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Swype Beta Update Coming Early November, Fixes Accuracy and Installation Problems

For those of you in the exclusive Swype Beta program, get ready for an update!  A source at Swype Inc who has asked to remain anonymous just told Droid Life that a new version of the Swype Beta for Android is going through the last stages of internal QA testing now. If you have an account that’s been accepted to the beta, expect an update to hit your email inbox sometime during the first week of November.  The update should resolve the vast majority of – if not all of – the problems with installation, and fix some accuracy issues introduced in the last update. Supposedly there’s more stuff than that in the update, but we couldn’t get a confirmed list.

Update:  That is a screenshot from K’s DX, there are no plans that we know of that include a microphone button in this release.

  • Swype is very hard not to like. It is fast, new, and simply just too cool not to use it. In fact, almost all users seem to love this keyboard.

  • El El Kool J

    all i got to say is Swype Keyboard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss93EGd-uCw

    lmao!! youda youda best..

  • Higher_Ground

    For people curious about the smiley face button, it's either that or the “enter” button depending on what kind of field you have. For text messages, it's the smiley face. For internet text fields (like the one I'm typing on now) it's the enter button. This makes sense to me as you don't need an enter button while texting and are less likely to use smiley faces in other places.

    What I'd REALLY like them to address (stock on DX) is the fact that you can no longer bring up the red bull's eye to move the cursor outside of the text message apps (and maybe a few other apps). When you type in a text field in the browser (in landscape) it used to function like the texting app where it would “zoom in” on the text box and you could use the red bull's eye to move the cursor. Now, it keeps the webpage open (instead of just the text box) and you can't use the red bull's eye to move the cursor. If you try to move around, you just move the webpage in the background.

    This nuance is incredibly annoying since it functioned so much better beforehand. It's also really hard to explain to anyone in writing, so I keep getting the impression that nobody knows what I'm talking about.

    The one plus side is that you can open up the editing keyboard and move the cursor around that way. An extra step, but at least it's a work-around.

    • i love that little bull's eye feature on my d2. also that feature is not part of swype if thats what you are saying.

      • Higher_Ground

        I thought it was a part of swype, but I guess it could be just motoblur. I do know that the change occured with the 2.2 update. When I bought the phone, you could activate teh bull's eye in any text field, whether it was in the browser, a text message, or just a general app with text input. Now, after the update, it doesn't work in the browser. It still works for text messages and probably still works in most apps, but definitely not the browser, where it was the most helpful for me.

        Edit: Apparently it works in the URL field and search bar but not for typing in forums/comment boxes… interesting.. maybe it's a fault with the browser and not the keyboard??

  • No plans for a microphone button? Sad. That's the ONLY thing we're waiting for! (Other than an official release, of course)

  • Paul

    Move the numbers to the top row like a normal keyboard, add a microphone button, AND RELEASE TO THE MARKET!

    Swype is so close to perfection, how can they not see the last few steps?

  • suchashorttime

    Swype, as of late, has begun to reek of, “we're hyping up our app by making the beta so exclusive that we're going to justify charging $5.99 for a keyboard app when we surprise you guys with the real thing.”

    Wait for it….

    waaaaaait for it…..

  • They can't be possibly waiting for swype to be perfect! no app is perfect!!! theres always some bug! swype is great RELEASE IT! If there is something wrong, fix it with an update in the market! stop waiting for swype to be freakin perfect! you've been releasing betas for like ever!

    • playball04

      Couldn't agree more. All they're doing is causing people to become more comfortable with other alternatives (i.e. SlideIT). Once people become comfortable with other keyboard alternatives, they won't care once the full version of Swype is released. Swype is missing opportunities here.

  • fgonzo98

    This is good news! I've often had to switch to the Better Keyboard I purchased right after I got my Droid 1! Tons of accuracy issues with the last beta release…and yes…RELEASE THE DARN THING SO I CAN PURCHASE IT ALREADY! I'm hooked…let the masses have Swype!

  • Y2kflhr

    the whole beta setup really left a bad taste in my mouth, I paid 99cents for swiftkey

  • Josh

    so sick of annoying beta updates and stupid steps to download installers and activation emails!!! Just sell me the app already, it works great!!

  • they need to just release it already! GOSH!

  • EC8CH

    I wish they would put the numbers accross the top row of keys ala HTC

  • EC8CH

    Updated beta is good… Finally releasing this sucker would be better.

  • Doolidg

    hey look… Voice to text…. And smiley face button thingy… Nice

    • voice to text been there

      • Doolidg

        I'm on the beta with my Droid 1….. We dont have that on ours…but it looks like we will soon….

        • Bill Coulter

          you have always been able to have a smiley face on your keyboard in swype I have had one since I first got it and I have a droid 1. I use handcent and when in handcent I can go in and change that key from a return key to a smiley key.

  • I hope it has the microphone. I also hope it stops popping up instructions for removing a word EVERY time I select a different word from a list where above the entry I select is one that I did add to the dictionary. yes, sometimes they are typos, so tell me once, but after that, I clearly WANT that word in my pop up list, so leave me alone and let me type…..

    • doncha mean “so leave me alone and let my Swype”? XD

  • Jeff

    Love the Swype feature on my Fascinate. Android operating system….you would think that it would be standard on all Android phones.

  • Lompi129

    All I wanna know is when the hell blindtype is gonna finally come out! I've been waiting patiencly for 5 months!

    • EC8CH

      You can stop waiting… Blindtype was recently acquired by Google

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Will this stop Swype from entering the non-existant word “mgr” every time I try to swype “me”? I'm pretty sure I didn't put “mgr” in the dictionary manually.

    • jiggaman508

      Ahhhh I hate that lol it happens to me all the time…

    • You know you can remove that. Just purposely type mgr. Select it, and hit the Swype button. It will confirm your removal request, and then it is gone forever.

      • Anonymous

        while it tells you that, it’s certainly not always the case. I’ve been ignoring the “hidden word” pop-ups lately. If I try to type the “hidden” word a little more carefully, then it works correctly, regardless if I try to delete the “mgr” word or one like it.

      • There are waaaay too many things that ARE NOT WORDS that pop up, but can’t be manually deleted. And I’m sick of Swype pulling from my contacts list and replacing common words with Names. I have a co-worker called Bao and whenever I want to say “now” it throws his name in there. I delete his name but it adds it back in within a day.

  • monkeydroid

    Installation problems? Like signing up for beta, waiting for a approval, activating your account, downloading the installer and then installing the app? Yeah. Pain in the ass.

    • There are some devices where it indicates you are on the wrong version after a reboot. This can happen randomly after working correctly for weeks, and requires a re-install. I believe this is the issue they are fixing.

  • I miss swype on my Droid soo bad.. now that i have the amazing bugless ROM and its been running prefectly I need to get swype back on my Droid. The update is looking sharp i must say lets hope its as smooth as it looks

  • Drew_VA

    Yes! Microphone key! As much as I love my purple swype keyboard, it will be replaced immediately once this is released.

  • how does Droid X users with SWYPE stock benefit from this..? Can we install the Beta version over MOTO's stock version?

    • replicant

      bump anyone? do we have to wait until verizon sends out an update?

    • Pre-installed users shouldn't worry about this at all. You guys always come first in Swypes eyes 😀
      $$$ before BETA

    • i would like to know also.

  • Hey folks, community relations rep for Swype here.

    For those asking “when are you going to release the full version?” I think you’re confused about what kind of beta this is. We already HAVE a full version, it’s just not available on the market. Our business model is OEM distro, and that’s not changing in the near future (though we will be on the market eventually). This isn’t so much a “test it before final release” beta as it is a feature-preview beta. We test new features, changes to our prediction algorithms, etc etc. It’s more about community feedback than it is about prepping it for some kind of “final version.”

    Just wanted to clear that up!

  • I’ve never seen something with so many beta releases to the public… When is the full version available?

  • Kyle

    Having the fascinate is great… My swype always works perfectly…

  • Good to hear — I have been getting slightly frustrated with the lack of accuracy lately. Hope it gets released sooner rather than later.

  • Had to. First