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Samsung Nexus Two Announced on the 8th or Not? Maybe Just Continuum?

There are blog battles going on right now over the thought of Samsung announcing the Nexus Two (or Nexus S?) on November 8th and we wanted to fill you in, plus get your opinion on the situation.  Is this announcement really going down or not?  Will it just be the Continuum?  We’re still leaning towards it happening, and it really just comes down to a battle of sources.  

AndroidSpin and the Droid Guy are sticking to the thought that it will just be the Continuum due to a number of hints including the press invite, the file name of the press invite, and their various sources.

Android and Me on the other hand is sticking to the idea that it will come after the Continuum announcement, which they believe to be somewhat of a front.  They are going strictly on their sources and a variety of hints including the timing of the Gingerbread statue unveiling and their analytics data.

What do we think?  Well we know that 2.3 and even 3.0 have been popping up on our analytics as well leading us to believe that devices are preparing for an unveiling of sorts.  We also have a hard time believing that the Samsung Continuum deserves an entire press event, especially since the phone is not all that ground breaking.  It has the same specs as the rest of the Galaxy S line, but includes a new second mini-screen know as the “ticker.”  While this is something innovative, it’s not press event-worthy.  There has to be something bigger, and we’re thinking it’s the Nexus Two.

Join the battle!  Nexus Two coming on  the 8th or not?

Via:  Android and Me, AndroidSpin, Droid Guy

  • Anonymous

    Whoa – what happened? I commented on an Galaxy Nexus article and ended up here… weird.

  • Mikeyoungblood84

    i work for “S” and…..i dont think so people.

  • Motorola making the Nexus 3? {{-_-}}

  • InvaderDJ

    I'm pretty sure that it will just be the Continuum. First I'm not sure that Google wants to do another Nexus after getting burned by the last one. Second if they did I imagine they would go with HTC rather than Samsung. Third, it is seeming more and more like Gingerbread will be iterative rather than something huge. I could see it being a bug fix release with some different colors in the UI with support for higher resolutions so tablets can start coming out in earnest with hopefully better search in the Market. 3.0 will hopefully be the complete U.I. overhaul that Google will really want to tout with a Google experience Nexus phone.

    But if there is a Nexus phone as long as it is built well, stock Android, can get 3G on T-Mobile and at&t, and is definitely higher spec'd than the N1 (meaning 1Ghz Hummingbird CPU, 600+MB RAM, 1+GB ROM,etc) I will buy it without hesitation. I hemmed and hawwed on the N1 until it was too late and the last few months have shown me this is a bad idea.

  • unbr8kablebond
  • Highly unlikely it's the Nexus. Sammy doesn't like to give up their drivers and Google isn't putting their stamp on a phone that's going to have some crappy vendor-specific bloat preloaded. It's the new Galaxy most likely.

  • Brendan

    The nexus 1 last year was ground breaking because of the 1ghz processor and if the nexus 2 has a 1ghz processor then its a waste of time it should have something groundbreking not just android 2.3 that would be lame

    • yea it should have a 1.5ghz processor and android 3.0

    • booger

      Processor speed isn't everything. The GPU in Samsung's SoC is a whole new ballgame compared to the original Nexus; fpr all we know they might have cranked up the Hummingbird to run 1.5ghz. We also don't know if the screen resolution will go up, as in similar to Apple's Retina screen. Can you imagine the clarity of iPhone 4's resolution on a S AMOLED screen?

      Personally, I'd love to have a Galaxy S where the GPS worked, Google handled the software, and longer battery life; without all that bloatware from the manufacturer and carrier called a Nexus S. Higher resolution S AMOLED screen and faster CPU would just be more icing on the cake!!

  • Shaun

    SAMOLED is great, but I'm not sure I could ever switch from the DX's 4.3″ screen, even though 4″ isn't much of a downgrade. I had a difficult time adjusting to the Fascinate and eventually just stayed with DX.

    There should be a Nexus Two, and a Nexus Two XL with a 4.3″ screen.

  • Brandon Goodman

    If this event was for another in the Nexus family, it would make more sense that Google would be making the announcement. HTC made the Nexus one but google was the one behind sale and promoting it. Why would they hand over the Nexus franchise to Samsung? As much as I'd love it to be the Nexus 2 with gingerbread, it seems unlikely.

    • EC8CH

      excellent point

  • Travillion

    As soon as Google announced the Nexus 1 forum would become read-only, I suspected there must be a successor coming. Only a day or two later and we have reports of a Nexus Two. Makes sense to me. Why would Google just end support for their “developer phone” unless a new, official “developer phone” were on the way?

  • Paul

    I don't think they'll announce the N2. I've given up all hope of there ever being a rootable, flashable, stock android phone ever again.

    Now I'm going to go cry.

    • EC8CH

      just curl up with your OG Droid… it will take the hurt away

  • durangojim

    I thought the continuum has a smaller screen 3.6″ than the rest of the galaxy s line?

  • The nexus one was supposed to be a superphone not just a smart phone. Making a phone with specs from almost a year ago doesn't seem worth the Nexus name. Samsung makes nice phones but a dual core, 4G superphone would seem to be the logical successor to the N1. I don't think devs would be in a hurry to run get this phone over their N1 and that is the real market for the Nexus line

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    how about some Quantum leap

  • villian1998

    From my experience, Press releases are usually a disappointment from the rumors

  • Up2bcrazy

    I'll be shocked to hear a press release on the 8th talking about the N2. Last I've heard there is no final decision on who will even make it as all the mfgs are battling it out to be the one to get awarded the N2 contract still. And if I were a betting man which I'm not I highly doubt it will be Sammy winning this battle at the end of the day. Top 2 front runners will either be HTC or Moto is my guess and not Samsung.

    • Why do you say that? Moto is crippling their phones Samsung isn't, Google isn't going to give it to them just because Motorola makes most of the “Droid” line of phones.

  • Gotmurph84

    Wow Michael…. You've seen the Number 13 way too many times 🙂

  • i tell you that continuum sounds lame. thats just me. i wanna see what this nexus 2 is gonna look like.

  • EggoEspada

    I don't think there is a N2 or it just won't be unveiled that date. I honestly don't trust AndroidandMe and their sources that much.

  • Michael_NM

    My uninformed prediction: Nexus 2 running Android 2.3 is coming on the 8th.

    Here's why: 2 cubed (2^3) is 8. Also, since Google's Gingerbread statue was unveiled last week, it's time to spread the holiday fun. Here's hoping VZ gets some play…

  • kulz

    NEXUS TOOOOOOOO~! it looks as though most phones have adopted the standards the n1 has set earlier this year. It's time to set another standard (hardware wise) and who better than Sammy? ;p

    • The word is TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….It will be awesome to have a vanilla build on a powerful phone….But for it to only release to some small cell phone company makes zero since, but if it had GSM/LTE/CDMA so everyone can get the love now that would be worth a press release

      • sammy could pull another galaxy s and release the n2 on all major carriers in the u.s. again

        • Muddy B00ts

          That would be so freakin fantastic.

        • Muddy B00ts

          That would be so freakin fantastic.

  • droidrev71

    Blah blanket

    • droidrev71


  • Lammersmp