  • Divine1sf

    can i get some help on how to put this on droid1 please? newbie here.


    • See those numbered instructions in the post? 😀
      That's how

  • nate

    do you have to be rooted?

  • M1ghtysauc3

    Tim's taste in music is fantastic.

    • I completely agree with you!

    • Romma1

      Otep is an insane woman! She rocks though…

  • Dman27

    I want this for the D X!

  • Xheavymetaldadx

    Does it come in blue and red tim-a-tato 😉

    • I'm sure once the official is released (any minute from what I hear) there should be some color options 😉

  • Love the music on that whoa screen cap?

  • Mike

    Just what I wanted: a cross-eyed cat looking at me when I use my phone.

  • Anyone have a changelog? I'm thinking about downloading this, but I'd like to see what it has over 1.71 before going through the effort. 1.71 was nice, but Shadow is still my go-to until something better comes along.

    Also, since a google search reveals this as the only place on the internet with mention of LFY 1.8, how did Tim find it!?!?

    • Dude…..I'm the Tato 😉

      Oh! And I'm friends with the Dev 😛
      You got it at Droid-Life first, baby!

  • What's Droid 1? does it have a rotary dial to make calls?

    • Custom Colonel

      It's the one without a locked bootloader, so we don't have to pretend we have custom ROMs.

      • Jsenurquhart

        lol yeah .. that's the one!!!

    • I was thinking about throwing your name in this one due to the fact you're in Texas and all 😛

    • Br_d

      Someone should totally make a dialer replacement app rotary style.

  • Franz Vezuli

    Don't care much for Halloween themes. But whoever's tracklist that is. Awesome taste in music!

  • Very cool! Now are there any halloween themes for the Dx?

  • tbaybe

    i miss LFY … get it on DX

  • Nice theme. Go Rangers.

    • Giants, good sir….. 🙂

      • Michael_NM

        Angels! 🙁

        • El El Kool J

          thought you were from Seattle?

          • Anonymous

            I’m in NM, and about the only pro sports here are the rodeos… I consider SoCal home, but my football heart is in Seattle. 🙂

          • Hep

            Go Hawks!

          • Anonymous

            I’m in NM, and about the only pro sports here are the rodeos… I consider SoCal home, but my football heart is in Seattle. 🙂

        • Droid Rocks!!

          Angels let me down this year too. 🙁

        • Droid Rocks!!

          Angels let me down this year too. 🙁

        • Wow….troll 😛

          • Anonymous

            :'( … 😛

          • Anonymous

            :'( … 😛

      • Anonymous


  • blackcatroad

    HOLY CRAP! NEW LFY! You just made my weekend! 🙂

  • Swurvo34


  • Bob_10


    • Daddy4life09

      is the orange theme stock?are we stuck with it?