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PayPal Blog Announces Android Support Prematurely, Gets Pulled Immediately

According to PayPal, Google has already announced support for their payment system into Android and they wanted to make sure you all knew about it through their blog.  Well, for a few minutes anyway.  The post which went up yesterday was pulled, but not fast enough as Google Cache continues to work wonders after all these years and still displays the little gaffe of a post.

We’re not surprised at the arrival nor are we at the mis-posting of another article on another tech site.  And no, Google has not actually announced PayPal as a payment option yet, but we figure that it’s coming any day now.

Via:  TechCrunch

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  • Yesterday, it finally seemed that our prayers had been answered, as a statement was posted on PayPal’s corporate blog announcing that apps could now be purchased on the AndroidMarket with PayPal. It was wonderful, outstanding, … Keep reading after the break to see a screenshot of the post that was pulled a mere seconds later. Read More… Visit TalkAndroid for android news, android guides, and much more! PayPal announces Android Market payment support, then takes it back …

  • Nemesis099

    This will be great for me as I use Quickrewards.net (referral link http://tiny.cc/ok0vf ) to donate typically and this will allow me to purchase apps with the small amount of money I get. Also I don't like have a ton of small charges on my credit card so this will be helpful in that respect as well

  • I have a love/hate relationship with Paypal, but really thats beside the point.. I think this would be helpful for a lot of people. I wonder if you can have your paypal linked to all 3 at the same time?

    • skltr21

      i have a hate relationship with paypal. it's by far the most unsecure way to pay for things online! i will NOT be using paypal.

  • Michael_NM

    Prematurely and Pulled in the same headline… hmm… 🙂

    • Oh….spot on, spot on!!!!

      • kellex


  • The6hamiltons

    Will there still be the ability to uninstall and refund?

    • kellex

      I'm hoping so, although developers hate that policy.

      • But I think thats one of the great things about it!

  • Finally! I can use all that donation money to buy my favorite apps! *wink wink* everyone….hah!

    • Mrpicolas

      Pron doesn't count LOL.. we better give you an I*hone or you'll go blind.

  • jiggaman508


  • hmm, not really liking the new comments layout….